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Parkinson’s And Military Service

Quality Assistance For People Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease

Jay Phillips – Veterans and Parkinson’s Disease: What You Need to Know

The team of experts at Atraxia Law has over three decades of experience in evaluating personal injury and product liability claims and is fully prepared to help you file a claim with the liable companies if you were exposed to paraquat and developed Parkinson’s disease as a result.

The work we conduct represents a crucial step in the legal process. We will adequately evaluate your situation, gather all the necessary evidence, and inform you whether you are eligible to further file a paraquat claim. We strongly encourage you to contact us for any additional information, and we will gladly answer all your questions.

While many medications can relieve the symptoms, none can reverse the effects. As the disease progresses, people with Parkinson’s who are still employed may struggle with performing their regular activities and often have to reduce their working hours or retire. They may also lose out on benefits, not knowing where to turn or how to navigate the welfare system.

Parkinson’s disease is often misdiagnosed due to symptoms mimicking those of similar disorders:

Va Research On Parkinson’s Disease

This webpage summarizes new, ongoing, and published research by the VA PADRECCs since the centers were formed in 2011. Discoveries include information about the warning signs of PD, deep brain stimulation , PD and exercise, PD and mental symptoms, PD and genomics, PD and gene therapy, and more. Also included are links to scientific articles by VA scientists.

Getting Started With Finding Help

If you need help filling out forms or just figuring out where to start, you have several resources available.

Each US state has a Veterans Service Officer who can help you apply for benefits and find out what you are eligible for. There is no fee for working with them. Many counties, cities, and towns also have their own VSOs.

To find your nearest VSO, use the National Association of County Veteran Service Officers’ county/state directory. You can also call your city or town hall.

Veterans organizations may also offer help, even if you are not one of their members. See what services are possible through these groups:

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Va Medical Care And Treatment For Pd

This page provides the location of the six PADRECCs, links and phone numbers to learn more about PADRECCs, check your eligibility for VA care, and apply.

There is also information about veterans eligibility to participate in research studies, including the Parkinsons Foundation PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinsons Disease study, with links to learn more and to sign up.

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Helping Those Who Serve: Parkinson’s Disease Information For The Veteran’s Community

Tadley man aiming to break three

This 40-page booklet provides information about PD, its symptoms, how it is treated, and the benefits available to you as a veteran of the United States armed services. Also included is information about the Parkinsons Disease Research, Education and Clinical Centers created by the Department of Veterans Affairs as centers of excellence for PD treatment, as well as the national consortium of regional treatment centers. These centers are staffed by specialists in the treatment of PD, working as team members with a wide variety of other healthcare professionals to deliver a full range of services.

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Parkinsons Disease And Agent Orange Exposure

Agent Orange is an herbicide agent that was used by the United States during the Vietnam War. More specifically, Agent Orange is a 50/50/ mixture of two kinds of herbicide agents: 2, 4-D and 2, 5-T. Additionally, Agent Orange contains a highly toxic dioxin called TCDD. The United States used Agent Orange during the Vietnam War to destroy enemy crops, disrupt supply lines, and prevent ambushes. As a result, Vietnam veterans have developed a number of health conditions that have been traced to Agent Orange exposure, including Parkinsons Disease.

In July 2009, the Health and Medicine Division concluded in its report, Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2008, that there is suggestive but limited evidence that exposure to Agent Orange and other herbicides is associated with an increased chance of developing Parkinsons Disease. As a result, VA added Parkinsons Disease to its list of presumptive conditions associated with Agent Orange exposure.

Adult Fibrosarcoma Dc 5329

Adult fibrosarcoma is a very rare soft-tissue cancerous tumor or sarcoma.

Fibrous soft tissue is a connective tissue that connects various parts of your body.

For example, your tendons attach muscles to bones your ligaments attach bones-to-bones.

Medical research has found evidence of a positive association between Adult fibrosarcoma and exposure to Agent Orange.

The VA rates Adult fibrosarcoma under CFR 38, Part 4, VA Schedule of Ratings, Diagnostic Code 5329, Sarcoma, soft tissue .

The VA rating for Adult fibrosarcoma due to Agent Orange is 100 percent.

What is the VA rating for Adult fibrosarcoma cancer due to Agent Orange exposure?

  • Adult fibrosarcoma, soft tissue cancer rate at 100%.

Note: A rating of 100 percent shall continue beyond the cessation of any surgery, radiation treatment, antineoplastic chemotherapy, or other therapeutic procedures. Six months after discontinuance of such treatment, the appropriate disability rating shall be determined by mandatory VA examination. Any change in evaluation based upon that or any subsequent examination shall be subject to the provisions of ยง 3.105. If there has been no local recurrence or metastasis of Adult fibrosarcoma, rate on residual impairment of function.

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How To Win A Parkinsons Disease Va Rating

If you are a veteran with Parkinsons, you may be wondering how to win a Parkinsons disease VA rating.

Even if you have a Parkinsons diagnosis from a civilian doctor, the VA will still require you to provide additional evidence to justify a Parkinsons disease VA disability rating.

  • The first step is to obtain a formal diagnosis from a qualified medical professional. It can be difficult, as Parkinsons can often be misdiagnosed. Be sure to get all the required tests and consult with a specialist if necessary.
  • Once you have your diagnosis, you must gather evidence to support your claim. It can include a nexus letter from a licensed medical provider, medical records, prescriptions, doctors notes, and anything else that documents your condition and its effects on your daily life.
  • After collecting all the necessary evidence, file a claim with the VA.
  • Once your claim is filed, the VA will review your evidence and determine your eligibility for benefits. If youre approved, you will be assigned a disability rating based on the severity of your condition.
  • If youre not approved or feel like your disability rating is too low, you have the right to appeal the decision. The appeals process can be complex, so seeking expert help is advisable.

    Winning a Parkinsons disease VA rating can be challenging, but its possible with the right evidence and support.

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    Is It Hard To Get Disability For Parkinsons

    Veterans and Parkinsons: Mobility and Driving Safety

    If you have Parkinsons disease, you may wonder if you qualify for disability benefits. The process can seem confusing, but the reality is that it is possible to get a disability for Parkinsons.

    The first step is to gather medical evidence documenting your condition. It can include your diagnosis, medical nexus letter, records from your doctor, therapy notes, and test results. Once you have this documentation, you must file a claim to the VA. The review process can take several months, but you will begin receiving monthly payments if your application is approved. If you are considering applying for disability benefits, it is important to understand that the process can be lengthy, but it is possible to get approved.

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    What Went Through Your Mind Thinking About Life Beyond Diagnosis Did You Experience Depression Or Anxiety

    Lou Eisenbrandt, Army

    Yes, I remember spending two days on the couch curled up in a fetal position. It that caught me by surprise when I finally worked my way out of the depression because I had never experienced it before. Once I started reading more about Parkinsons, I realized that many of us are not depressed because of our diagnosis but because we dont have enough dopamine. I usually say Im running a half court low. I learned that you shouldnt be ashamed of taking antidepressants. Ive really been on them since day one, and Ive been living with this for 19 years.

    What Is A Secondary Condition According To The Va

    If a Veteran is suffering from a physical or psychological disability, this condition can have a massive negative impact on their life. Disabilities can interfere with a Veterans ability to work, maintain a healthy social life and relationships, and go through life normally. Because disabilities, both physical and mental, have such a significant effect, the Department of Veterans Affairs seeks to provide disabled veterans with tax-free benefits. These benefits can make a massive difference, helping a disabled Veterans remain financially stable and allowing them to take care of their loved ones and themselves.

    The VA grants disability benefits to Veterans suffering from service-related disabilities physical and mental problems that are directly linked to an event or injury that happened during a Veterans time in the military. However, the VA also acknowledges that a Veterans disability can give way to other issues, which may not be directly service-related. The VA refers to these problems as secondary conditions.

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    Veterans And Parkinsons Disease

    Veterans may be at an increased risk of Parkinsons disease because of their service. Evidence suggests that one cause of Parkinsons disease may be exposure to pesticides or herbicides. During the Vietnam War, many veterans were exposed to Agent Orange, a mix of herbicides that was used by the US military to defoliate trees and remove concealment for the enemy. There are other causes of Parkinsons disease as well, and most people who develop Parkinsons disease were never exposed to high levels of pesticides or herbicides.

    Do Not Be Discouraged


    Many SSDI claims for Parkinsonian Syndrome are initially denied. Yet when represented by a disability attorney, denials often go on to be approved at the ALJ hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

    Our attorneys can give you superior support in pursuing your disability benefits and can represent your claim at any level of the appeals process. We also have the resources that can help a borderline claim based on Parkinsonian syndrome be successful.

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    Parkinsons Ssdi Claim Based On A Reduced Residual Functional Capacity

    If you cannot satisfy the guidelines of the SSAs medical listing for Parkinsonian, you have another option. You may qualify based on a reduced RFC.

    Here you must prove that your condition has made it impossible to work consistently and earn a gainful living. SSA will base its decision on the evidence you provide, which can be very difficult at the initial application stage. You need to prove you cannot do your past relevant work and any other work. Adjudicators often find the claimants reported signs and symptoms of PD are not severe enough or are incomplete when filed without attorney representation.

    You must be thorough and provide what SSA needs to see:

    • A detailed history of your medical condition and functional abilities. This process is critical and involves your medical records, doctors statements, and further evidence that evaluates and shows your inability to work consistently.
    • Evidence of various forms of limitations, such as postural, exertional, manipulative , visual, communicative, mental, and environmental.
    • Your case strengthened by documenting all symptoms, carefully tracking worsening symptoms, describing problems with daily activities, including the testimony of family, friends, co-workers, and reporting prescriptions for any assistive devices as a Parkinsons patient.

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    Chemical Exposure & Parkinsons Disease

    Of the chemicals that have been most suspected risk factors for Parkinsons, TCE holds the most proof of causing Parkinsons. A colorless, non-flammable halocarbon, trichloroethylene dissolves most fixed and volatile oils. It is a powerful solvent action for fats, greases, waxes, oils, and tars. Type 1 TCE is used in dry-cleaning and for general solvent purposes. Type 2 TCE is used for vapor degreasing of metals. Over 90 percent of TCE is consumed by the metal degreasing and dry-cleaning trades.Studies of discordant twins, as well as experiments in laboratories, have shown that people chronically exposed to TCE were more likely to develop Parkinsons than the those who had not.

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    Do You Have Ascertainable Residuals Of Parkinsons Disease

    If yes, then you must receive a minimum 30% rating under Diagnostic Code 8004 .

    What is an ascertainable residual?

    A very basic explanation is that an ascertainable residual is a symptom you can see or that are capable of lay observation. Things like gait, tremors, speech, loss of smell, dementia, et cetera.

    Which brings us to the next Step.

    Standard Protocol Approvals Registrations And Patient Consents

    Maria’s My PD Story – Veterans and Parkinson’s Disease: What You Need to Know

    The Advarra institutional review board approved this study. Given the minimal risk to participants, the Advarra IRB approved a waiver of written consent. A protocol-specific information sheet about the study which included the Informed Consent Form and Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information was electronically presented to respondents prior to starting the survey. Study participants had the option of completing the questionnaire anonymously or including their name and email if they wanted to be contacted for future studies.

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    How To Win Va Disability Benefits With Parkinsons Disease

    While applying for the VA disability benefits for Parkinsons disease is often a simple process, this is not always the case. Sometimes, even with presumptive conditions, the VA can seriously misjudge a disabilitys impact on ones life. If they underestimate your disability rating, you either have to accept the lower rating or go through an appeal process.

    The appeal process is a daunting one, and one that you do not want to go into alone. If you have to appeal your disability rating, call a VA disability attorney for help as soon as possible. They will help you document your symptoms and negotiate on your behalf throughout the entire process.

    Better than hiring a lawyer when you decide to appeal your disability rating is consulting with an attorney when you decide to file for VA disability benefits. By consulting with an experienced VA disability benefits lawyer first, you are more likely to avoid filing an appeal later on.

    Statements About Personal Situations And Hypothetical Benefit Questions

    Many commenters made general statements about their own personal difficulties battling one or more of the presumptive diseases. Another commenter inquired as to the possible implications of Bradley v. Peake, 22 Vet. App. 280 . The commenters who inquired about Bradley asked whether, hypothetically, an IHD disability rating in addition to another disability that meet the statutory criteria under 38 U.S.C. 1114, could potentially establish eligibility for special monthly compensation.

    VA Response: Comments regarding hypothetical situations involving the possible outcome of benefit claims or the medical or claims history presented by individual veterans are beyond the scope of this rulemaking. Claimants should contact their VA regional office for assistance with their individual claims.

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    Secondary Service Connection Explicitly Listed In Regulation

    Some commenters suggest that the proposed regulation should include secondary conditions that result from disabilities presumptively service connected due to certain herbicide exposure. The commenters note that VA published a proposed rule establishing presumptive service connection for nine specific infectious diseases associated with military service in the Southwest Asia theater of operations and that the proposed rule listed secondary conditions potentially caused by those infectious diseases. -13058 . Furthermore, the commenters stated that when VA grants service connection for a primary disease, all secondary conditions proximately caused by that disease are also service connected. .

    As the commenters correctly note, pursuant to , when VA grants service connection for a condition, all conditions proximately caused by that condition may also be service connected. This principle would apply to conditions where service connection is established by presumption or by other means, such as a direct link to incurrence during military service.

    Consequently, VA makes no change based on these comments.

    Are You A Veteran With Parkinson’s There’s Help


    US military Veterans with Parkinson’s disease have access to specialized medical care and financial assistance through the Department of Veterans Affairs . In some cases, Veterans’ PD may be related to their service. Veterans and their families can get help with applying for care and benefits from Veterans Service Officers and other resources.

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    Common Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

    Because Parkinsons is a progressive disease, the symptoms vary in manifestation and duration. Listed below are signs of Parkinsons at the initial/mild stage, the secondary/moderate stage, and advanced stage. We also cover parkinson-like symptoms.

    Initial/Mild Sign of Parkinsons:

    • Rigidity stiffness & inflexibility of the limbs, neck & trunk
    • Postural Instability tendency to be unstable when standing upright
    • Change in posture and facial expressions

    Secondary/Moderate Signs of Parkinsons:

    • Freezing the temporary sensation of ones feet being glued to the floor

    Important Tips For Applying For Disability

    When youre applying for VA disability compensation, one of the most important things you can do is not delay. As soon as you begin showing unusual symptoms, you need to make an appointment with your doctor. Delaying your diagnosis could lead to serious problems with your claim down the road.

    Its also a good idea to keep copies of all the paperwork, files, and evidence you send to the VA for your claim. Files get lost in the shuffle sometimes and having copies of your service record, your C file, and your medical history can come in handy. Make sure you also show up on time for all exams and hearings during your application process.

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