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Weighted Vest For Parkinson’s

Should You Go Motorized

4 Balance Problems Improved with the OTvest, weighted vest: Ataxia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis

If youre thinking about buying weighted utensils, youve probably already seen various other products using self-stabilizing technology and in-built motorizing to further reclaim eating independence.

Two of the largest companies creating these spoons are Liftware and Gyenno. Heres a short video from Liftware showing you how the technology works:

Fantastic, right? So why would you both with weighted utensils when technology like this is available?

For starters the cost. At the technology is still relatively new, theres yet to be any major breakthroughs in cost reduction, meaning youre going to be paying upwards of $150 for a single spoon.

On top of that, as the device is motorized, it needs a battery. And a battery needs to be recharged. Not everyone agrees with the thought of having to recharge your spoon every time you eat.

Ot Guidelines For Weighted Vests

Weighted vests apply deep pressure to calm the nervous system. They also provide trunk stability. General guidelines exist regarding the amount of weight to use and the length of time to wear the vest however, there’s no specific occupational therapy weighted vest protocol.

Video of the Day

The vests are used for children who have sensory-processing disorders, such as autism and attention-deficit disorder, and movement disorders, such as ataxia, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia and ataxic cerebral palsy. Weighted vests for adults can also be used for these conditions.

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Feature : The Hidden Lid

The Hidden Lid sits on the rim of the handSteady cup and is discreet to preserve your dignity.

The lid reduces spills keeps drinks hotter for longer reduces speed of liquid flow has a straw and drink hole

It is easy to insert and remove just push onto your cup in the desired position to insert, then push up to remove.

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Patient Travels From Uk In Search Of Better Mobility

Cindy Horn is a national treasure! Her commitment to helping individuals with MS, Ataxia, Stroke etc is apparent as soon as you speak to her. After my initial contact with Motion Therapeutics, I emailed, and then spoke to Cindy to discuss my suitability for the Motion Wear product. Subsequently, I travelled out to San Francisco

Provides Greater Independence At Mealtime

Power System VersaFit Weighted Vest

Ideal for professional or personal use, the Weighted Utensils offer individuals greater independence and comfort at mealtimes. The combination of added weight and a built-up handle offers more control so that the utensil reaches the mouth without spilling any food. Each of these adaptive utensils are purchased separately, not available in a set.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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Bunmo Weighted Utensils For Tremors And Parkinsons Patients

  • Discrete weighted: Looks jut like regular premium silverware. Essential for dignity and independence
  • Three-piece set: This Parkinsons silverware set includes a fork, knife, and table spoon
  • Premium stainless steel: Our Weighted Silverware is the highest quality rustproof stainless steel
  • Weighted utensils for shaking hands: Each utensil weighs a minimum of 7 ounce per piece

Adaptive Eating Utensils By Celley For Parkinsons Arthritis Ms Elderly Hand Tremors Handicapped


  • Each utensil weighs around 3 ounces and may be too heavy for very weak patients
  • Although perfectly suitable for people of all ages, this adaptive silverware set is custom designed for the elderly, individuals with limited muscle control, trembling hands or arthritis
  • Contains an essential 4pc kitchen table set , each equipped with weight support grip handles conducive to easier and more manageable eating for the handicapped, arthritic stricken or neurologically challenged
  • Adaptive utensil set is made with durable, high quality stainless steel that is dishwasher safe and is ergonomically designed for quick, easy cleaning and long-term use
  • Eating aid suitable for use in your own home, nursing homes, hospitals and home care

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No More Back Pains With The Help Of Balancewear Vest Helene Green From Acts Senior Living Edgewater

The BalanceWear® Vest is wonderful! In this interview I will share with you how Helene Green from ACTS Senior Living Edgewater at Boca Pointe was able to recover from back pains for many years with the help of BalanceWear while it also helps her to feel grounded and keeping her balance. I had heard from

How To Select The Weighted Silverware For Parkinsons

The OTvest helps treat cerebellar ataxia, tremors, Parkinson’s, and balance disorders.

Making your final decision can pose to be a challenge. But worry not. We have a few suggestions to make your selection process easier.

Before that, we would recommend you opt for sites like Online, Walmart, Newegg, and Best Buy for your purchase.

So the factors you should consider while selecting your weighted silverware for parkinsons would be:

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Mothers Outlook On Life Now Hopeful

My mother, Dawn, attended last nights seminar/fitting in Berkeley. I just want to sincerely thank you for the bottom of my heart because I have not heard her as happy and hopeful about leading a normal life, both physically and emotionally! I am so grateful to you and your team for helping those in our

Dr Brown 9oz Straw Cup

If youre looking for a new straw cup, you may as well consider one made by a company thats been dedicated to making them for years.

With nearly 400k like on , Dr Browns has been voted the best bottle for many years in the past decade. Its not unusual given their first bottles in 1996 were designed and patented by a real doctor making this one of the best weighted straw sippy cups you can buy.

Its spill proof, travel safe, comes with easy-to-grip handles, and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

As well, it comes with its own straw cleaning tool. Allowing you to make sure no bacteria is growing on those hard to reach places. Similarly, as all baby products should be, its 100% BPA-free.

  • Easy to clean and spill proof
  • Design rated highly by hundreds

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Best Overall Weight Vest

Weight Options:Weight Increments:REASONS TO BUY

The TRX XD Kevlar focuses highly on comfort and function. The slender, one to two-pound weights are spread evenly across the front and back of the vest and held very close to the body. Pair the even weight distribution with velcro shoulder and waist straps for a highly adjustable fit, and you’ve got yourself an extremely comfortable weight vest. This vest sits higher on the chest rather than lower around the waist, broadening the type of exercises you can engage in while wearing it. Running and jumping are a breeze as the form-fitting, flexible vest does not bounce around, and exercises like climbing or crunches are also easily performed due to the slim fit. This vest is available in 20 and 40 pounds the lighter option can be adjusted by the pound, while the 40-pound option is adjustable in increments of two pounds, making this vest very scalable.

Model Tested: 20 lbs

The Otvest Weighted Vest Provides Trunk Stability For Those With Parkinsons Disease Helping Reduce Tremors

Strength Sport Systems Weight Vest

Movement disorders can be debilitating, affecting all areas of everyday life. But the OTvest can help naturally treat movement disorders like Parkinson’s! The OTvest weighted vest is a simple, non-invasive intervention that can improve all aspects of everyday life.

The OTvest denim weighted vest can be used as a gentle intervention and natural treatment option for those who suffer from movement disorders such as Parkinsons disease, other degenerative nervous system or muscular conditions, those that lack body awareness or have cerebellar damage.


The OTvest adds deep pressure on the shoulder blades , upper back and upper chest of the wearer. This comfortable, deep pressure therapy can be applied any time of the day to improve trunk stability, giving the wearer better balance, improved body awareness and upper extremity function, and reduction of the tremors that are so often associated with movement disorders.


If you’re looking for a natural treatment option for Parkinson’s, the deep pressure touch therapy supplied by the OTvest weighted vest might be exactly what you need.


Those who have used the OTvest as a treatment for Parkinsons have written letters explaining how much the OTvest has benefitted their lives. Here are just a few:



Contact OTvest, LLC:

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Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool Slim Teak

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Discreet and easy to stow away

  • Helps you achieve a natural squat position and easier bowel movements

  • More attractive than plastic stools

  • Standard 7 height, not adjustable

  • Many customers complain of poor construction and quality

Constipation is one of the common non-movement symptoms of Parkinsons disease, which is why many with the condition could benefit from a toilet stool. The Squatty Potty Slim Teak lifts your feet while sitting on the toilet to mimic a natural squat. While the act of pooping is anything but glamorous, the Squatty Potty has a sleek design that will add to any bathroom decor. Its also easy to clean and tuck away.

A Peaceful Child A Relaxed Parent

Weight blankets are recommended by Sensory Integration Therapists, Psychologists and Physiotherapists. A child wrapped in a Weighted Blanket will feel safe and warm it is something that can replace hugging for him/her. A Weighted Blanket allows your child to calm down and make him/her feel more confident on his/her own. Thanks to this, parents can get some time for themselves

Learn more about the use of childrens Weighted Blankets.

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It Allows Me To Do A 3 Mile Walk Every Day Darlene A Patient Success From Aneurysm With Balancewear Vest

Its National Stroke Awareness Month. I spoke to Darlene to get an update on how she was doing. Back in 2017 she was recovering from an aneurysm/ bleed in her cerebellum. You can see Darlene and Nathalie her therapists information from back in 2017. She was starting to run before she was discharged. It has

Ease Meal Time For Those With Hand Tremors

Ataxia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Movement Disorders, Balance, Tremors: AFFORDABLE TREATMENT

It is easy to take for granted a task as seemingly simple as eating. But for the elderly with Parkinsons disease, eating can be a daunting and defeating task. Tremors make it nearly impossible to eat a meal without making a mess.

The weighted utensils set make eating much easier for seniors with Parkinsons disease. They can also be discreet because the utensils look just like regular silverware. The utensils can either come separately or in a set: fork, knife and teaspoon. A separate soup spoon comes with a deeper bowl to help prevent spills. The weighted utensils are dishwasher safe.

For information, visit K Eatlery Weighted Utensils.

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Parkinsons Weighted Insulated Drinking Cup & Spill

Everybody should enjoy their favorite beverages. In the case of someone with Parkisons disease, shaky hands or hand tremors make it likely to spill the drinks when using regular drinking cups. Our Parkinsons weighted insulated drinking cup and spill-proof lids feature a steel weight at the base of the drinking cup to reduce hand tremors and allow the users to enjoy their beverages.

The weighted insulated cup comes with your choice of a drinking spout lid or a closeable no-spill lid. Either cover helps to prevent spills. The Parkinsons insulated mug holds eight-fluid ounces of hot or cold beverages.

Other Techniques For Minimizing Tremor

Do what you can to de-stress. I know youre probably feeling more stress than ever right now with the frustration and possibly embarrassment, but getting more riled up only makes the tremor worse.

Do your best to be gentle with yourself where you are and take some deep breaths when youre feeling overwhelmed before you try again.

Forget what Miss Manners taught you and eat with your elbows on the table. That extra support and stability can go a long way to reducing tremors.

In addition to stabilizing spoons, take advantage of other adaptive tools like Scoop Plates designed for folks with coordination issues and No-Slip Placemats for keeping plates in place.

For more information check out the Parkinsons Foundation Mealtime page and the Tremor Fact sheet from the NIH.

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Any Potential Dangers Of Weighted Blankets

Are weighted blankets safe? It is important to note that weighted blankets can be dangerous, especially for children. In 2014, a weighted blanket was tragically connected to the death of a seven month old. A nine-year-old autistic boy in Canada was also suffocated by a weighted blanket in 2008. The use of a weighted blanket is typically not recommended for infants. If children use weighted blankets, it should only be under adult supervision and with a healthcare providers approval.

In addition, its typically recommended that you should not use a weighted blanket if you have:

  • Difficulty breathing, including asthma and sleep apnea
  • Circulation or blood pressure issues
  • Fragile skin, a rash or an open wound

If you are looking to purchase a weighted blanket as a supplemental treatment for a medical condition, check with your healthcare provider for the correct weight, size and recommended duration of use.

Also, check with your healthcare provider before using a weighted blanket if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition and/or are currently taking medication. Always check with your childs pediatrician before using a weighted blanket with a child.

Benefits Of Using Weighted Vests

Tumble Forms 2 Weighted Vests

Weight vests are simply a form of added resistance. The more you have to push during a movement, the harder your body has to work and the more energy the movement requires.

One study showed that people wearing a vest that added 10% of their body weight burned significantly more calories than both those not wearing any weight and those carrying only 5% of their body weight .

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Adaptive Utensils Curved Spoon With Non

This adaptive weighted spoon makes it easier than ever to lift and eat the food for people suffering from essential tremors, Parkinsons, arthritis, and trembling hands.

The handle of the spoon is wide, soft, and has a good grip that allows maximum user control with minimum effort.

The spoon comes with an angle adjustable feature. The angle of the head can be adjusted by 360-degree with a rotated bead to meet different needs.

The great thing about this spoon is that it comes with a wrist belt attached to the handle. This feature makes this spoon stand apart from other spoons for two reasons. First, it helps the patient to hold the spoon firmly. Second, it makes it easy to pick up the food from the plate, it wouldnt make your table dirty like other normal spoons.

The spoon is made from high quality stainless steel and polypropylene material. Like other heavy weighted spoons, it can easily be washed with hands by using soap or any dishwashing detergent. You can also wash it in the dishwasher machine.

This's an affiliate link and if you buy this product, I'll earn a small commission. 

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Maintains Independence At Mealtimes

Designed to maintain user independence at mealtime, Sure Grips Weighted Utensils include a fork, rocker knife, tablespoon and teaspoon. The rocker knife requires only minimal arm strength for cutting. The stainless steel utensils are durably built and are all dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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Adaptive Dining Products To Help Reduce Spills

Dining plates and bowls, plate guards, and two-handle mugs promote independence, self-confidence, and safer eating for those with Parkinsons disease. Built-up sides on plates and bowls help users to push food onto the fork or spoon as well as keeping the food contained. Suction bases on bowls and plates also help to prevent slipping.

Insulated Mug with Lid

For safer and easier drinking, this mug has a weighted base and two large handles to accommodate adult fingers. The lids spout also helps to prevent spills

This convenient dining kit includes a weighted utensil set designed to improve your grasp while feeding, as well as dining ware for reducing spills and messes

Designed to allow the user to push food against the raised side of the plate, this dish helps scoop food with only one hand if necessary

Promoting independence and self-confidence, this unique spill guard minimizes messy spills at meal time. It easily attaches to standard round plates for convenience

A polypropylene mug with an easy-to-grasp handle, used for either hot or cold liquids. The lid regulates flow for safer drinking

Stable dining surfaces can also help simplify mealtimes for those with shaky hands and weakness. The non-slip material can be cut-to-size and placed under a plate or bowl to keep it from moving on the table.

Simple changes and adaptations can make meals easier to prepare, eat, and clean up. Help your loved ones dine with ease and comfort using one of these adaptive utensils and tableware!

Healthgoodsin 2 Handled Ceramic Mug

OTvest⢠– The On-Task Weighted Vest for Treating Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders

The mug is made of ceramic and has one handle on each side of the cup which makes it ideal for patients with hand tremors and gripping problems. The ceramic handles are well insulated from the body of the cup and lets you use both of your hands for a steadier hold.

This makes a significant impact on your drinking experience and encourages enjoying your beverage without any help from your caregiver.

Although ceramic is a heavier material and the cup weighs just under a pound, it comes with the advantages of ceramic free of BPA and latex and completely safe to your with your other kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and microwave and therefore lend you with that extra bit of convenience in the kitchen is cleaning the cup or heating your favorite beverage quickly.

Having said that, if your Parkinsons is at an advanced stage and you anticipate that the weight of the cup may be a problem, we recommend you go ahead with a dual handle plastic cup instead.


  • The volume of content that cup can hold is ample at 350 ml
  • Dual handles help in better hold and stability and reduces chances of spills
  • Available in 3 colors blue, grey, and pink to complement your personality
  • Safe to be used in the dishwasher for easy washing
  • Easy and quick to heat up beverages in the microwave


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