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Best Mobile Phone For Someone With Parkinson’s

Focus On Safety Options

Apps and devices can help people with Parkinson’s

Today, cell phones are so much more than devices used to call up old friends. Many smartphones have added safety features that are helpful for seniors. Look for phones that have tracking capabilities or emergency alert features. Tracking functions can help loved ones keep an eye on seniors with dementia, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers while emergency alerts are ideal if a senior needs to reach out after a fall.

Tablets As A Cellphone Alternative For Seniors

With Wi-Fi calling and text capabilities, small tablets can be used as a cellphone alternative for seniors who arent ready for a smartphone. Because of their size, tablets may not be the best choice for in the car or on the go, but they offer features like video calling, entertainment, and interactive smart assistants like Alexa or Siri.

Top multi-use tablet phones for seniors include:

  • Consumer Cellular Grandpad Affordable and designed with seniors in mind, the device offers games, music streaming, video chat, and cellular calls.
  • Apple iPad Mini Like a smartphone, you can text on the iPad as well as video chat, play games, and write.
  • Amazon Echo Show 15 The Echo integrates Alexa into a seniors home. Its compatible with Zoom as well as Skype and can stream videos, play audiobooks, and act as a control panel for other smart devices, like thermostats and locks, throughout the home.

How Changing The Settings On Your Ipad And Iphone Can Help People With Tremors And Other Dexterity Difficulties

The software that drives iPhones and iPads includes a range of incredibly powerful accessibility options for people with tremors due to conditions such as Parkinsons or Cerebral Palsy, or who have reduced dexterity with age.These can be found in the Accessibility settings and can help anyone with dexterity issues take their day to day computer usage to a whole new level.

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Side Note: Keep An Eye Out For

Cue, by Nanotech

What we liked about the progress of CUE :

We’re including this to give you something to think about in the future, or to join their waitlist for updates. The product is well designed, has a strong team, reputable support, good early customer experiences, and shares trial results.

CUE a non-invasive wearable device for Parkinsons, utilizes pulsed cueing and focused vibrotactile stimulation to reduce symptoms of slowness and stiffness resulting in improved movement. It delivers gentle vibratory stimulus to the peripheral nervous system, producing a characteristic cortical response that eases the typical stiffness and slowness symptoms associated with Parkinsons.

Users of CUE for Parkinsons report feeling that movement is better controlled and they can move smoother, easier and faster whilst wearing the device.

The product is still in testing. Follow the link to learn more, and read the science, customer testimonials, and early research indications. Estimates indicate an average of 16% improvement in movement. Additional features include tracking symptoms and medication assistance.

Note We will continue to monitor the progress of this product. Please do your own research.

Parkinson’s Disease And Movement Disorders Center

Landline Phone For Dementia (Photo Dialling Phone)

Our center provides compassionate and timely treatment to patients with movement disorders, such as dystonia, ataxia, essential tremor and similar conditions. But our mission goes beyond patient care excellence. By offering educational events and support groups, we empower patients and caregivers to become better partners in their health.

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Communication Aids And Typing Devices For Parkinsons Patients

In some cases, people get improvement in their speech and communication with medications. There are cases as well in which medications have not proved to be effective.

Here, you will see some communication aids and typing devices that can be very helpful if you have Parkinsons disease. These are discussed below, have a look at them:

Most Affordable Cellphones For Seniors

Is affordability your No. 1 concern? If so, check out these options.

  • AT& T Cingular Flip IV AT& T offers a fairly inexpensive price for the Cingular Flip IV. At just above $60, the phone features large buttons and a screen that supports high-resolution video playback at 1080p. Additionally, the fast-charging battery offers up to 10 hours of talk time and approximately three days on standby.
  • Consumer Cellular Link II While the Consumer Cellular Link II doesnt offer many flashy features, its approximately $59 and is a senior-friendly cellphone with large buttons and effective speakers. Also, AARP offers a member discount on service plans.
  • Tracfone LG Classic Flip This phone isnt made specifically for seniors, but its the most affordable option on our list at approximately $14.99. If youre looking for a bare-bones emergencies only cellphone, the pay-as-you-go Tracfone LG Classic Flip will do the trick. It even features an SOS Key that will contact a preset emergency contact.

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Provide Instant Contact To Help With An Emergency Feature

Old-fashioned landlines provided emergency responders a quick way to locate anyone in need of help. Luckily, manufacturers and designers have figured out how to include that same connectivity in smartphones. The SOS Messages on Samsung phones, for example, allow you to send an emergency alert to four contacts simply by pressing the power button three times in a row.

Take a look at: The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ includes an S pen, helpful for a senior who wants to take handwritten notes and then digitally converted them.

Things To Consider When Buying Assistive Living Devices

r2Unlimited Sharp Aquos Cheap Wholesale Prices I Snapdragon 845 I Gaming Mobile Phone Latest 2022

Not every Parkinsons patient is the same. We come from all walks of life and age groups with different needs and desires. So there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to selecting the best aids or devices to make living with Parkinsons easier. To help you guide your decision making, here are some factors to consider:

  • Consider what your symptoms are like. The severity and range of symptoms youre experiencing may be different from the next person. For example, if you have severe fine motor skills issues then an app may not be suited to your needs.

  • Do its functions serve the needs youre looking for? Ask yourself what exactly youre looking for in a device or what your goals are. For example, are you looking for a holistic health device? Or something that will help with a specific aspect of your condition?

  • Are there any additional costs to the device? Some devices may come with an app subscription which may add to the long-term cost of using it.

  • Setup and long-term use logistics. Consider if you will be able to use this device independently. If not, will you be able to enlist the help of a caregiver or loved one to assist you?

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The Antioxidants In Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain high amounts of two antioxidants thought to be key to preventing the aging of neurons in the brain: ergothioneine and glutathione. In fact, Dr. Robert Beelman, professor emeritus at Penn State, found that the porcini mushrooms of northern Italy may help keep older Italians free of dementia. He observed that Italians who ate more of these mushrooms had less neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons Disease.

Dr. Beelman and his colleagues also found that the ergothioneine content of mushrooms varies by the species. The good news: most mushrooms contain both neuroprotective ergothioneine and glutathione.

These antioxidants remain active whether the mushrooms are consumed raw or cooked.

Motomed: Motorised Movement Training For Improved Mobility

MOTOmed Motorised Movement Training for Parkinsons

What we loved about MOTOmed:

  • An exercise machine to help improve mobility

  • Uses forced exercise therapy the machine has a motor to provide full or partial assistance in helping you complete the movements

  • Effectiveness is well-documented in the scientific literature

While there isnt a cure for Parkinsons Disease, exercise and physical therapyform an essential part of managing symptoms helping you stay as mobile and independent for longer. And we love how MOTOmed can give patients a way to incorporate Parkinsons-specific exercises into their daily life through forced exercise therapy.

The term forced is used because it has a motor that assists the user in completing the motion. You can choose to use it completely passively , with partial help, or no assistance at all.

As with all exercises, you would usually start out with more assistance from the machine and slowly build up your strength to incorporate more of your own effort in producing the motion.

We also like that this kind of therapy has been well tested and documented in the scientific literature. For example,this study published in Gait & Posture demonstrated that assistive forced exercise can improve Parkinsons Disease symptoms including increasing walking speed and reducing tremors.

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Beats Medical Parkinson’s Therapy App: Improves Mobility Speech And Dexterity Symptoms

Beats Medical for Parkinsons App

What we loved about Beats Medical Parkinsons App:

  • Helps improve mobility, speech, and dexterity symptoms through simple and effective guided exercises

  • User-friendly app with an intuitive interface

  • Individualized treatment it assesses your baseline abilities and suggests the best treatment

  • Progress reports that show your improvements

  • Works on iPhone and iPad

Beats Medical is an innovative exercise app that helps to improve the mobility, speech, and dexterity symptoms of Parkinsons patients in a series of 10-minute therapy sessions. It was founded by Dr. Ciara Clancy a chartered physiotherapist and researcher who has worked with internationally renowned specialists to develop the Beats Medical app.

Its even received recognition from charities like Parkinsons UK and an award from Googles Adopt a Start-up program.

The mobility section of the app provides daily, tailored metronome therapy. This is where the user places their phone in their trouser pocket while a beat plays from the app.

We love that such a simple exercise can make such a big difference in the lives of Parkinsons patients, as demonstrated in studies like these. in studieslike these.

The dexterity section works on fine motor skills. Using your fingers or a stylus the exercises concentrate on hand coordination techniques making daily tasks easier. These therapies replicate clinical exercises such as the Nine Hole Peg Test.

Agilitas Wearable: Improves Freezing Gait Symptom For Better Mobility

Best cell phone apps for Parkinsons

Agilitas Wearable for Parkinsons improves freezing gait

What we loved about Agilitas:

  • Helps to reduce freezing gait by providing the wearer with a visual cue to prompt continued motion.

  • Improves mobility in Parkinsons patients to allow them to stay independent for longer and reduce the likelihood of falls

  • Automatic and manual modes available

  • The simple and discreet device

The Agilitas wearable is a simple, black disc that you can wear on your clothing around the hip area to help with the freezing gait symptom thats common to Parkinsons Disease. It uses a motion-sensing algorithm to detect when youre about to freeze. It then shines a small red dot on the floor to visually cue your brain as to where the next steps should go.

“Agilitas represents a revolutionary approach to the treatment of freezing of gait. It harnesses sophisticated 21st-century technology to create a discreet, powerful, yet elegantly simple solution. Agilitas promises to improve the quality of life of countless patients with Parkinsons Disease. Endorsed by Dr Rodney Marsh FRANZCP MBBS

You can use it in automatic mode, where the Agilitas will detect when youre about to freeze on its own. Alternatively, there is the manual mode where you can tap it once to turn on the light on your own. And double tapping it keeps the light on permanently good for areas with many obstacles. There is also now a cane attachment included.

What we loved about Rollz

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Reduce Eye Strain With A Large Screen Or Add

Changes in vision also often accompany aging, and for that there are two solutions: a smartphone with a larger screen or a magnifying device used in tandem with a phone. The former offers more surface area to view emails, texts and web pages the latter is like a magnifying glass but sized proportionately for smartphones.

Take a look at:The Motorola edge+ features a unique display that bends around the phones sides for even more viewing space.

Consider Accessibility Ease Of Use

The next consideration should be any accessibility features worth considering, whether tied to using the device, seeing the text or hearing the person you’re talking with.

“Many senior citizens can use a mainstream smartphone with little to no issue, while others may benefit from additional features, such as bigger buttons, a larger screen and louder speaker, Llamos says. Since needs vary from one senior to the next, assess whether your needs merit a smartphone designed especially for seniors.”

For example, some phones offer high-definition voice for those who are hard of hearing and speech-to-text features for those with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and other medical conditions that may make using a cellphone more difficult.

Virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant, are ideal to have in a smartphone since talking can be faster and more accurate than typing. And you don’t need to break the bank for this feature: The $100 Alcatel GO FLIP 3 is a basic flip phone with large buttons, hearing aid compatibility and long battery life nearly 22 days on standby plus Google’s integrated personal assistant.

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Online Portal Managed By Caregiver

Normally a phones features are managed in device settings or in individual applications. In the case of the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, to maximize simplicity, the phone is managed through an easy-to-use online portal that can be accessed by the caregiver from anywhere in the world.

The portal allows the caregiver to add and edit contacts, including pictures. The caregiver can also use the portal to limit all incoming calls to those from contacts, preventing unwanted predatory calls from people who may take advantage of individuals with memory loss. The portal can further be used to make all calls go automatically to the speaker. Watch a video of the online portal.

The caregiver can also access the signal strength and remaining battery power of the phone. This way, if the caregiver cannot reach the user, she can go into the portal and see if it is because the phone is out of power or there is poor signal strength.

The purpose of the portal is to provide the caregiver with the ability fully to manage the RAZ Memory Cell Phone. The person with memory loss receives a phone that works with maximum simplicity. The user does not have access to settings control is in the hands of the caregiver.

Data Processing And Classification

Neuro Talk: Myths and Realities of Parkinson’s disease with Jim Beck, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

The accelerometer signals were preprocessed using the following procedure: the recordings were segmented into 10 s clips performing a given activity for the entire duration. The first and last samples were removed from the ends of the recording to allow time for the phones to enter and be removed from the pockets of subjects. Three thousand three hundred and eighty eight samples were recorded from healthy subjects, while 2184 total samples were recorded from PD patients. The subject and researcher both observed labeling during recording, ensuring validity of training, and test data. Misclassified samples were only checked for artifacts. The phone accelerometer values were linearly interpolated from a variable rate between 15 and 25 Hz to match 20 Hz.

The subjects naturally placed the phone in their pockets in the following possible orientations, due to the elongated rectangular shape of the phones.

1. screen in/right side up

2. screen in/upside down

3. screen out/right side up

4. screen out/upside down

In the accelerometer readings, each of these orientations only differs by the signs of the axes. For example, flipping the phone right side up to upside down changes the sign of the x and y axes, while turning the screen inward changes the sign of axes x and z axes. To correct for these different phone orientations, we generated three additional samples for each recorded sample by a coordinate transform that effectively flips the phone 180° along each of its three axes.

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Best Mobile Apps For Parkinsons Patients

Parkinsons is a neurological condition that causes slow and uncontrolled movements. The disease develops when the brain lost a certain group of cells that produce dopamine, a chemical in the brain that is responsible for controlled body movements.

Medication is the most effective way of treating Parkinsons disease. However, there are some other ways that may also help to deal with this condition. One of those ways is the use of a mobile applications.

There have been developed a large number of mobile apps for Parkinsons patients and most often it is difficult to choose the most efficient one. Here, we have a list of 5 best mobile apps for you so that you can choose the one that suits best your loved one suffering from Parkinsons disease.

Moodistory: Monitor Changes In Your Mood

There are many apps designed to help you track changes in mood. For example, Moodistory for iPhone and Apple Watch has a simple interface. The makers claim you can create a journal entry in under 5-seconds, without writing a single word.

The calendar helps you track changes in your mood longer-term and identify patterns and triggers.

You can download it for iOS, MacOS and Apple Watch.

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Cell Phones For Seniors With Features Theyll Love

When it comes to cell phones for seniors, technology has adapted to offer features that make calling, texting and connecting easier for people as they age. If you, a parent or a grandparent is thinking of trading in a phone or looking for a good match for their Verizon senior plan, here are some things to look for.


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