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Healed From Parkinson’s Disease

What Kind Of Work Do You Do With People What Are The Issues You Work With Them On And What Kind Of Improvements Do They Experience

Healed from Parkinsons Disease!

I believe in addressing the mind, body and energy so, in each session with a client, I check in to see how I can best help them. At the start of the session, we discuss what their energy body looks like and why its presenting itself in a certain way. Sometimes we work on releasing energy through Emotional Freedom Technique . Other times, I do energy work. Meaning, the client lays down and receives the energy work. Ultimately, my goal is to help guide the client to a greater understanding of what they are experiencing in life and how to learn from it.

Most of the people I see are suffering from chronic illness. They have Lyme Disease, MS, Parkinsons, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, colitis, and Autism. What I have noticed is that energy healing helps nearly everyone. Most of the time, I see improvements in sleep, confidence, happiness, energy levels, compassion, awareness and pain from old and new injuries. Most people remark that they feel calm and at peace at the end of a session.

How Is Diet And Parkinson Interrelated

Parkinsons and diet are interrelated. The diet in Parkinsons plays an essential role in treating Parkinsons symptoms as there are many dopamine foods for Parkinsons disease to get the nourishing diet for the same.

It is recommended that the people with Parkinsons illness should keep up a healthy diet regime, including the variety of whole grains, vegetables, milk, and dairy items, fresh vegetables, and protein-rich nourishments, for example, meat and beans. Additionally, consider including nuts, olive oil, fish, and eggs to your eating regime.

Thus, the right nourishments will likewise optimize your Parkinsons medication, which helps in keeping your bones healthy and helps to fight against constipation and maintain your overall general wellbeing.

Eating an assortment of nourishments will assist you with getting the vitality, protein, nutrients, minerals, and fiber you require in Parkinsons.

You should pick an eating regime with a lot of grains, vegetables, and organic products, which gives nutrients, minerals, fiber, and complex starches and can assist, you in bringing down your intake of fats in the body. In addition to this, reduce your sugar, salt and sodium intake, which helps in maintaining your BP levels.

Five Steps To Recovery Offers A Blueprint For Recovery

  • Rediscover what gives you joy.
  • Remember what charges your spirits.
  • Get a burst of renewed strength and stamina.
  • Learn everything about right thinking that infuses you with limitless enthusiasm for life.
  • Discover how your thoughts affect everything, especially your symptoms.
  • Learn ways to hold and sustain positive thoughts throughout the day.
  • Acknowledge the devastating impact of negative thoughts.
  • Feel the energizing thrust of positive thoughts.
  • Find simple, short exercises that are designed to nurture positive thoughts and release the negative ones.
  • Celebrate the power of thoughts.
  • Monitor your moment to moment thought forms.

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Impact On Families And Carers

Informal carers spendmany hours dailyproviding care for people living with PD.This can be overwhelming. Physical, emotional and financial pressures can cause great stress to families and carers, and support is required from the health, social, financial and legal systems. Useful support resources from other conditions can be drawn upon, such as WHOs iSupport programme for dementia.

The Best News Of The Year Is That Anyone Can Take Them

Grabovoi number system to heal Parkinsons disease. in 2021 ...

From: Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

As a seasoned researcher, I wanted to take on a research project that was the challenge of all challenges, a project that no one else thought could lead to useful findings. After dabbling with one project idea after another, researching how Parkinsons Disease can be healed from the inside out has become my passion.


Five Steps to Recovery

Parkinsons Disease has profoundly affected my family. My mother had Parkinsons. My uncle had Parkinsons. I accepted their fate at the time, a fate that doctors said would inevitably lead to perpetual decline and illness.

Everyone said the same thing: Parkinsons Disease is a degenerative disease. You dont get better. One day I woke up and the insight flashed: It is not true. People can heal from Parkinsons. The body does know how to heal itself.

I launched an aggressive research program to identify the therapies, modalities and approaches that are helping people with the symptoms of Parkinsons. I stumbled on people who are symptom free today after experiencing symptoms that were debilitating.

My research has revealed person after person is taking positive action on one suggestion or another. As a result more and more people with Parkinsons are feeling better. These are exciting times to be alive.

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Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons has four main symptoms:

  • Tremor in hands, arms, legs, jaw, or head
  • Muscle stiffness, where muscle remains contracted for a long time
  • Slowness of movement
  • Impaired balance and coordination, sometimes leading to falls

Other symptoms may include:

The symptoms of Parkinsons and the rate of progression differ among individuals. Early symptoms of this disease are subtle and occur gradually. For example, people may feel mild tremors or have difficulty getting out of a chair. They may notice that they speak too softly, or that their handwriting is slow and looks cramped or small. Friends or family members may be the first to notice changes in someone with early Parkinsons. They may see that the persons face lacks expression and animation, or that the person does not move an arm or leg normally.

People with Parkinson’s disease often develop a parkinsonian gait that includes a tendency to lean forward take small, quick steps and reduce swinging their arms. They also may have trouble initiating or continuing movement.

Symptoms often begin on one side of the body or even in one limb on one side of the body. As the disease progresses, it eventually affects both sides. However, the symptoms may still be more severe on one side than on the other.

Causes Of Parkinsons Disease

As identified by specialists, the main cause of PD is the brains inability to produce dopamine. But, what makes the brain not able to produce dopamine? Your health is in your hands. Be educated and take charge.

Here are some of the reasons that contribute to the deterioration of not only PD but also neurological health:

  • Various nutrient deficiencies

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Foods That Are Hard To Chew

Another Parkinsons symptom is difficulty chewing and swallowing. In fact, its estimated that 80% of people with this condition experience difficulty swallowing as the disease progresses .

Choosing foods that are easy to chew and swallow may be important, as may working with a speech language therapist.

Das Kind In Mir Will Achtsam Morden

John’s Miracle Testimony – Healed of Parkinson’s disease
  • Von: Karsten Dusse
    • 4.5 out of 5 stars 8.942
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    Björn Diemel ist zurück und mordet ganzheitlicher als je zuvor. Inzwischen müsste es Björn Diemel besser gehen. Er hat den stressigen Job gekündigt und sich selbstständig gemacht. Er verbringt mehr Zeit mit seiner Tochter und streitet sich kaum noch mit seiner Frau. Ach ja, und nebenbei führt er noch ganz entspannt zwei Mafia-Clans. Warum nur kann Björn das alles nicht genießen? Warum verliert er ständig die Beherrschung? Hat er das Morden einfach satt? Nein, nein, so ist es nicht. Sein Therapeut Joschka Breitner bringt ihn endlich auf die richtige Spur.

  • 1 out of 5 stars
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    You Recently Did A Study On People With Parkinsons Can You Tell Us About It What Are Some Of The Unique Challenges People With Parkinsons Deal With When It Comes To Their Energy

    I designed a study to measure the effects of energy work on people with Parkisons. There were seven participants with Parkinsons, of varying ages and stages of the disease. The study was nine weeks in total, with some of the participants only receiving five, six, seven or eight sessions.

    Each week, I met with them and did only energy work. I did not do any coaching or EFT.

    Working with seven people with Parkinsons for several weeks during my study was a really great experience for me. It became clear early on that there is a Parkinsons energy profilelike an energy signatureunique to people with Parkinsons.

    For instance, I noticed the energy in the brain in the left and right hemispheres wasnt balanced, but became balanced as the study progressed. Additionally, I noticed many of the participants had a foot, ankle or knee injury/surgery and the opposite side of their body struggled. It often manifested as a tremor, stiffness or bradykinesia. Essentially, it appeared that the energy coming up from the foot progressively slowed down the higher it traveled up the body, causing weakness in the rest of the body. I also noticed that the energy in their bodies flowed in the wrong direction for the first three sessions. Then, it seemed to right itself. As soon as that switch happened, participants noticed huge increases in energy.

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    Who Does It Affect

    The risk of developing Parkinsons disease naturally increases with age, and the average age at which it starts is 60 years old. Its slightly more common in men or people designated male at birth than in women or people designated female at birth .

    While Parkinsons disease is usually age-related, it can happen in adults as young as 20 .

    Treatment For Parkinsons At Holistic Healing Center

    Healing Parkinsons Disease  My Recovery Protocol!

    Here at the Holistic Healing Center, our team of multidisciplinary health experts is committed to your treatment and can provide you with a number of holistic options. Aside from Big and Loud therapy, we can also aid you with many other supportive therapies. To find out more, please call us on or text us or to book a consultation. No script is required and we accept most medical insurance.

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    Extract: A Man Walks Off His Parkinsonian Symptoms

    In this passage from his book The Brains Way of Healing, Norman Doidge describes how John Pepper consciously retrained his movements to overcome his foot drag and tremor

    My walking companion, John Pepper, was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, a movement disorder, over two decades ago. He first started getting symptoms nearly 50 years ago. But unless you are a perceptive and well-trained observer you would never know he has the disease. He doesnt appear to have the classic symptoms of the Parkinsons patient: no shuffling gait, no visible tremor when he pauses or when he moves he does not appear especially rigid and seems able to initiate new movements fairly quickly he has a good sense of balance. He even swings his arms when he walks. He hasnt been on anti-Parkinsons medication for nine years, since he was 68 years old, yet appears to walk perfectly normally.

    It took him three months to get his left foot to support his full body weight. If he concentrated on supporting his body weight on his left foot, he was no longer in an uncontrolled fall and his right knee had time to straighten out before the heel touched the ground. Such attention required an extremely focused, almost meditative concentration, as when a child learns to walk for the first time or when a student does the slow-motion walking of tai-chi, which teaches more perfect movement by slowing things down.

    How Might Chiropractic Help

    Chiropractic is commonly used for conditions affecting the muscles, bones and joints. Most people use chiropractic to relieve pain, especially back and neck pain. Theres some evidence that chiropractic can help with this.

    Chiropractic can also be used to treat mental health conditions, such as phobias, depression and anxiety, but there is little evidence of its effectiveness.

    There are no studies on the effects of chiropractic on people with Parkinsons.

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    Parkinson’s Disease And Movement Disorders Center

    Our center provides compassionate and timely treatment to patients with movement disorders, such as dystonia, ataxia, essential tremor and similar conditions. But our mission goes beyond patient care excellence. By offering educational events and support groups, we empower patients and caregivers to become better partners in their health.

    Why Is The Cost Low

    Healed Twice of Parkinsons

    People tell me that I should be charging hundreds of dollars for this work, but the purpose of creating the book and recording the meditations has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with helping people who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinsons feel better. My true reward comes when I have been able to document the successful recovery of thousands of people with the symptoms of Parkinsons who have transformed their thought patterns. This is the work I have been doing on myself and I am here to tell you that the exercises and meditations have worked miracles on my own ability to manifest energy, health and happiness in my own life.

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    So Many Diseases Are Caused By Inflammation In The Body Spirulina Can Ease Symptoms

    What we do know, is that the symptoms of Parkinsons can cause a wide range of inflammation in the body. Once again, inflammation is a factor in a disease, as it is with Osteoarthritis, cancer and diabetes. So many chronic diseases seem to be linked to inflammation in the body. And that is where spirulina is such a useful superfood, helping to ease and mitigate inflammation in the body, so it might help with the Natural Treatment for Parkinsons Disease*

    Natural Remedies For Parkinsons Disease

    By Lutgarda Mariano 9 am on February 19, 2021

    Parkinsons disease primarily develops due to low dopamine levels. When dopamine-generating neurons in the brain die, the body is unable to produce enough of this essential neurotransmitter. Many Parkinsons treatments aim to boost dopamine levels, which can mitigate some of the symptoms. While there are plenty of prescription treatments to alleviate Parkinsons symptoms, some natural remedies are also available.

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    Naturalremedy For Parkinsons #7 Omega

    Animal based omega-3 fatty acids are a powerful weapon inthe fight against Parkinsons disease. One of the main fatty acids, DHA, is oneof the essential building blocks for the human brain. Half of your brain andeyes are made up of fat and a large proportion of this is DHA fat.

    Omega-3 fatty acids have the unique ability to cross theblood-brain barrier, something most conventional drugs cannot do. They helpincrease dopamine levels and reduce neuroinflammation in the brain, while atthe same time, stimulating neuron growth. So basically, EPA and DHA help preventbrain cell damage and keep the nervous system in tip top working order! 4

    Best sources of animal based omega-3s are either fishoil, cod liver oil or krill oil. High strength krill oil is the preferred option as thiscontains a substance called Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a potent brain food nutrientthat has been shown to prevent neurodegeneration and inflammation of the brain.For dosages, take AT LEAST the highest recommended amount listed on the bottle the same goes with fish oil or cod liver oil. You cant overdose on thesesupplements so theres nothing to be concerned about. In fact, the more omega-3syou can get into you the better the results!

    In addition to this, try and eat some cold water fattyfish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines or herring 3-4 times a week foran extra supply of DHA and EPA.

    Eat Plenty Of Protein But Not With Levodopa Medications


    If youre taking a levodopa medication, your doctor may tell you to avoid protein when taking your meds. Both animal and plant protein can interfere with the absorption of levodopa medications.

    But you should still eat plenty of protein. Just be strategic with the timing. Dont take levodopa medications with meals, Dr. Gostkowski says. Its best to take it on an empty stomach either 30 minutes before your meal or an hour after eating.

    If you get nauseous from the medication, eat a small amount of starchy food with it, such as crackers. Make sure whatever you eat with your medicine doesnt have protein. Its a misunderstanding that people with Parkinsons should avoid protein, Dr. Gostkowski says. You definitely need protein in your diet. Just dont eat it when youre taking your levodopa medication.

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    Are Complementary Therapies Beneficial

    Theres no simple answer to this. There are so many types of therapy that its impossible to generalise.

    Theres evidence of the beneficial effect of some complementary therapies . For other therapies, there is no research to prove it has any benefits for people with Parkinsons. But we hear from many people affected who feel it helps them.

    It will also depend on what you expect from complementary therapies. For example, you may feel a particular therapy is not having a positive effect on your Parkinsons symptoms, but you may enjoy the experience. For you, this might be enough of a reason to continue.

    Weve included comments from people affected by Parkinsons who have tried some of the therapies. We hope this will give you a better idea of what people are trying and how they found it. But remember that everyone will have a different experience.

    Please remember these are peoples personal opinions Parkinsons UK doesnt endorse any particular therapy.

    People may use complementary therapies alongside prescribed medication for many reasons, for example:

    • Conventional medicine might not always control someones symptoms.
    • Complementary therapy is a way of taking control of your own health.
    • Group therapy can be an opportunity to socialise. Equally, complementary therapies can be a time to enjoy your own company.
    • Complementary therapies can be relaxing.


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