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What Is Parkinson Disease In Hindi

Medications Causing Parkinsons Disease In Hindi

What is Parkinson’s Disease? | Dr. Amit Shrivastava (Hindi)

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Parkinson’s Rog Ke Karan

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Parkinsons Disease Diagnosis In Hindi


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What Is Parkinson Disease

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Prevention Of Parkinsons Disease In Hindi

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Tests And Diagnosis Of Parkinson

There are no labs or blood tests to diagnose Parkinsons disease and the diagnosis is usually done on the basis of the symptoms. The doctor asks the patient about the symptoms and the past health along with a neurological exam. This exam includes tests and questions which tell the doctor how well the patients nerves are doing. For instance the doctor will watch the movements of the patient, check his or her muscle strength and reflexes along with a check of the vision. The doctor will also ask questions about the patients mood and may have to try out a medicine. The way this medicine works will give the doctor an idea whether you have the ailment or not. Sometimes there may be tests like MRI to check for signs of brain tumor or stroke.

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What Is Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is a progressive and chronic movement disorder, which means that the symptoms worsen with passage of time. The cause of the ailment is not known and presently there is no cure for it but the symptoms can be managed with treatment options like medication and surgery. In this ailment the vital nerve cells of the brain called neurons malfunction and die. Parkinsons mainly affects the cells in the brain in the area called the substantianigra. Some of these cells are responsible for producing dopamine in the brain which is responsible for sending messages to the parts of the brain that control coordination and movement. As the disease progresses, the amount of dopamine produced by the brain reduces and the person is not able to control movement properly.

There are four main symptoms of Parkinsons disease:

  • Tremor which is the shaking or trembling which affects the hands, arms or legs
  • Stiffness in muscles
  • Slowed movement
  • Problem in balancing or walking

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Environmental Factors And Exposures

Exposure to pesticides and a history of head injury have each been linked with PD, but the risks are modest. Never having smoked cigarettes, and never drinking caffeinated beverages, are also associated with small increases in risk of developing PD.

Low concentrations of urate in the blood is associated with an increased risk of PD.

Drug-induced parkinsonism

Different medical drugs have been implicated in cases of parkinsonism. Drug-induced parkinsonism is normally reversible by stopping the offending agent. Drugs include:

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson tremors parkinsonism | Parkinson’s disease Hindi | disease symptoms | पारà¥?à¤à¤¿à¤à¤¸à¤à¤¸ रà¥à¤ à¤?à¤à¤à¥

Causticum: Best Homeopathic Remedy for Parkinsons Disease with excessive rigidity

Causticum is the best natural homeopathic medicine for Parkinsons disease in which excessive rigidity is present. The patient feels stiffness in the body and the muscles also become hard. In addition, the muscles of the back and lower limbs also become hard. In such cases, the patient is unable to maintain balance when he walks. They walk in a slow manner but still they fall easily. Causticum is also a great remedy for those patients who cannot easily get up from lying or sitting position. The patient of Causticum feels pain in the limbs and gets relief from warm applications. Trembling of hands is also present in such patients.

Gelsemium Sempervirens: Homeopathic Medicine for Parkinsons Disease with shaking of hands

Plumbum Metallicum: Homeopathic medicine for Parkinsons Disease with slowness in movement

Zincum Metallicum: Homeopathic Remedy for Parkinsons Disease with trembling of hands, constant shaking of feet

Zincum Met is another homeopathic medicine for Parkinsons disease where the trembling of hands is present. The feet of the patient constantly move and Zincum Metallicum gives strength to weak nerves.

Mercurius Solubilis: Homeopathic Remedy for Parkinsons Disease with vigorous trembling of hands

Best Homeopathic Treatment for lack of control and trembling of hands in Parkinsons Disease

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Parkinsons Disease

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Is Parkinsons Disease Fatal

Parkinsons disease itself doesnt cause death. However, symptoms related to Parkinsons can be fatal. For example, injuries that occur because of a fall or problems associated with dementia can be fatal.

Some people with Parkinsons experience difficulty swallowing. This can lead to aspiration pneumonia. This condition is caused when foods, or other foreign objects, are inhaled into the lungs.

Parkinsons Disease Meaning In Hindi

Parkinsons disease Meaning in Hindi: , , , ,

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Parkinsons Disease Symptoms In Hindi

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3 Parkinsons Diet Omega 3 Rich Foods In Hindi


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How Do Doctors Test For Bradykinesia

Tests for bradykinesia do not need special instruments.

The doctor will ask you to perform certain tasks. Some of these are:

Tests for Bradykinesia
  • Tapping your fingers together as fast as you can
  • Opening and closing your fist rapidly
  • Turning your palm up and down like flipping a pancake as fast as you can
  • Tapping your toes or heel on the floor as fast as you can
  • During this time, the doctor notices:

    • How long it takes for you get started
    • How fast you are able to do the movement
    • Whether the movements become smaller after a few seconds.

    and so on.

    Here is an excellent video of Dr. Kathleen Poston from Stanford University demonstrating the tests done for bradykinesia.

    If you take a long time to start moving, the doctor may suspect Akinesia. If you have slow movements, the doctor may suspect bradykinesia.

    As noted before, your doctor may write a single phrase to describe all these symptoms.

    Reference / Extra reading: A detailed description of what doctors check in a hypokinetic/bradykinetic patient.

    I think, now we know the answer to the question: What is Bradykinesia?

    Let us look to an even more important question: What causes Bradykinesia?

    Risk For Parkinsons Disease In Hindi

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    What You Can Do

    As of 2021, there is no definite cure for Parkinsons disease. There is also no definite known cause. Its likely due to a combination of an individuals susceptibility and environmental factors. Most cases of Parkinsons disease happen without a genetic link.

    According to research published in 2012, only report having a family member with the disease. Many toxins are suspected and have been studied, but no single substance can be reliably linked to Parkinsons.

    However, research is ongoing. Its estimated that

    Tips For Getting Started

    Parkinson’s disease hindi/urdu
    • Changing your diet can be difficult. Try making one change at a time, like eating a handful of nuts a few times a week or avoiding white bread. Small changes can add up to big benefits.
    • Consult with a registered dietician, who can help you plan menus and make shopping lists for preparing nutritious meals that you like and that account for your individual needs and the timing of your medications.
    • Consult with an occupational therapist about assistive devices, including some mentioned above, to make eating and drinking easier.
    • If you experience anxiety or depression, talk to your doctor. These symptoms can suppress appetite.
    • If swallowing issues are causing problems eating , a speech-language pathologist may be able to help.

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    Cause Of Parkinsons Disease In Hindi

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    Parkinsons Disease Meaning In Hindi :

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    Diagnosis Of Parkinsons Disease

    A number of disorders can cause symptoms similar to those of Parkinson’s disease. People with Parkinson’s-like symptoms that result from other causes are sometimes said to have parkinsonism. While these disorders initially may be misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s, certain medical tests, as well as response to drug treatment, may help to distinguish them from Parkinson’s. Since many other diseases have similar features but require different treatments, it is important to make an exact diagnosis as soon as possible.

    There are currently no blood or laboratory tests to diagnose nongenetic cases of Parkinson’s disease. Diagnosis is based on a person’s medical history and a neurological examination. Improvement after initiating medication is another important hallmark of Parkinson’s disease.


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