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Weighted Blanket For Parkinson’s

Children And Weighted Blankets

Real life video of a man with ataxia walking with the OTvest, weighted vest

Though the American Journal of Occupational Therapy did a study that showed that wearing of weighted vests made school going children fidget less and be more attentive in class, weighted blankets have their downsides.

They are for example too heavy and hot such that the kid might sweat so much in bed. If the child has sleep apnea or snores, you should not put them under an anxiety blanket since it will only make the matter worse. Alternatives to these blankets could be weighted compression vests for toddlers and sensory lap pads.

Q Why Do Weighted Utensils Help With Tremors

When someone has Parkinsons disease, it is difficult to control their hands and arms. It can make eating or drinking a task for which they need special tools like weighted utensils.

It helps them to avoid spilling food all over the place. Weighted utensils are heavy enough that they stay put on the plate instead of jumping everywhere when you shake them around!

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Bunmo Heavy Weighted Utensils Set

If you want to have an adaptive weighted utensils set that looks more like a normal set, BUNMO heavy weighted utensils set is the best choice.

This essential 4 pieces kitchen table set is pleasing to look, to hold and easy to use. The set seems to be a good investment for people with hand tremor, they will definitely like this product.

With its sharp knife, you can effortlessly cut any solid food like a piece of cake, cheese, or even a slice of meat. And with its stainless fork, you can eat pasta, rice dishes, meat or vegetables. While a pair of a spoon, one as tablespoon and the other for soup, are designed to avoid spills and drop at every meal. The construction of the handles is of super high-quality and allows you to eat your meal with more confident.

The set is crafted with high-quality stainless steel and will last for a long time, so you dont have to replace with other sets. Plus, it can easily be cleaned, just throw to the dishwasher and it will come out clean.

This's an affiliate link and if you buy this product, I'll earn a small commission. 

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How Soon Will It Get Here

Cancer patients deserve to be as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible. Some blanket-selling websites dont keep stockpiles, especially if they do personalization or print-on-demand.

If you dont mind waiting a week for production and even more for shipping, this isnt an issue, but just be aware of how fast what you order will get to you.

The Benefits Of Weighted Blankets For Parkinsons Disease

Heated Weighted Blanket for Comfort, Pain Relief, Neuro Issues like ...

Is your loved one unable to sleep due to Parkinsons Disease? A disturbance of sleep is a major struggle for those afflicted with Parkinsons. This degenerative disease of the central nervous system compromises motor skills and cognitive capabilities.

Tremors, joint stiffness, slow movements, sensory processing difficulties, and anxiety are other symptoms your loved one may be experiencing. Treatments for Parkinsons disease include medications, diet regulation, and rehabilitation in an effort to manage symptoms.

As a caregiver, relieving symptoms and improving quality life can be overwhelming. Giving your loved one a Mosaic Weighted Blanket® supports comfort, security, and anxiety relief with a natural prescription-free approach.

Rigidity from muscle and joint stiffness can not only feel uncomfortable but also affect posture and stability. One of the advantages of a Mosaic Weighted Blanket® is its ability to reduce the severity of these problems through deep pressure touch stimulation. Draping a weighted blanket over the body gently distributes pressure without being restrictiveworking as a full body massage.

With this type of stimulation, the body responds by producing more serotonin, which can redirect a mood swing. Getting deep sleep so that the body can restore itself comes easier when serotonin becomes melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep. The whole family can relax with the comfort and peace that Mosaic Weighted Blankets® bring to the ill.

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Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

Fortunately, because of the internet, and our overall increased knowledge of the disease, the symptoms of Parkinsons disease are more laid out for people to realize they have it. If you happen to have one of these symptoms, try not to overreact yet, since any of these symptoms can result from something else.

However, if you want to be sure of the situation, dont hesitate to reach out to your doctor for further analysis. Theyll be able to point you in the right direction, and its never ideal to self-diagnose yourself with anything, especially something as serious as Parkinsons disease.

Here are the main symptoms of Parkinsons disease:

How Heavy Should The Blanket Be

The weight of the blanket depends on your older adults weight and physical condition.

The typical blanket weight for adults is about 15 to 30 pounds. The standard guideline is that a blanket should be about 10% of your older adults body weight, plus 1 or 2 pounds.

Youll probably need to lower that estimate if theyre frail.

Since lap pads cover a smaller area, the typical weight is about 2 to 5 pounds.

If youre interested in making your own custom-sized weighted lap pad or blanket, keep reading. Otherwise, to skip to the next section and find out where you can buy one.

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Weighted Blankets Found To Increase Melatonin

by Elin Bäckström, Uppsala University

Journal of Sleep Research

A new study from Uppsala University shows that using a weighted blanket at bedtime increases melatonin in young adults. This hormone increases in response to darkness, and some evidence suggests that it promotes sleep. The findings are published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

Previous research has shown that weighted blankets may ease insomnia in humans. However, the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. Hence, researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden experimented with 26 young men and women to examine if the bedtime use of a weighted blanket increases the production of sleep-promoting and anti-stress hormones like melatonin and oxytocin. In addition, they investigated whether the bedtime use of a weighted blanket reduced the activity of stress systems in the body. To this end, saliva was collected repeatedly from participants while they were covered with either a weighted or a light blanket to measure melatonin, oxytocin, cortisol, and the activity of the fight and flight sympathetic nervous system.

“Using a weighted blanket increased melatonin concentrations in saliva by about 30%. However, no differences in oxytocin, cortisol, and the activity of the sympathetic nervous system were observed between the weighted and light blanket conditions,” says Elisa Meth, first author and Ph.D. student at the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University.

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Should You Buy A Weighted Blanket

The OTvest helps treat cerebellar ataxia, tremors, Parkinson’s, and balance disorders.

People who enjoy a body-hugging sensation may appreciate a weighted blanket. The even pressure is shown to promote relaxation and ease anxiety for some individuals.

More research is needed, but studies suggest that people with chronic pain, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder can benefit from weighted blankets.

Getting the most from a weighted blanket depends on choosing an appropriate weight. Most adults are comfortable with a blanket that is about 10% of their body weight.


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Who Should Use A Weighted Blanket

Sleep disorders are associated with a number of physical and psychiatric conditions. Preliminary studies show that weighted blankets can reduce anxiety and insomnia symptoms by balancing the nervous system and reducing stress hormones. The hugging sensation is thought to soothe users by increasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with regulating mood and feelings of happiness and calm.

Research indicates that weighted blankets may also help people with chronic pain. One study found that a 15-pound blanket was especially effective at alleviating chronic pain in very anxious adults.

The therapeutic value of weighted blankets appears promising, but more conclusive research is needed. As such, shoppers should be cautious of any manufacturers making bold health claims.

What Is The Best Exercise For Parkinsons Disease

There is no one best exercise for Parkinsons disease, as different people will respond differently to different types of exercise. However, research has shown that aerobic exercise, such as walking or cycling, can be beneficial for people with Parkinsons. Aerobic exercise can help to improve motor symptoms, such as balance and coordination, and can also help to improve mood and quality of life.Other types of exercise, such as strength training and balance training, may also be beneficial. Its important to talk to your doctor or a physical therapist before starting any new exercise program, as they can help you to choose the right exercises for your individual needs.

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Weighted Blankets Are Popular Sleep Aids So I Bought Two


It used to be something that came to me as natural as breathing. Now, it eludes me, and I struggle to get the rest my body needs.

My body is exhausted, but my mind does not agree. I think about what I should have done that day but didnt get to and what I need to do tomorrow. Something always keeps the hamster running on the wheel.

Eventually, my mind cooperates, but sometimes it is too late. My legs wake up, they jig and jive, and anxiety follows. Sleep and anxiety are not friends. They do not peacefully coexist.

After reading good things about sleep and weighted blankets, I purchased one. Weighted blankets are promoted as having calming and beneficial effects for ADHD, autism, and many other conditions including Parkinsons. My hope was to find relief for my restless legs and the anxiety that comes with them.

If you are unfamiliar with weighted blankets, they are weighted with glass beads, plastic pellets, or other fillers. The blanket provides gentle pressure over your body. In a way, it feels like a hug. The effect can be both comforting and calming.

The concept sounds simple. However, I quickly discovered a few things with my first blanket that led to the purchase of my second blanket.

All weighted blankets are not created equal and they are not one size fits all.

So, how do you know which blanket will work best for you?

Keatlery Stainless Steel Weighted Eating Utensils

Heated Weighted Blanket for Comfort, Pain Relief, Neuro Issues like ...

The KEatlery Stainless Steel Weighted Eating Utensils are the most popular weighted eating utensils for Parkinsons disease. They are made of high polished 18/0 stainless steel and weigh as much as 7.2 ounces each. Each weighted utensil helps to reduce hand tremors, allowing the user to enjoy their meal without spillage or assistance from a caregiver. Other features include:

  • Easy-to-grip finger indentations for a more controlled and comfortable, non-slip grip
  • A deeper bowl and a recessed edge in the soup spoon to prevent spilling
  • Quality stainless steel made to last a lifetime
  • Dishwasher safe

Order your set today and treat yourself to a night out with friends and family! The KEatlery Weighted Eating Utensils blend in perfectly with ordinary stainless steel utensils!

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Will Medicare Pay For A Weighted Blanket

The good news is, while it does depend on the coverage and the plan, Medicare and other insurance might pay for the blanket. reports that, Medicare Part B covers medically necessary durable medical equipment if your doctor prescribes it for use in the home.

However, before you just assume the weighted blanket is covered, we recommend that you get in touch with a Medicare representative to ask, Will Medicare pay for a weighted blanket? If the rep says it is covered, a medical professional who is enrolled with Medicare as a DME provider could write a prescription for the blanket.

This might be the persons primary care doctor, a physical therapist, or other medical person the key is that they must be enrolled as a Medicare provider.

With prescription in hand, the senior will need to find a DME supplier who is also enrolled with Medicare. Suppliers that provide things like walkers or wheelchairs, canes, etc would also likely be able to provide a weighted blanket.

But, be sure they are enrolled as a supplier with Medicare or the blanket will not be covered.

Keep in mind that the senior will still have to pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount and the Medicare Part B deductible will apply to the purchase.

How Do They Work

The therapeutic benefits of a weighted blanket rely on what’s called pressure therapy. It is a way to enhance the positive feelings of security that gentle but firm pressure often evokes.

This deep pressure stimulation is believed to promote your body’s ability to produce serotonin, which helps to regulate mood. It’s a neurotransmitter, meaning that it helps to send signals between your brain and other parts of the body.

DPS also stimulates the production of melatonin, another neurotransmitter that helps to regulate sleep. At the same time, the pressure also appears to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

This appears to bring benefits to people with mental health conditions or agitation, as with dementia. But they’re also being used to support well-being in college students who experience anxiety, military veterans with sleep disorders, and people with conditions like multiple sclerosis.

The research on weighted blankets is focused on how pressure stimulation is helping people with specific disorders, such as adults with anxiety or children living on the autism spectrum. Studies continue to explore the benefits of the blankets even as more people in the general population are trying them too.

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Should I Get A 15 Or 20 Pound Weighted Blanket

The golden rule is that a weighted blanket needs to weigh around 8-12% of your body weight. For example, if according to your weight, you would need an 18lb weighted blanket, it is better to get a 20lb one than a 15 lb weighted blanket. For elderly or frail adults, we recommend using 5lb or 8 lb weighted blankets.

Weighted Blankets And Other Conditions

Improve Balance Lesson 1: Sitting, Standing & Walking with Rock & Blanket Roll

The use of weighted blankets may be a strategy when treating other health conditions, including chronic pain and fibromyalgia. At least one study suggests there may be some benefit to this approach.

In that case, 94 adults with chronic pain from various causes used either 15-pound or 5-pound weighted blankets to see if their use improved their pain symptoms. The respondents then described their feelings of pain intensity, anxiety, and ability to sleep.

Use of the heavier blankets was associated with improved perceptions of chronic pain, particularly among those with higher anxiety levels.

Weighted blankets also may offer benefits for people who face the anxiety of medical procedures, such as dental care or chemotherapy.

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Ease Meal Time For Those With Hand Tremors

It is easy to take for granted a task as seemingly simple as eating. But for the elderly with Parkinsons disease, eating can be a daunting and defeating task. Tremors make it nearly impossible to eat a meal without making a mess.

The weighted utensils set make eating much easier for seniors with Parkinsons disease. They can also be discreet because the utensils look just like regular silverware. The utensils can either come separately or in a set: fork, knife and teaspoon. A separate soup spoon comes with a deeper bowl to help prevent spills. The weighted utensils are dishwasher safe.

For information, visit K Eatlery Weighted Utensils.

How Do Weighted Blankets Work

Weighted blankets work like any other blanket, but with the added weight, it helps users obtain a calming peace of mind, allowing them to relax and rid their body of any added stresses. Since stress is such a significant component of any disease, its excellent for a weighted blanket to help a person achieve a great sense of mind.

For those who wonder are weighted blankets are good for Parkinsons, the answer can be found in the deep touch pressure they provide. By applying gentle, even pressure across the body, it helps to calm the mind and body in a safe, natural way. The pressure is similar in effect to a swaddling cloth used to wrap babies to help them feel more comfortable and fall asleep faster.

Combined with the deep pressure touch, Namaste uses organic materials, most notably cotton, to wrap the glass beads which provides maximum comfort. Add to this the glass bead technology and this helps those who suffer from Parkinsons to sleep better at night.

As some studies demonstrate, the weighted blanket helps trigger the body to release dopamine. A natural hormone that helps to calm the mind and body when trying to fall asleep. The result is getting a deeper, better nights sleep thanks to using the weighted blanket.

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The Perfect Solution For Stress

Challenges at work, heavy traffic, notifications shown on the screen of our phone or a constant presence in social media, they all have a significant impact on our brain and thoughts. Stress, undoubtedly, is an inseparable part of our lives, but it becomes a problem when we are exposed to it for a long time. It makes our body and our mind suffer.

Gifts For Parkinsons Patients Who Are Sensitive To Cold And Suffer From Anxiety

Best Gifts for Parkinson

Weighted blankets are claimed to provide a sensation of being embraced. For Parkinsons patients, a weighted and comfortable blanket may reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety because of the blankets deep stimulation that causes a calming experience.

This is also one of great gifts for Parkinsons Patients who are having trouble with their sleeping.

. You may refer to the image below to find the right size and weight of the blanket.

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