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Medical Marijuanas For Parkinson’s Disease

Best Marijuana Strains For Parkinsons Disease

Experts To Talk Medical Marijuana & Parkinson’s Disease In Denver

Here are 10 of the best options that we have when it comes to marijuana strains for treating Parkinsons Disease. These strains have been handpicked by us from some of the best seed banks out there. We have chosen the top 3 ILGM Seed Bank, Seedsman Seed Bank, and Crop King Seeds seed bank. These are the safest places to buy seeds from as they tend to deliver in a safe and discreet manner. Here we go with our list:


The OG Kush strain carries a genetic makeup of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa content. The strain has been derived from crossing the Old World Paki Kush with the Hindu Kush strains. This is the CBD variant of that plant, and it offers a low-THC and high-CBD combination, which makes it an ideal choice for those seeking medical marijuana strains. This isnt something for the first-time grower, but anyone who manages to grow it one time will keep coming back to it! The strain doesnt take too long to flower, and even the returns are pretty good.

Who Gets Parkinsons Disease

Risk factors for PD include:

  • Age. The average age of onset is about 70 years, and the incidence rises significantly with advancing age. However, a small percent of people with PD have early-onset disease that begins before the age of 50.
  • Sex. PD affects more men than women.
  • Heredity. People with one or more close relatives who have PD have an increased risk of developing the disease themselves. An estimated 15 to 25 percent of people with PD have a known relative with the disease. Some cases of the disease can be traced to specific genetic mutations.
  • Exposure to pesticides. Studies show an increased risk of PD in people who live in rural areas with increased pesticide use.

Get Your North Carolina Marijuana Card

Parkinsons disease is a serious condition that requires extensive treatment and care, and medical marijuana may offer significant benefits for patients suffering from Parkinsons disease.

Its our hope that patients will soon be able to apply for a medical marijuana certification and begin receiving the compassionate treatment that they deserve.

In the meantime, you can reserve an appointment with a certified North Carolina marijuana doctor. Well keep you up to date on all the latest developments in the NC medical marijuana program, and youll get $25 off your visit when the time arrives!

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How Can People Cope With Parkinsons Disease

While PD usually progresses slowly, eventually daily routines may be affectedfrom socializing with friends to earning a living and taking care of a home. These changes can be difficult to accept. Support groups can help people cope with the diseases emotional impact. These groups also can provide valuable information, advice, and experience to help people with PD, their families, and their caregivers deal with a wide range of issues, including locating doctors familiar with the disease and coping with physical limitations. A list of national organizations that can help people locate support groups in their communities appears at the end of this information. Individual or family counseling may also help people find ways to cope with PD.

People with PD may also benefit from being proactive and finding out as much as possible about the disease in order to alleviate fear of the unknown and to take a positive role in maintaining their health. Many people with PD continue to work either full- or part-time, although they may need to adjust their schedule and working environment to accommodate their symptoms.

Can I Get High By Smoking Medical Marijuana Seeds Meant To Treat Parkinsons

7 Ailments that Medical Cannabis Doctors Can Manage Better than General ...

The answer to this question depends upon the amount of THC content in your strain. There are some cannabis plants that carry extremely low THC levels and high CBD levels. These plants allow you to feel all the medical effects without actually getting high. However, there are some strains that offer a 1:1 or a 1:2 THC to CBD ratio. These strains are very likely to get you high. Anything above 5% THC is likely to make you feel at least some psychoactive effects. However, most pure medical marijuana strains will generally carry less than 1% THC content.

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What Is Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons Disease is a degenerative disorder of the nervous system, which has motor and non-motor symptoms.

The disease starts with slightly shaky hands, and as the condition develops, patients have more and more difficulties controlling their movements. Their motor skills become slower, more rigid and they develop walking difficulties.

Other symptoms include emotional and sensory problems as well as sleep disorders. A number of patients will also develop depression and dementia.

Parkinsons typically affects people over 60, but it can be diagnosed before the age of 50, which is known as young-onset Parkinsons disease. Men are affected more than women.

Unfortunately, we still dont know a great deal about Parkinsons. What do we know so far is that the brains of PD patients dont produce enough dopamine and that the death of the dopamine-producing brain cells is likely caused by abnormal clumps of proteins in the neurons.

Editors note: Interestingly enough, THC can increase dopamine secretion.

Parkinsons is dominantly genetic, as many as 15% of patients have a first-degree relative with the disease. 16305-8/fulltext” rel=”nofollow”> 2)

However, research has also found that environmental factors may cause PD. Head injuries have also been linked to developing the disease.

There is no definitive cure, but there are some therapies that can help reduce the symptoms and improve the overall quality of life for patients.

So, are there additional treatments? What about cannabis?

Who Does It Affect

The risk of developing Parkinsons disease naturally increases with age, and the average age at which it starts is 60 years old. Its slightly more common in men or people designated male at birth than in women or people designated female at birth .

While Parkinsons disease is usually age-related, it can happen in adults as young as 20 .

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Common Drugs For Parkinsons Disease

Levodopa and carbidopa . Levodopa is the most commonly prescribed medicine for Parkinsonâs. Itâs also the best at controlling the symptoms of the condition, particularly slow movements and stiff, rigid body parts.

Levodopa works when your brain cells change it into dopamine. Thatâs a chemical the brain uses to send signals that help you move your body. People with Parkinsonâs donât have enough dopamine in their brains to control their movements.

Sinemet is a mix of levodopa and another drug called carbidopa. Carbidopa makes the levodopa work better, so you can take less of it. That prevents many common side effects of levodopa, such as nausea, vomiting, and irregular heart rhythms.

Sinemet has the fewest short-term side effects, compared with other Parkinsonâs medications. But it does raise your odds for some long-term problems, such as involuntary movements. An inhalable powder form of levodopa and the tablet istradefylline have been approved for those experiencing OFF periods, OFF periods can happen when Parkinsonâs symptoms return during periods between scheduled doses of levodopa/carbidopa.

People who take levodopa for 3-5 years may eventually have restlessness, confusion, or unusual movements within a few hours of taking the medicine. Changes in the amount or timing of your dose will usually prevent these side effects.

Dopamine agonists. These drugs act like dopamine in the brain. They include pramipexole, rotigotine , and ropinirole , .

Can You Get A Medical Card For Anxiety In Missouri

Ask the MD: Medical Marijuana and Parkinson’s Disease

If you take a quick look at the MO medical marijuana qualifying conditions, you will notice that the list does not explicitly state anxiety as part of the medical conditions for a medical marijuana card in MO. But, still, can you get a medical card for anxiety in Missouri?

For states like Pennsylvania and North Dakota, the medical marijuana program clearly lists anxiety disorder as a qualifying condition.

However, for most other states, such as Colorado and Florida, the medical marijuana programs do not list anxiety, but patients can get approval to use medical marijuana for anxiety.

Is the same applicable in Missouri? Can you get a medical card for anxiety in Missouri? Also, can you get a medical card for pain?

Lets look at the qualifying conditions and see how anxiety fits in.

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Guidelines For Medical Marijuana And Parkinsons

Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, as of early 2018. If you decide to try it for your PD symptoms:

  • Inform your doctor. Both you and your doctor should be aware of potential interactions with other drugs, including entacapone and citalopram . Some physicians are not receptive to the use of medical marijuana or are not comfortable filling out state-mandated paperwork. If thats the case, consider finding a physician who will work with you. Medical marijuana should be approached as a complementary therapy and never a substitute to medication.
  • Be aware that cannabis products are not regulated. There is no assurance that one product that says it contains 10 mg of CBD is the same as another.
  • Not all marijuana products are the same. Even if two products are the same strain, for example, the cannabinoids in them may be different, and have different effects.
  • Stay consistent. To get the most consistent dose, stay with the same product, obtained from the same dispensary or source.
  • Start with a low dose. As with all medications, start with a low dose and observe the effects. If you increase the dose, do it gradually.
  • Avoid smoking. Oral drops are an alternative.
  • Try skin creams or patches for localized pain. Use it like an analgesic cream for certain areas, like the legs.

The Science Behind Marijuana

What is the science and pharmacology behind marijuana, and can it be used to treat Parkinson’s symptoms?

The endocannabinoid system is located in the brain and made up of the endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors on neurons . The endocannabinoid system helps regulate many functions, including memory, pleasure, concentration, movement, appetite, and pain.

Researchers began to show enthusiasm to study cannabis in relation to PD after people with PD gave anecdotal reports and posted on social media as to how cannabis allegedly reduced their tremors. Some researchers think that cannabis might be neuroprotective , though there have not yet been studies in humans that demonstrate this effect.

Cannabinoids have also been studied for use in treating other symptoms, like bradykinesia and dyskinesia . Despite some promising preclinical findings, researchers have not found any meaningful or conclusive benefits of cannabis for people with PD.

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Legs Up The Wall Pose

This is one of the most simple yoga poses that is performed against a wall. Viparita Karani offers extreme relaxation and relief from anxiety. It is suggested to hold the pose for at least 5 minutes for effective results.

You can keep your eyes shut and use a calming eye pillow if required. When your legs are flipped upwards, it helps the blood rush back down to the heart and has a calming effect.

Other Benefits Of Medical Cannabis For Parkinsons Disease Sufferers

How Marijuana Helps with Treatment of Parkinsons Disease

In addition to improving symptoms, medical marijuana can have other benefits for people with Parkinsons disease. One benefit is medical marijuana may protect the brain from damage caused by Parkinsons disease. Researchers have found that medical cannabis can reduce inflammation in the brain. This makes it a potentially useful treatment for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinsons.

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What Are The Medical Research Findings

A medical study published in 2016 involving medical cannabis for Parkinsons disease investigated whether medical marijuana might help slow the progression of Parkinsons disease. This was an observational study, which is a type of medical research that cant prove cause and effect but can show medical trends among patients with similar medical conditions.

The researchers found that medical marijuana slowed down the progression of Parkinsons disease in most users. Of the 45 patients who were included in this study, 22 showed progress while 25 did not. The researchers noted that they didnt find any negative effects from medical cannabis use, only benefits.

Another medical study also looked at how medical marijuana affected Parkinsons disease sufferers. Researchers compared 30 people who used medical cannabis with 30 people who had never used it before. They assessed them using a medical scale, as well as a caregiving scale. The medical scale measured medical symptoms, such as tremor and stiffness. The caregiving scale assessed how involved the patients were in their daily life and medical care.

The researchers found that medical cannabis was associated with:

improved mood and sleep

better cognitive function

reduced caregiver burden

Typical Parkinsons Treatment Options

Treatment options for Parkinsons usually include a combination of prescription medications to increase dopamine and possible deep brain stimulation surgery.

Medications not only help manage symptoms and make life easier, they also keep complications of PD at bay. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , PD complications make it the 14th most common cause of death in the states.

However, side effects of these medications can include:

  • Nausea / constipation / diarrhea

Patients with Parkinsons have shown positive results with the usage of medical marijuana and usually without any of those negative side effects.

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Sativa Or Indica For Medical Marijuana And Parkinson’s

Again, this is going to depend on you! Most people would say that indica strains are best for those with Parkinsons, as theyre known for calming the body the most. However, some hybrids and even some sativas demonstrate strong anti-tremor properties that any PD patient would love.

If youve never tried marijuana for Parkinsons before, wed recommend starting with an indica-dominant strain like GG, Granddaddy Purple, or Sundae Driver. These strains are all quite relaxing but also provide a good punch of giggliness, so youre not left in a sea of laziness, either.

Is It Legal To Grow Medical Marijuana To Treat Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson’s patient supports medical marijuana legislation

The legality of growing medical marijuana at home depends upon the physical location of where they are growing. There are some states in the US that allow growing all types of marijuana at home, then there are other states which allow only medical strains to be grown, while there are other states which do not allow growing marijuana at all. Do make sure to check this with your local law enforcement agencies before you begin growing your own weed. Even in places where it is legal to grow your own weed, you might still have some restrictions like the number of plants that you can grow so make sure you check that out as well.

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Birmingham Approves Updated Zoning For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The Birmingham City Council on Tuesday approved an update to zoning laws that will allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the city.

I think its the right, progressive thing to do, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin told the city council before the vote.

The updated zoning also clears the way for opioid treatment centers. Not allowing such centers stigmatized people who got addicted to opioids through no fault of their own, often through prescriptions from their doctors, said council member Darrell OQuinn.

Were correcting that wrong, he said. It was ostracizing people who had a disease. Im glad were correcting it.

The zoning ordinance amendment follows up on an ordinance passed last month that would allow medical marijuana dispensaries. The city is following requirements set forth by the state law passed last year to allow medical cannabis sales in Alabama. The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is accepting applications for dispensary licenses until Dec. 30. Approved operators could begin operations as early as July 2023. The state commission oversees regulation of dispensaries.

Under state guidelines, Jefferson County could end up with as many as nine dispensaries.

Dispensaries will have video surveillance and no public walk-ins are allowed only those with medical authorization are allowed to enter.

Jefferson County, the states most populous county, had the most license application requests with 28, the commission said.

Parkinsons Disease Affects Older Populations More

Parkinsons disease is most commonly diagnosed around the age of 60, although it can affect anyone at any age.

Symptoms of Parkinsons disease typically include shaking or tremors, difficulty with movement and speech, difficulty swallowing, and stiff muscles, although symptoms can vary by patient.

Parkinsons disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that causes cells in the brain to die prematurely, which leads to the malfunction of neurotransmitters that are usually responsible for many important functions like mood regulation, comprehension, and movement.

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Understanding How Easy It Is To Grow

Ease of growth is a critical factor that many growers often tend to overlook! This is a rookie mistake, and this factor needs to be kept in mind before making any decision. The marijuana strain that one chooses needs to match their level of expertise. This is critical especially if you are someone who has grown for just a few seasons, or are growing weed for the very first time.

Getting easy-to-grow strains not only means getting the ones that grow on their own, but also to ensure that you are getting plants that are somewhat resistant to weather fluctuations, as well as to other factors such as humidity, pests, mold, and rotting. Furthermore, if you are just starting out, you might not want to go for strains that require a highly controlled environment to grow, or strains that need hydroponic techniques of growth. Begin with the basics, and then go for more advanced strains as you gain more experience. If youre a pro-grower, you might skip this altogether and go for any marijuana strain you want.


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