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Does The President Have Parkinson’s

Does Vladimir Putin Have Parkinson’s Disease

Exclusive: Full Interview With Russian President Vladimir Putin

Political analyst Valery Solovei claimed that the Russian President had previously been treated for cancer in 2020.

He went on to suggest that Putin is also suffering from symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Video footage of Putin appeared to show his leg moving constantly and his fingers twitching.

He also seemed to be in pain while holding on to the armrest of his chair.

Solovei said: If anyone is interested in the exact diagnosis, I’m not a doctor, and I have no ethical right to reveal these problems.

The second diagnosis is a lot, lot more dangerous than the first named diagnosis, as Parkinsons does not threaten physical state, but just limits public appearances.

But there is a fatal diagnosis.

Based on this information people will be able to make a conclusion about his life horizon, which wouldnt even require specialist medical education.

All The Putin Health Rumors So Far And Where They Came From

Rumors about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin have intensified ever since his country’s internationally-condemned invasion of Ukraine.

Putin has led Russia in one way or another for around 18 years collectively, in which time he has been the face of Russia’s often cold and now outright hostile attitude to the west, establishingsome would say cultivatingwhat has been described as a “tough guy” image by multiple observers.

Yet in recent times the leader’s health has been thrown into question in part due to the emergence of videos showing a shaky or tense-looking Putin, presented by some media outlets as a suggestion that he might have Parkinson’s diseasethough some medical experts have dismissed the suggestions.

One such video that was released in April and became popular on social media showed Putin in a meeting with his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu. As the two men talked, Putin appeared to be gripping the side of the table tightly with one of his hands.

It sparked a flurry of speculation from observers. José Luis Martín Ovejero, a professor of non-verbal communication and public speaking, told Spanish news outlet AS: “It could be due to a health problem. It could also be an involuntary gesture of restraint in the face showing something has made him uncomfortable.”

Does Hillary Clinton Have Parkinsons

Before Russiagate, the Podesta e-mails, and Wikileaks, many of the rumors plaguing Hillary Clintons 2016 run for the White House concerned her health. Fairly or unfairly, her every sneeze and stumble were observed and presented as a sign she wasnt healthy enough to be President of the United States. The health of the former Secretary of State and senator certainly warranted scrutiny, given the office to which she aspired. Much of the speculation as to what ailed and continues to ail her revolve around Parkinsons disease.

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How Its Done: From Castro To Putin Analyzing Dictators

How to diagnose a prominent individual who does not wish to be diagnosed at least not by an outsider? Grid spoke to people with experience in this field, all of whom spoke with a degree of humility about the work.

The craft of leadership analysis is complicated because youre trying to understand leaders at a distance, especially adversaries who are very hard targets, said Ken Dekleva, a psychiatrist and former State Department official who has studied Putin, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Il.

Look at Putin himself, Dekleva said. Even though hes met with a lot of world leaders, written an autobiography, hes given many interviews in spite of all that a lot of people still have gotten Putin wrong.

Dekleva and others listed core elements of these long-distance diagnoses: primary sources people who have recently seen or known the leader secondary sources that might include videos, writings and statements made by the leader then, writings and analyses about the person in question.

Pyenson majored in psychology, became a medical doctor and parlayed those skills and an interest in public service into a long career in leadership analysis for the CIA.

We would get requests from Congress or the president, or sometimes from the military, Pyenson told Grid. Basically somebody wanted to know, for example, why is Fidel Castro walking strangely? Is such-and-such leader deathly ill, or whats really wrong with him?

Vladimir Putin ‘does Have Parkinson’s And Pancreatic Cancer Leaked Kremlin Spy Documents Claim’

Does Bill Clinton Have Parkinson
  • Leaked emails from a Kremlin insider allegedly claim Putin has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s
  • Spy documents say the Russian leader is ‘stuffed’ with steroids and also has pancreatic and prostate cancer
  • Rumours about his ill health have been circulating for many months, fuelled by his public appearances

11:46 EST, 1 November 2022 | Updated:

Vladimir Putin does have early stage Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer, leaked spy documents have alleged in the latest unverified claim about the tyrant’s ill health.

The Russian leader has been plagued with rumours about his illnesses for months and he has regularly appeared twitching and unsteady in public, sparking hope in Ukraine and the West the despot could soon relinquish power.

Claims have been circulating among opposition figures, fuelled by his unexplained absences and his shaky public appearances, that he is battling serious health problems but they have always been rubbished by the Kremlin.

But now emails from a Russian intelligence source appear to confirm the 70-year-old has been diagnosed with cancer and Parkinson’s, according to The Sun.

The leaked documents allegedly read: ‘I can confirm he has been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s disease, but it’s already progressing. This fact will be denied in every possible way and hidden.

The tyrant was recently spotted with apparent track marks from IV treatment on the back of his hand

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‘there Was No Insurrection’ Trump Releases Video Rant Branding January 6 Committee Findings A ‘monstrous Lie’ And Says They Were Fabricated By ‘sick People’ Including Pelosi

  • Former President Donald Trump has released a five minute video in which he denies the findings of the January 6 Committee
  • The committee held him ultimately responsible for the 2021 Capitol insurrection
  • Trump claims the committee ‘did not produce a single shred of evidence’ linking him to the violence and calls the allegations ‘baseless’ and a ‘monstrous lie’
  • He goes on to downplay the events of the day and suggests that the left has been using them for political gain
  • Trump disputes the committee’s conclusion that he did not respond to the riot for 187 minutes, claiming that he issued two tweets urging ‘peace and respect’
  • Committee’s report contains evidence of a ‘multi-part conspiracy’ orchestrated by Trump and his allies in an attempt to overturn his 2020 election defeat

Putin And Parkinson’s: What Do Experts Say

Tabloids have been murmuring about the possibility that Russian president Vladimir Putin has had Parkinson’s for years now. What do doctors think?

From US Senator Marco Rubio to political science university professors to the UK tabloids, many people appear to have an intimate understanding of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health.

But one important voice has been missing from the flurry of articles and discourse speculating that Putin, who is leading the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has Parkinson’s or thyroid cancer: Medical experts.

Earlier this year, a now years-old conversation reignited when Putin was shown tightly gripping a table during a 12-minute video clip of a meeting with Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu. He tapped his foot and slouched throughout the course of the clip, which was released by the Russian government. His face was noticeably bloated.

The video prompted some online commentators, including former UK Conservative Party parliamentarian Louise Mensch, to draw the that the Russian president has Parkinson’s disease.

The claim has also been reported by a number of UK tabloids. The stories featured comments from a professor of strategic communications, a couple of political analysts and a professor of body language. But no doctors.

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Myth : Aside From Medication There Isnt Much You Can Do

Fact: This it is what it is theres nothing I can do to help myself myth is counterproductive. There is a lot you can do chiefly, keeping as active as you can. A recent study found that patients with Parkinsons who took part in weekly, hourlong exercise sessions were able to do more in their daily lives than those who did not.

Support For Parkinson’s Uk

Viral: Biden ‘forgets’ then shakes hand in thin air ‘Not normal’, Twitter mocks U.S president

She visits local groups and regularly speaks about her connections to Parkinson’s in national and regional media.

“I first began supporting the charity for personal reasons unlike in the case of the other charitable positions that I hold when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

“I quickly became very impressed by all those involved in the charity. I wanted to work with them to help spread awareness of this very debilitating and distressing condition.

“It’s vital that we raise the funds needed to continue the excellent progress being made in research and to maintain and increase the improvements in care and treatment of those affected.”

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The Two Amy Klobuchars

In light of the revelations about the senators temper, lets revisit her interrogation of Brett Kavanaugh.

About the author: Graeme Wood is a staff writer at The Atlantic and the author of The Way of the Strangers: Encounters With the Islamic State.

Treating subordinates like dirt is a moral flaw, and I would be mortified to be accused of it. By now the evidence of Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchars guilt in this respect is overwhelming. The New York Times has replicated the findings of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post before it: Klobuchar, who is now seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, is a workplace terror with a penchant for winging binders and phones at underlings. It is possible that her aides are oversensitive. As a Minnesota native, I can attest that snowflakes abound there, including in Klobuchars hair. But I doubt these accusations are due to an abundance of them on the candidates staff. Their willingness to approach the media about personnel issues bespeaks true abnormality. She must really be a monster, at least when under stress.

The Posting Heralded Many Ribald Comments From His Followers

It didnt take long for his fans to wonder what, exactly, Lil Pump was trying to suggest when he sported the sports bra. One commenter said on the original post that Lil Pumps phone case which was bedazzled and purple suggested that he was trying to come out of the closet. Another commented, Are u coming out of nah because the eyebrows, phone & pose is throwing me off.This seemed to be the prevalent sentiment amongst his fanbase, who thought the rapper was trying to imply that he was gay.

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His Hunched Posture And Swollen Face Attracted Attention

Reuters also noted that during the mass, Putin did not shout along with the rest of the congregation. Professor Erik Bucy, a body language expert at Texas Tech University, said: A strong president doesnt need to support himself with one hand. said. The Russian leaders hunched posture and seemingly swollen face and neck have prompted speculation about the Russian leaders health, which has allegedly been in trouble since the invasion of Ukraine.

Professor Bucy said Putins legs also look rather thin, suggesting that he may be suffering from weight or muscle loss. I am convinced that he is a sick man and the most convincing diagnosis is that he has early Parkinsons, Professor Gwythian Prins, a former government defense and NATO adviser, told Good Morning Britain. He also suggested that people living with Parkinsons often display all or nothing thinking, where they are and keeping them from getting information rationally.

Three Teens Dead In Tragedy Before Christmas As Haunting Pic Revealed

Vladimir Putin has Parkinson

“It not only causes a lot of pain, Putin has a state of puffiness of the face and other side effects – including memory lapses.

“In his close circle, there are rumours that in addition to pancreatic cancer, which is gradually spreading, Putin also has prostate cancer.”

Kremlin officials have always denied there is anything wrong with their leader.

Putin has long prided himself on his “strongman” image – but his dramatic change over the past few years has prompted speculation that he may be suffering from a severe physical illness.

His public appearances during the Ukraine war have shown him out of breath, stumbling over his words, or looking exhausted.

Earlier this month, Putin appeared to be visibly in pain during a parade in Moscow’s Red Square to celebrate breaking international law to annex four regions of Ukraine.

The ailing autocrat had a manic look with inflamed cheeks and a red face.

Political analyst Valery Solovey claims Putin is suffering from a number of serious illnesses – including cancer, Parkinsons disease and a schizoaffective disorder.

Solovey said his health “is deteriorating… dramatically” – and suggested the tyrant’s medical conditions have impacted his judgment on the shambolic war.

Just last week, Putin watched on as a barrage of ballistic and cruise missiles was fired as Moscow simulated a huge strike on the West.

Game theory specialist Georgy Egorov warned a nuclear strike “makes sense” for Putin if he only has a few months to live.

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Myth : Parkinsons Disease Is Fatal

Fact: Although a diagnosis of Parkinsons is devastating, it is not as some people may still believe a death sentence. Parkinsons disease is not a direct killer, like stroke or heart attack. That said, much depends on the quality of your care, both from your medical team and yourself.

As the disease progresses, you may become more vulnerable to falls, which can be dangerous. Thats why exercise and physical therapy are so important.

Infection is another problem. In later stages of Parkinsons, people often miss those signals and may not notice somethings up until its too late. That can be, literally, a killer so be sure to stay up to date with checkups.

What’s Wrong With Putin

Rumours have been circling for years that Vladimir Putin is suffering from health problems, and they have intensified since he launched his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Critics and Kremlin sources have indicated he may be suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s, supported by footage showing the leader shaking uncontrollably and gripping a table for support.

He has also disappeared from the public eye for weeks at a time, with suggestions he is undergoing surgery.

Valery Solovey, professor at Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs first hinted at Putin’s health problems, saying in 2020 he had undergone surgery for cancer.

Another unnamed source suggested the operation was on Putin’s abdomen.

He said: ‘One is of a psycho-neurological nature, the other is a cancer problem.

‘If anyone is interested in the exact diagnosis, I’m not a doctor, and I have no ethical right to reveal these problems.

‘The second diagnosis is a lot, lot more dangerous than the first named diagnosis as Parkinson’s does not threaten physical state, but just limits public appearances.

‘Based on this information people will be able to make a conclusion about his life horizon, which wouldn’t even require specialist medical education.’

The Kremlin has consistently denied there is anything wrong with Putin’s health.

Others have previously noted his ‘gunslinger’s gait’ a clearly reduced right arm swing compared to his left, giving him a lilting swagger.

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Myth : Parkinsons Research Is Stalled

Fact: It may feel as though theres nothing dramatic going on in the Parkinsons disease field, but there are several recent and very exciting breakthroughs regarding our understanding of the underlying pathology and disease mechanism. This will translate into actual clinical results in the next few years.

Latest On Vladimir Putin

‘Terrifying’: US President Joe Biden has ‘significant issues’

The most commonly identified symptom of Parkinson’s is tremors, although the disease itself is neurological.

It is a slow developing illness that varies from person to person.

Other symptoms can include limb rigidity, balance and gait problems and slowness of movement .

You must have a mixture of Bradykinesia, tremors or rigidity for a diagnosis of Parkinson’s to be considered.

There are also psychological symptoms of Parkinson’s including bouts of depression, sleep disorders and cognitive impairment.

Parkinson’s is diagnosed with reference to the Hoehn and Yahr scale, which has stages zero to five with five being the most advanced stages of the disease.

While Parkinson’s itself is not fatal, the health issues that accompany it can be.

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Video Evidence Confirms Putin Is Truly Ill

Over the last couple of months, Russia has ramped up missile attacks on Ukraine and killed numerous civilians from the area. There are also the always frightening possibility of an all-out nuclear conflict between Russia and the Western world. If this happens, the entire world would be in evident danger. In videos of him interacting with other members of his staff and army, Putin is clearly spotted trembling and seems more puffy than usual.

The emails claim he on steroids most of the time in order to mitigate the effects of his disease. They also confirm that the Kremlin will always dispute these claims by any means necessary and the Russian president will remain in power for as long as his body allows him. These emails are pretty straight forward about Putin’s health.

This is what the leaked emails said: “I can confirm he has been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson‘s disease, but it’s already progressing. This fact will be denied in every possible way and hidden. Putin is regularly stuffed with all kinds of heavy steroids and innovative painkilling injections to stop the spread of pancreatic cancer he was recently diagnosed with.

“It not only causes a lot of pain, Putin has a state of puffiness of the face and other side effects – including memory lapses. In his close circle, there are rumors that in addition to pancreatic cancer, which is gradually spreading, Putin also has prostate cancer.” Think about this, what is Vladimir Putin willing to do if he has nothing to do?


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