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Parkinson’s Awareness Day 2022

Support For People With Parkinsons Disease

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ND Care & Support is an award-winning care provider you can trust. We believe everyone deserves to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own home, and access to high quality care and professional support and this includes those with Parkinsons disease.

Our private care packages can help you or your loved ones live the lifestyle you choose. Well work closely with you to create a bespoke and flexible care plan for you and your family through our wide range of services:

  • Community care and support with trips and social outings
  • Companionship on holidays

What Research Is Being Taken Into Parkinsons Disease

Research into Parkinsons Disease broadly falls into two categories: genetic and environment research.

Genetic research into Parkinsons Disease has so far identified 9 genes linked to this condition. The parkin gene is the gene most commonly associated with Parkinsons Disease. Scientific research aims to determine which factors are involved in the creation, maintenance and destruction of the dopamine producing neurons.

Environment research into Parkinsons Disease focuses on possible environmental factors associated with Parkinsons Disease.

Posted on 11/04/2022

Parkinsons Awareness Week 2022 is underway and theres a whole host of educational activities for you to learn about Parkinsons Disease.

Established by Parkinsons UK, this special initiative intends to raise awareness and support those living with Parkinsons disease and their loved ones.

At ND Care & Support, we feel its important to be aware of the facts about Parkinsons disease and theres no better time to familiarise yourself with them than now.

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We Take A Look Inside The Parr

World Parkinsons Day is April 11th, marking the birthday of Dr. J Parkinson, who first described the condition in 1817. Today Parkinsons Disease is the second most common neurodegenerative condition, with more than six million people diagnosed worldwide . The cause of Parkinsons is the rapid death of dopamine cells in the brain, leading to slowness of movement, rigidity of the body, and muscle tremors . These involuntary movements, called dyskinesia, greatly affect the day-to-day lives of people diagnosed with Parkinsons.

This World Parkinsons Day, were raising awareness for Parkinsons Disease research with a look inside the Parr-Brownlie Laboratory.

Dr. Louise Parr-Brownlie is a neurophysiologist passionate about Parkinsons Disease research and outreach.

As an Associate Professor, she teaches in the undergraduate neuroscience program at the University of Otago and leads a research group investigating the neural control of movement. As the Director of the New Zealand National Science Challenge for Ageing Well , Louise champions indigenous healthcare and funding research that improves health and wellbeing for aging populations.

Louise and her team are focused on improving the quality of life for those with the diagnosis. Her goal is to assist people with Parkinsons Disease to live independently, move more easily, and maintain their standard of living.

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Is There A Way To Prevent Parkinsons Disease

At present there is no way to prevent Parkinsons Disease. However, current research is focusing on finding a biochemical abnormality which all individuals with Parkinsons Disease might share. However such findings would help more to predict not prevent Parkinsons Disease. These biochemical abnormalities are known as biomarkers.

If discovered, a biomarker could be found through a chemical test given to individuals who currently do not show any symptoms of Parkinsons Disease. Screening techniques could also be used to show the presences of a biomarker.

There are rare cases where individuals have an inherited form of Parkinsons Disease. With such cases researchers could test for known genetic mutations as a means to determine an individuals risk of having the disease.


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How Did The Idea Of The Spark Come About

World Parkinsons Disease Drug Market

In August 2021, a partnership of groups and individuals dedicated to campaigning about Parkinsons see above got together and agreed that World Parkinsons Day needed greater impact, coordination and recognition.

There was a call for submissions, asking members of the global Parkinsons communities to submit ideas and inspiration for the logo. A design was chosen that the group felt reflected the spirit of Parkinsons, but would also work effectively in multiple design and national settings.

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World Parkinson Day : Purpose Background Theme

World Parkinson Day 2022: Purpose, Background, Theme World Parkinsons Day is observed on 11th April every year across the world. it aims to create awareness of Parkinsons disease, which is a progressive nervous system disorder.


  • it also highlights the birthday of Dr James Parkinson.
  • Parkinson was from London UK and became the 1st person to systematically described the 6 individuals with the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.
  • April month is observed as Parkinsons Awareness Month.


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World Parkinson’s Day 202: Parkinson’s Disease Has No Cure But It Can Be Managed By Making Some Dietary Changes An Expert On Foods To Eat And Avoid For Managing The Disease

Parmita Uniyal

World Parkinson’s Day 2022: World Parkinson’s Day is observed annually on April 11 to spread awareness about the neurodegenerative disease which has a wide range of symptoms from shaking, stiffness, balance and coordination issues to difficulty in walking and talking. The day also marks the anniversary of James Parkinson who wrote the article – An Essay on the Shaking Palsy in 1817, recognising the disease for the first time.

The theme of this years awareness month for the Parkinsons Foundation is #FutureOfPD, focusing on research, care, and life planning, according to Parkinson’s News Today.

The neurodegenerative movement disorder occurs when the dopamine-producing cells in a part of the brain called substantia nigra start to deteriorate. It mainly affects people over 60, although younger people are also at risk. The symptoms of the disease are tremor in limbs, stiffness, problems in coordinating movements, posture problems, and sleep problems. There is much to be still known about this condition.

Parkinson’s disease has unfortunately no cure but it can be managed by making some dietary changes.

“There are a variety of meals that can help a person with Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Fish oils, fava beans, antioxidant-rich meals, and foods strong in vitamins B1, C, and D are some of them,” says Dr. Santosh Kumar Jha, Medical Superintendent, Porvoo Transition Care.

Eat Omega-3 fatty acids

Limit sugar and salt

Add antioxidant-rich foods to your diet

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Make A Donation To A Parkinsons Disease Cause

Those who might not have the time to organize a full event can still give a donation through a number of different viable organizations that promote the cause to fight against Parkinsons Disease. Check out the information and opportunities for some of these organizations:

No matter what activities are chosen, remember that this day is dedicated to an open awareness of this disease as well as making an effort to help support those groups and organizations that are intent on eradicating or controlling this illness. So on World Parkinsons Day, make sure to talk about it to those people in life, and encourage them to join in on the fight!

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Parkinson’s Disease Can Happen To Anybody

ParkinsonĂ¢s Awareness Day 2022 CrushPD Fitness

In the European Union , approximately 1.2 million people have their lives impacted by Parkinson’s Disease.

World Parkinson’s Awareness Day aims to raise global awareness of Parkinson’s disease. In general, members of the public have very limited knowledge about this condition.

Following an online survey in 2009 by the EPDA in which over 5000 people took part, it was found that over 50% did not know Parkinson’s was a neurological condition which affects movement. Even more striking was that over 75% of people surveyed did not know that rigidity, in which a person is unable to move their body is a key motor symptom of this disease.

If so many people are unaware of the key motor symptoms of Parkinson’s then gathering support for people with this condition is made much harder. It is also likely that people are unaware of the non motor symptoms that people with Parkinson’s may endure .

It is hoped that Parkinson’s Awareness Day will promote advocacy and influence the decision of relevant policy makers where appropriate.

The day also provides an opportunity to raise funds for management, research projects, and resources.

For further information about World Parkinson’s Day visit the sponsor’s website.

What Health also features information on Parkinson’s Awareness Week and Parkinson’s Awareness Month.


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World Patient Safety Day Significance

We all fall sick and need medications and medical care at some point in our life. However, the same medications can do us more harm than good if they have been incorrectly stored, prescribed, dispensed, administered or monitored wrongly.

Unsafe medication practices and medication errors are leading causes of avoidable harm in health care across the world. Medication errors happen when weak medication systems and human factors such as staff fatigue or negligence, staff shortages and lack of training, affect the safety of the patient under medical supervision. This can result in severe patient harm, disability and even death. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the resultant burden on medical practitioners due to it, have also contributed significantly to the risk of medication errors and harms associated with it.

The day calls on the global medical fraternity to prevent and prioritize actions on, significant patient harm due to unsafe medication practices. The harm is most likely to happen due to polypharmacy and using medicines that are similar in looks and names instead of the authentic ones by mistake. Special care has to be taken during transitions of care, failing which result in significant harm to patient safety.

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Just Because I Dont Feel Good Doesnt Mean I Cant Play

A number of locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland will be lit in blue to raise greater awareness about the disease, and people are encouraged to do so at their homes.

Starting on April 11, PD Warrior, a rehab program and online community platform for Parkinsons, will host its fifth INSIGHT global conference. The online event, titled Living Brave with Parkinsons, will begin at 11:30 a.m. ET and continue for 48 hours. Attending INSIGHT is free to all for the first two days. The third day carries a fee and is intended for healthcare professionals.

The theme of this years awareness month for the Parkinsons Foundation is #FutureOfPD, focusing on research, care, and life planning. Accordingly, the nonprofit is asking people to participate in the PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinsons Disease, a genetic testing research initiative. The foundation encourages patients, family, friends, and caregivers to petition local government, post on social media, email their contacts, and submit letters to the editor and press releases.

A number of Moving Day walks, events throughout the U.S. that aim to bring more awareness and funding for the disease, will occur throughout April, including in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Charleston, South CarolinaSan Francisco, California and San Antonio, Texas. Other walk locations and a full list of Parkinsons Foundation events can be found on its website.

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Parkinsons Foundation Launches #futureofpd Campaign For Parkinsons Awareness Month

The campaign launches alongside two new public services announcements, encouraging everyone to join the urgent mission to create a future without Parkinsons disease

NEW YORK & MIAMI Marking the beginning of Parkinsons Awareness Month, the Parkinsons Foundation has announced the new #FutureofPD campaign. The multifaceted initiative aims to raise awareness of Parkinsons disease while highlighting steps the entire community can take to create a future without PD.

Parkinsons disease affects nearly one million Americans and that is expected to rise as the population ages, said Parkinsons Foundation President and CEO John L. Lehr. This campaign highlights the role we all play in solving this complex disease, whether participating in research, finding expert care and resources, or tapping into the broader PD community.

Efforts to raise awareness and funds during April are part of the Foundations nationwide movement to make lives better for people with PD. Whether learning to navigate ones future with PD or helping create a world without it, the effort aims to impact research, care and lives. The campaign spotlights three ways to get involved: By participating in PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinsons Disease, building an expert care team to live better with PD, and connecting with PD information specialists by calling the Foundations free bilingual Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO .

Cranes Roost Blvd Altamonte Springs Fl 32701

Were BACK! The Parkinson Association of Central Florida was proud to host the 8th Annual Walk for Parkinson at Cranes Roost Park. You brought your family, friends and co-workers – we beat the rain and had fun joining together to raise money to help provide necessary funding to support local programs, education and research projects to find a cure!

Thank you to our supporters, members and sponsors! Together, we can make a difference!

Check out our pictures of the day. April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month and we WALK FOR PARKINSON to raise money to fund local programs! Your contributions in support for all those affected by Parkinson’s and their loved ones, made a difference. Your support makes a difference.

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World Parkinsons Day History

The European Parkinsons Disease Association and the World Health Organization established World Parkinsons Day on April 11th, 1997. April 11th is the birthday of Dr. James Parkinson. He is the first physician to recognize Parkinsons as a medical condition. He published an essay in 1817 called, An Essay on the Shaking Palsy. During the 9th World Parkinsons Disease Day Conference in 2005, the red tulip was adopted as the official symbol for the disease.

How World Patient Safety Day Is Celebrated

  • A series of events, seminars, webinars and other activities promoting medication safety is held globally by the who on this day
  • WHO produces a number of medication safety solutions and technical products every year to help medical practitioners minimize risk to the patient under their care.
  • The plan is to light up Genevas Jet dEau in orange colour as part of the World Patient Safety Day 2022 celebration

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Good Samaritan Rehab Offering Parkinson’s Awareness Day

  • Posted On: Apr 25, 2022

Good Samaritan is inviting the community to a day of education and exercise for Parkinsons disease on Saturday, April 30, 2022. During this event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about Parkinsons, the importance of BIG exercise and therapy, and receive encouragement for patients and families living with Parkinsons.

Joy Uy, Physical Therapist at Good Samaritan, wanted to organize this event for the community as there is currently no support group in Knox County for Parkinsons. Living with Parkinsons disease can be challenging, said Uy. My hope is that at this event, patients and families will learn many different things they can do to maintain and improve their quality of life.

Nearly one million people in the United States are currently living with Parkinsons disease and approximately 60,000 Americans are newly diagnosed each year. The number of Parkinsons patients continues to grow in Knox County each year as well. There have been an increasing number of Parkinsons cases in our area which has led to more families and caregivers being concerned about the progressive decline of their loved ones, said Uy. Our event will allow these patients to meet each other, share their stories and support one another in the future.

Best Time To Consider Dbs Therapy7

World Parkinson’s Day 2022- Eastern Hemisphere

5 Steps to check youre eligible for DBS Therapy8,9

  • Youve been diagnosed with Parkinsons for at least 5 years7
  • Movement symptoms not adequately controlled with your current medication
  • You currently respond to Levodopa medication
  • Youve had movement symptoms for a minimum of 4 months
  • You have had side effects from your current medication
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    Walk For Parkinson 2022

    The Walk for Parkinson is more than just a Walk. It highlights movement as a symbol of hope and progress towards finding a cure. The Walk is used to raise awareness and funds for local community programs, education, wellness and the research to find a cure. Whether you take part on a team or join as an individual you have the opportunity to move with hundreds of others who share in the journey to help beat Parkinson’s!

    Thank you for joining us on April 2nd to celebrate April as Parkinson’s awareness month.

    What Causes Parkinsons Disease

    Parkinsons Disease arises due to a loss of nerve cells in the substantia nigra a part of the brain affected by Parkinsons Disease. Nerve cells in the substantia nigra produce the chemical dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which transmits nerve impulses and allows signals to be sent to other areas of the brain which coordinate movement. A reduction in these dopamine producing cells causes reduced function in the areas of the brain responsible for coordinating movement. About an 80% reduction in dopamine will bring on the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease.

    What are the symptoms of Parkinsons Disease?

    Motor symptoms of Parkinsons Disease include tremor, slowness of movement and stiffness or rigidity of muscles.

    Non motor symptoms of Parkinsons Disease may also be experienced. These include constipation, depression, sleep disturbances and urinary urgency.

    These are often differences in severity and the type of symptoms displayed between individuals.

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