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Massage Therapy And Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinsons Disease Treatment Plan And Goals

SmoveyMED Full body Massage for Parkinson’s

When a patient is being treated with massage therapy for Parkinsons Disease there is a variety of things that should be considered including:

The position of the patient needs to be adjusted to accord with the degree of rigidity of the patient. If the patient is extremely rigid then there will be fewer changes in position. Massage treatment should be performed using a lot of content for a relaxation style massage.

This will help the patient to relax and may increase their range of motion as well. If it is noted that a patient has edema, then MLD or Manual Lymphatic Drainage should be performed.

Is Theracycle Safe To Use

The Theracycle is designed specifically for users with movement disorders and has many safety features. Its motion can be stopped instantly using either a push of a button or a pull of the safety cord. The structural steel frame can support up to 350lbs and cast iron parts are extremely durable and built to last. The seat is extra large for added comfort, safety and stability.

Finding The Right Tool

We did worry the strength of the massagegun would be too much for him. Apart from being very strong on the person being massaged, the vibration from holding the gun itself can also feel your hand feeling a bit tingly after holding the gun.

However, he ended up finding a mini version of the gun â Hypersphere Mini. This version is a lot smaller and is actually a lot easier to use for longer periods of time. It doesnt come with as many massage heads but those can be bought separately.

Since he bought the massage gun, my father just runs it along his neck, down his back, along his calves, as well as under his feet. He sometimes pushes it and does it for longer than the recommended 15 minutes a day written on the box.

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The Benefits Of Massage Therapy On Parkinsons Disease

In addition to its tragic impact on voluntary motor skills, Parkinsons disease typically causes muscle stiffness and rigidity. Learn how bodywork can alleviate the symptoms of this increasingly common central nervous system disorder.

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Parkinsons disease is a fairly common progressive degenerative central nervous system disorder. Affecting approximately one million people in the U.S., Parkinsons disease is a dysfunction in the basal ganglia, an area of the brain that controls voluntary movement. Characteristic symptoms of this chronic, progressive neurodegenerative movement disorder include tremors, rigidity, slow movement , poor balance and difficulty walking .

What Are The Symptoms Of The Patient With Parkinsons Disease

Massage Therapy And Parkinson

there are various symptoms seen in the patient with PD are as below:

Tremors :

it is the involuntary movements commonly affects your hands , legs , face and head also.during starting periods it involve only one hand, then spread to the same side of the leg.after that it becomes bilateral.may also involve head and jaw.tremors may present at rest for approx 4 to 6 secs and it is absent during sleep.


it involves muscles of the neck, trunk and limbs.Cog-wheel effect: when tremor is super-imposed on the rigidity.

Bradykinesia :

it is called as the difficulty in initiating voluntary the slowness of movement also occurs.movements like Arm swing is absent during walking ,it is typically seen in the patients with parkinsons disease.

Postural abnormalities :

patients assumes flexed kind of posture.patients also feel difficulty in maintaining balance.


patients feel difficulty in starting walking.patients are not able to maneuver through narrow passages. Shuffling kind of gait is seen.patients try to catch the center of gravity during walking.patients take small steps and fast steps as compared with normal peoples.

Appearance of face of Parkinsons patients:

mask like face is seen,it means lack of facial expressions.decreased eye blinking movements.difficulty in convergence of the eye.patients have slow and low volume.patients feel increased amount of sweating, on face also.patients feel difficulty in swallowing.

Other signs :

Stage :4

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The Symptoms And Signs Of Parkinsons Disease

The signs and symptoms of Parkinsons may not notice suddenly. One might feel tired or slight trembling of hands the speech might become slurred or lack of facial expression. But the symptoms tend to increase over time as the progression continues.

Some of the typical symptoms are:

  • Slowed or impaired movements
  • Speech problems like monotone, slow or hesitation before speaking
  • Handwriting might become smaller, or writing is difficult
  • Unconscious movements like blinking, smiling and swinging of arms while walking is harder

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How Can Massage Help To Manage Parkinsons

Massage therapy has been found to help improve the wellbeing of the person suffering from Parkinsons, as well as reduce their joint and muscle pain. This is because massage can relieve muscle tension and pain, stimulate circulation, and relieve stress and depression.

Other massage benefits for a sufferer of Parkinsons can include:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved energy levels and vitality
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved self awareness.

A case study of a patient suffering from Parkinsons disease found that massage therapy had a positive effect on reducing resting and postural tremor, as well as temporarily reducing muscle stiffness.

As Parkinsons typically causes muscle stiffness, alleviating tense muscles and joints has a soothing effect that instantly improves symptoms in a client. Not only that, but massage is proven to release happy hormones including endorphins, which helps to improve the clients overall mood and outlook.

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Things To Remember About Massage For Parkinsons

Research into massage for Parkinsons proves that the therapy can alleviate pains associated with muscle and joint stiffness, which are common symptoms of the disease. It is crucial that the client can feel sensation and touch in the area that is being worked on.

This is where communication is key, and our therapists will ensure that all safety precautions have been followed before beginning the session.

However, it is highly important to always bear in mind the following:

  • Parkinsons is a dysfunction in the central nervous system and massage alone cannot fix this malady
  • It is important to work alongside the clients doctor to gauge whether this practice is safe, and to discuss any further medication needed
  • We have taken extra precautionary methods involving the getting on and off of the massage bed. We understand that Parkinsons is a disease characterised by involuntary movement, and we will work with clients and their carers to ensure the transition onto the bed is fully safe.

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Massage Therapy For Parkinsons

Massage Therapy Treatment and Outcomes for a Patient with Parkinsons Disease: a Case Report

While data analyzing the role of acupuncture in treatment of PD symptoms is fairly limited, the data on the role of massage in the treatment of PD symptoms is even more so. One clinical trial was done assessing the effects of a 40-minute massage session, with some participants then continuing to receive seven weekly sessions. The control group was not blinded to their status . Despite these limitations, the study showed that massage was helpful in improving quality of life for people with PD.

All of the above begs the question should a person with PD try acupuncture or massage to help their PD symptoms? The bottom line is that there is little formal evidence that either treatment is truly effective. Larger and better designed clinical trials are necessary before these treatments will be routinely recommended.

For now, people with PD can choose to make their own assessments about whether these practices improve their well-being and whether to incorporate acupuncture or massage into their weekly routine. In general there is minimal risk in trying acupuncture or massage, aside from perhaps disappointment if they do not work for you. If you plan to try acupuncture and/or massage, be sure to go to reputable practitioners, preferably ones with experience in treating people with PD.

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How Do You Know You Have Parkinsons Disease

There is no definitive way to diagnose Parkinsons disease. Your doctor will ask questions about the onset of your symptoms and assess your movement to make referrals to specialists who can make a formal diagnosis.

You can expect to see a who can complete a neurologic examination. This may include brain imaging, an , or a PET scan to see activity in the area of the brain typically affected by Parkinsons disease.

Your doctor may also refer you to a movement disorder specialist. Seeing subspecialists is very important to avoid being misdiagnosed. Highly trained specialists can provide their expertise in specific areas of medicine where a precise diagnosis isnt possible from blood work or another definitive test.

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How Does Massage For Parkinsons Work

The incidence of Parkinsons disease in the United States is estimated at 1 million, with an additional 50,000 patients being diagnosed every year. While it is generally considered a disease of those between 50 and 79 years of age, incidence below the age of 40 is rapidly increasing and epidemiologists suspect environmental influences are playing a part in this phenomenon.

If muscle balance is not in control, flexors can take over, which is a similar result as the muscle freezing after a stroke occurs. Ranges of motion exercises are very important with the process of relating the muscles that control the joints.

If resistance is encountered, then force should not be used, gentle coercion is instead the process to be followed. Patients who have had joint replacement should not be subjected to a range of motion exercises. The massage therapist works with the patient to massage and loosen where possible and regain some flexibility by working the muscles.

The origins of the scaleni are located deep in a network of blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves. Loosening up neck muscles should occur as a unit when massage is undertaken. Most of the symptoms of Parkinsons involve musculature. It is important to be sensitive to the needs of the patient and work slowly.

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Complications From Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is usually accompanied by these added issues, which may be treatable:

  • Intellectual issues.

You might experience cognitive issues and thinking difficulties. These typically happen in the later phases of Parkinsons illness. Such cognitive troubles arent extremely responsive to medicines.

  • Clinical depression as well as psychological adjustments.

You might experience clinical depression, sometimes in the really beginning. Getting appropriate treatment for depression can make it simpler to accommodate the other symptoms of Parkinsons disease.You might additionally experience various other emotional modifications, such as concern, anxiety, or loss of motivation. Doctors may offer you drugs to treat these signs and symptoms.

  • Excessive salivating troubles.

You may develop troubles with ingesting as your condition proceeds. Saliva might accumulate in your mouth because of slowed down ingesting, which brings about salivating.

  • Swallowing, chewing, and eating issues.

Late-stage Parkinsons illness affects the muscles in your mouth, making chewing tough. This can lead to choking and also inadequate nutrition.

  • Insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

People with Parkinsons disease usually have sleep troubles, consisting of getting up often throughout the night, waking up early, or falling asleep throughout the day.

People might likewise experience rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder, which involves acting out your dreams. Drugs may aid your sleep troubles.

Off Time Can Be Managed

Massage therapy can help partially restore mobility to the elderly ...

Your doctor can recommend medical management approaches, such as changing your medication dosage or dosage schedule, or taking levodopa in a different way. They may also prescribe add-on medications, such as Azilect , Gocovri , or apomorphine, which can reduce off time and dyskinesia. Other treatment options for Parkinsons, such as deep brain stimulation, can also reduce off time.

However, there are many steps and lifestyle changes you can try to manage off time at home.

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Is There A Suggested Theracycle Workout That Will Improve My Pd Symptoms

Studies show that riding at 14 to 15 miles per hours for 40 minutes, 3 times per week, can prompt a significant improvement in PD symptoms. It is recommended that you begin with an easy, 10-minute warmup and follow with a relaxing 10-minute cool down. Learn about the benefits of forced exercise with the Theracycle »

Etiology Pathophysiology And Epidemiology

Parkinsons disease is a well-known, if not well-understood, disorder. The British physician, James Parkinson, first described the manifestation of symptoms as a shaking palsy in 1817. After nearly 200 years, Dr. Parkinsons clinical documentation of the disorder is still accurate today, with only a few exceptions.

While the chemical interactions in the brain that result in the symptoms PD have been deciphered, the root cause is still unknown. These symptoms are well-documented and consist of both a primary category of manifestations and a subsequent secondary category. Nonspecific achiness and fatigue, resting tremors, bradykinesia, rigidity and poor postural reflexes comprise the primary category while shuffling gait, difficulty with speech and eating, micrographia, sleep disorders, depression, and mental degeneration comprise the secondary. The three most recognizable and debilitating symptoms of PD include rigidity, which is described as a resistance to motion resting tremor, which slows or stops with intentional movement, sleep, and relaxation and bradykinesia, which makes ambulation difficult and requires extra time, concentration, and effort for initiation and cessation of activity.

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What Are The Theracycle Specifications

Theracycle 100

20 W x 44 L x 57 H 240 lbs. Boxed for shipping 240 lbs

The electrical cord on all models is 9-feet long.

The Theracycle is a custom product, made in the USA by hand in Franklin, MA.

We first speak with every potential customer to assess their needs. This allows us to recommend with confidence the model that will immediately bring you the best result. During this conversation, we can also determine if customization is necessary. Our sales specialists do not work on commission. They are well informed about your condition and truly want to help you live the best life.

To speak to a sales specialist, please call us at , MondayFriday from 8:305:00 EST.

During this call you will be asked for information on where to ship, the riders height and weight for fitting, along with a credit card, which will be held securely until your unit is produced. Lead times vary, your sales specialist will let you know the expected ship window.

After your order has been placed, you will receive a sales order confirming your sale and your Theracycle will be placed into production.

Once packed and ready for shipment, your credit card will be charged. You will then receive an email with a copy of the paid invoice, tracking information and a link to an informational page on our website with details on what to expect next.

Theracycle Therapy Products are made in the USA and shipped from Franklin, MA.

Forms And Uses Of Coconut Oil

Ayurvedic Massage for Parkinson’s Disease

Since there isnt a solid case for how or if coconut oil can treat Parkinsons symptoms in the current literature, we cant be sure how much you should take to try the treatment. But there are some general guidelines for consuming coconut oil.

If youd like to try coconut oil to treat your Parkinsons symptoms, there are several forms available. Cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil is available in liquid form at most health food stores and even major supermarket chains. Starting with 1 teaspoon per day of the pure coconut oil is a good idea, and you can gradually increase to 2 teaspoons if you like the results.

You can also start by using coconut oil to prepare food, substituting it for olive oil or butter in your favorite recipes. Coconut oil is also available in capsule form. Another idea is to start by consuming raw coconut meat and see how it affects your symptoms. And rubbing coconut oil on your muscles might provide relief for soreness caused by spasms. Its anti-inflammatory properties make coconut oil an excellent massage agent.

  • Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration-induced headaches and muscle tension.
  • Drink green tea, bone broth, or ginger tea to boost your immune system.


  • Drink alcohol or coffee or any other caffeinated beverages to avoid having sleep issues.

Knowing what to eat and what to avoid can help you manage the symptoms of Parkinsons disease. Follow these tips to relieve symptoms and have a better quality of life.

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Improves Quality Of Life

Professional massage therapists agree that massages, when done properly, offer psychosocial benefits to persons with the neurodegenerative disease.

This is a factor that can help to improve the quality of life for those who are living with dementia.

Touching a person and massaging them with essential oils or lotions will not only soothe the skin but will also increase the circulation of blood and other nutrients.

This is a move that can help nerves function better as it helps them to relax.

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Oil Therapy For Parkinsons

Aromatherapy or the process of taking medically-valuable components from natural sources such as plants and making them into medication has been used for centuries. Though it is not conclusive, in some patients aromatherapy can help with diseases and pain in general. Of course, aromatherapy is not something you can rely on entirely, it should be used as a complementary form of treatment to other solutions and medications. This is why it is essential that you consult the doctor who is treating your senior, especially since they may need to provide a prescription for particular products.

Though its not a one-fits-all sort of solution, aromatherapy can have significant positive effects on the body. It can be especially effective considering the way it is used. With massage and other possible applications, the oil can penetrate the skin and reach the muscle tissue to relieve different symptoms connected to the patients movement. Though these applications and uses may sound simple, its important that you consult a medical practitioner. Using essential oils can sometimes cause unwanted reactions with the medicines your senior already uses, this is why caregivers need to be sure about whether or not aromatherapy is the right way to go.

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