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Parkinson’s Medical Alert Bracelet

Who Needs A Medical Id Bracelet

Medical Alert Electronic Bracelet & 12 Alarm Watch Timer

There are many people who should consider wearing a medical ID bracelet in case they need to alert someone in a time of crisis. Whether youre young or old, there is a myriad of health conditions that require special attention and care. With a medical ID bracelet, others will be able to quickly identify your specific condition so they can give you the precise type of assistance you need. Here are some examples of medical conditions that need a medical ID bracelet:

  • Surgical and cancer patients

These are just some of the most common medical conditions where people should consider wearing a medical ID bracelet. Talk to your doctor and ask them if they recommend a bracelet and find out what type of specific information should be included.

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How Medical Idsfor Parkinson’s Combined With Medicalert Membership Provide Peace Of Mind

  • Were your voice: If you cant speak for yourself due to your condition or other medical emergency, your ID will speak for you informing others about your Parkinsons disease and any medications youre taking.
  • 24/7 emergency protection: In an emergency, the MedicAlert team will relay all of your critical medical information to first responders, no matter where or when your emergency happens.
  • Always connected: You should never be alone in an emergency. Thats why MedicAlert will reach out to your designated contacts if you are unable to do so.
  • Live with peace of mind and confidence: MedicAlert will be there for you every step of the way. Youll have the confidence and freedom to live your life with Parkinsons, knowing weve got you covered.

Are You Protected With The Right Medical Alert Device

The first thought that popped into my head when I realized August is Medical Alert Awareness Month was, Ive fallen and I cant get up.

While that famous line from commercials in the 1980s and early 90s became part of pop culture, it also represented a serious concern that continues today: falling while living alone.

Those living alone, especially the elderly, are at a greater risk of falling. However, that is only one demographic. Alerting emergency responders is an important part of planning for anyone living alone, especially if balance is challenging. And for those of us with Parkinsons disease, the battle to maintain our balance is a never-ending daily struggle coupled with the fear of falling.

When looking for a solution, make sure to research all options, because one size does not fit everyone.

Medical alerts encompass a range of devices. Three of the most common are:

  • Medical alert systems
  • Medical ID bracelets

Some medical alert systems are monitored while others are not. They vary in terms of their features and their prices. The process of choosing the right system is twofold: It must meet the users needs while providing peace of mind to loved ones.

Apps are another convenient option. Some have the option of being added to existing systems.

Im not fussy about my accessories. But I do appreciate a cute bracelet and a bargain. However, finding this combination in a medical ID bracelet proved to be challenging.

There were many options, and it was hard to choose.

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Custom Engraved Medical Alert Id Bracelets For Women

Laurens Hope has 20+ years experience curating our line of medical alerts that appeal to women who need to wear a medical ID bracelet. We understand that since your ID is worn everyday theres an opportunity to use this medical alert to enhance and accessorize.

Relaying your important medical details to a first responder is the most important function a medical ID bracelet can perform. The style of bracelet you choose to convey that info is a personal decision and the choices are endless.

We offer a popular line of fashionable womens interchangeable medical ID bracelets. These consist of a custom engraved medical ID bracelet tag which can be attached to any bracelet you choose. This mix and match approach allows you to add more bracelets to your collection without requiring the purchase of a new tag. It also allows you to update your ID tag with new medical information without losing the use of your bracelets. Interchangeable medical ID bracelets can be beaded, made from silver, gold or rose plated chains, designed with crystals and stones, as well leather and silicone. These are great for women looking to update and stay on trend with their medical ID bracelets.

Our other bracelet type is non-interchangeable. This is simply a bracelet where the tag is permanently attached to the band. Oftentimes, these medical alerts are made to be waterproof and suitable for 24/7 wear as the materials dont require any extra special care.

Shipping And Return Policies Parkinson

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Item as described and very quickly despatched

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Sonia Komorowski Sep 15, 2022

Im over the moon with my order its Great quality and has everything I need on it will definetly recommend

Purchased item:& nbsp

Once again, you have produced such an amazing item. Super fast shipping and delivery. If your looking at a personalised medical bracelet DEFINITELY look at sellers items. Absolutely amazing and love it. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!!

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Nathan Harvey Dec 9, 2022

I purchased one identical to this Bracelet,the Bracelet is great,however the catch has to be improved,it came undone on me several times.The Bracelet is quite heavy and in my opinion it needs a stronger catch.The Company is wonderful they replaced my Bracelet very quickly at no extra cost,couldn’t be happier. John Vinson

Purchased item:& nbsp

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My Old Bracelet Gets A 2nd Chance

My jewelry box has many cute bracelets. However, many have a link missing or a broken clasp. How could I give a broken bracelet a new life? I purchased a small medical alert ID tag with Parkinsons engraved on the back, grabbed my favorite broken bracelet, and headed to a local jeweler.

A week later, my repurposed bracelet became my medical alert ID. It was small, functional, and cute. More importantly, it provided medical information that is unlikely for a 52-year-old woman: I have Parkinsons.

What will you choose to wear this Medical Alert Awareness Month? Let us know in the comments below or visit our Parkinsons News Today Forums.

Note: Parkinsons News Today is strictly a news and information website about the disease. It does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The opinions expressed in this column are not those of Parkinsons News Today or its parent company, BioNews, and are intended to spark discussion about issues pertaining to Parkinsons disease.

Divoti Filigree Medical Alert Id Bracelet: Best For Quick Delivery

* price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Get the best of both worlds with the Divoti Filigree Medical Alert ID Bracelets durable stainless steel design and gold-plated sheen. The Divoti features an open cuff thats adjustable and easy to take on and off. Elaborate vine details offer a stylish touch to an otherwise traditional piece of jewelry.

And this is the only medical identification tag weve found that offers two-day processingsome can take weeks to process. While the open cuff makes it easy to put on, this medical alert wristband can get caught on things and warp the bracelet. And the inscription is on the inside, so medical personnel will need to take off the cuff to find your information.

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The Benefits Of Wearing A Medical Id Bracelet

If youre in the middle of an emergency, there is a good chance you may not be able to speak for yourself. With a medical ID bracelet, the information included on the bracelet tells medical professionals, emergency medical technicians, and the general public about any medical conditions you currently have. Not only will this help alert people to your medical issue, but it can help doctors make a more accurate diagnosis if you need to seek treatment. For those with common ailments like a breathing disorder, a medical ID bracelet will help to keep doctors and nurses from making an accidental misdiagnosis.

In order to get the help and care you need as quickly as possible a prompt diagnosis is required. If youre wearing a medical alert bracelet, healthcare professionals will have immediate insight into your condition and what they can do to give you fast, effective treatment. When you wear a bracelet, it also protects you against the possibility of harmful or dangerous medical errors. Most emergency responders are trained to look for a medical ID bracelet as soon as theyre able to assess a patient. Not only does the bracelet increase your chances of getting prompt treatment, but it also increases your chances of survival. Another benefit of wearing a medical ID bracelet is that it could reduce or eliminate trips to the hospital and help you prevent small issues or injuries from becoming something more serious.

Medical Organisations: Improve Patient Care With Mediband Free Senior Safety Checklist Medical Alert

Mediband Parkinson’s Disease and medical ID bracelets are a great item to stock in an office or a doctor’s surgery. Doctors can help their patients to feel a little safer with these wristbands.

Mediband offers products for all sorts of conditions. Also, its an easy way for care givers to improve their patient care.

These wristbands are great for all of these places:

  • Doctors Offices.

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Rely On Trained Response Agents

The most useful feature of a personal emergency system is the instant access to a caring, competent monitoring service. All monitoring operators are well-versed in medical terminology, and they had their communication and emergency management skills trained to the maximum. Response agents can be contacted 24/7, and they offer assistance in non-medical related issues too. In case the patient feels ill, or needs the assistance of a relative, caring help is available with a press of a button. Most companies keep their subscribers data on file, including medical history, symptoms, and known diseases. Upon receiving an emergency call, they activate the file, and instantly know how to address the caller and what to do.

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Who Needs A Medical Alert Bracelet

If you have an illness that might cause a medical emergency or may render you unable to speak, it is essential that you wear some sort of medical ID. Some of these illnesses include:

  • Severe allergies to certain foods or medications

There may be other conditions not listed here in which a medical alert bracelet is necessary. Talk to your doctor about your health concerns and discuss what is right for you.

Some healthcare professionals suggest everyone with a severe allergy, medical condition, or those taking any prescription drugs wear medical IDs. Medications can interact with particular treatment protocols such as IV drugs or other invasive procedures. To prevent any life-threatening adverse effects, EMTs and first responders must know which conditions you have and which medications you are taking. In addition, NOT wearing a medical ID when you have a chronic illness may lead to:

  • Medications you are currently taking

Also, be sure to include any relevant information that can impact the way first responders treat you. For instance, if you have a medical device such as a pacemaker or if you have a DNR request in place. Many healthcare professionals also advise you to include emergency contacts such as family members, close friends, or someone with Durable Power of Attorneyover your health. Here is a complete guideon what to include on a medical ID.

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Retail Customers: Why Choose Mediband

  • Comfortable and Easy to Wear.

Medical wristbands come in a variety of sizes. They wont irritate or chafe your skin. Therefore, you can feel free to wear them at all times. In fact, you may not even notice youre wearing it.

  • Strong and Durable Silicone Material.

Next, each medical band is made from medical grade silicone. This material is built to last. And that means you wont have to worry about breaking it, losing it, and other problems.

  • Clear and Easy to Read Text.

Our bracelets clearly display Alert! Parkinsons Disease in clear text. Medical staff will have no problem reading this text. And that will ensure youll get the proper care in any emergency situation.

  • Low Prices with Quick Delivery.

Mediband wants everyone to have the medical wristbands they need for their safety. This is why we work hard to keep our prices low.

We also provide volume discounts for bulk orders. This makes them great for doctors offices, pharmacies, oncology departments, and more. Furthermore, our shipping options can get your wristbands to your door the next day.

  • Simple and Safe.

Mediband wristbands give you a simple and easy way to improve your safety. Just one wristband provides helpful warnings when you cant speak because of an emergency. Its the perfect way to protect yourself no matter what happens.

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Things To Consider In A Medical Alert Bracelet


Sharing medical history, allergies, or conditions with EMS personnel is crucial during a medical crisis. But if youre unable to communicate, medical alert bracelets do the talking for you. As you weigh your options, consider your lifestyle and whether or not you want a bracelet with preformatted engraving or one thats customizable.

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How Can I Alert Medical Providers That I Have Dbs In An Emergency Can Mammogram Be Done

It is important that your medical provider be aware that you have DBS since there are some procedures that can not be performed if you have DBS. Examples of procedures that are not safe to be performed with DBS are body MRI, certain types of cautery and diathermy It is recommended that your doctor call Medtronic Inc. clinician support services 707-0933 before any procedure to review if there are any concerns or interactions with your device.

One way to alert clinicians that you have DBS in an emergency situation is to wear a medic alert bracelet. This bracelet can be inscribed with important information such as allergies and a statement that you have DBS. You can include the emergency clinician support phone number and warnings such as MRI and diathermy contraindicated.

Mammograms are often a concern because they are done close to the battery site. Mammograms can be performed as long as the technician avoids compression of the battery which is usually located just below the clavicle in the chest. It is important not to compress the battery or extension wires. Breast MRI can not be performed. Diagnostic ultrasound of suspicious breast lesions can usually be performed if needed but once again the ultrasound probe should not be used over or directly adjacent to the battery. Your technician should call the Medtronic customer support number listed above for more specific guidance.

What Is The Need For A Medical Alert Bracelet

People of all ages with certain medical conditions, allergies, or medication could benefit from wearing a medical alert bracelet. In a difficult scenario, in the case of an unconscious person, first responders or emergency personnel will know to look for indicators such as bracelets or necklaces to be sure they do not misdiagnose a patient or treat them with something that could be harmful, especially related to an allergy.

A paramedic knowing about these and other conditions right from the beginning could save the life of you or someone you love. Wasting time trying to identify the source of an injury or cause of an allergic reaction could make a huge difference in the efficiency of a patients treatment.

If ones medical alert bracelet does utilize a help button, response time could also improve recovery from a fall or other injury. If someone falls and loses consciousness while wearing a medical alert bracelet, simply having the information engraved there could save a life. If the bracelet includes a help button that calls a care center or authority, those who stay conscious but cannot get back up can ask for the help they need.

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The Confidence To Live With Parkinsons Disease

Living with Parkinsonsdiseasecan be difficult,but finding a treatment plancan help provide you or your loved one with the tools you need to live with confidence. An essential part of a Parkinsons care plan is obtaining a MedicAlertID and membership plan. Each Parkinsons diagnosis is unique, but a medical ID can be important for anyone with a chronic condition.

Dementia Medical Alert Bracelets

Walking & Parkinsons Disease

A medical alert bracelet is an essential item for anyone with dementia. Medical alert bracelets provide basic important information that you or your loved one may not be able to provide otherwise, such as: full name, address, phone number, and medical conditions. If you have early onset dementia or are the primary caregiver for someone with dementia, you know how difficult even everyday activities can be. As the disease progresses, the burdens on caregivers get even heavier. Dementia sufferers become increasingly confused and agitated and remember less and less about their lives. In middle and late stages of dementia, patients are quite vulnerablemany forget their names and addresses. As memory fades, a medical alert bracelet becomes increasingly important, even lifesaving.

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