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Can Acupuncture Help Parkinson’s

Contradictory Results And Plausible Reasons

What kind of effect can acupuncture have on Parkinson’s Disease?

In contrast, we found that one study reported non-meaningful changes in TH+ levels and contradicting results in another study , which reported that acupuncture is not effective in improving DA neuron protection. In a study by Yang et al., the authors reported that the number of TH+ neurons did not increase as a result of acupuncture treatment compared with PD models. However, this study did not have a normal control group and, as such, it is questionable whether a PD model was successfully established. Although C57/Bl6 mice are the most sensitive to MPTP, there are some cases in which models are not successfully induced . This illustrates why thorough controls, such as saline-injected normal mice, are needed for developing reliable rodent models. Therefore, it is doubtful whether their model would be appropriate to examine the effects of acupuncture in PD rodent models. In a study by Jia et al., changes in TH+ neurons were not meaningful but were partially restored. The study used 6-OHDA surgery-induced neuronal depletion model for development of PD. We found that the degree of neuronal deficit by 6-OHDA surgery was worse than neurotoxin injection . Such differences among models may also lower the degree of recovery effect of acupuncture . It also explains why the recent development of PD animal models remains arguable ; therefore, it is important to carefully examine studies using various models to induce PD to draw the appropriate conclusions.

Frontiers In Aging Neuroscience

Long Island School of Medicine, New York University, United States

Reviewed by

Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

The editor and reviewers’ affiliations are the latest provided on their Loop research profiles and may not reflect their situation at the time of review.

Naturalremedy For Parkinsons #7 Omega

Animal based omega-3 fatty acids are a powerful weapon inthe fight against Parkinsons disease. One of the main fatty acids, DHA, is oneof the essential building blocks for the human brain. Half of your brain andeyes are made up of fat and a large proportion of this is DHA fat.

Omega-3 fatty acids have the unique ability to cross theblood-brain barrier, something most conventional drugs cannot do. They helpincrease dopamine levels and reduce neuroinflammation in the brain, while atthe same time, stimulating neuron growth. So basically, EPA and DHA help preventbrain cell damage and keep the nervous system in tip top working order! ;4;

Best sources of animal based omega-3s are either fishoil, cod liver oil or krill oil. High strength krill oil is the preferred option as thiscontains a substance called Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a potent brain food nutrientthat has been shown to prevent neurodegeneration and inflammation of the brain.For dosages, take AT LEAST the highest recommended amount listed on the bottle the same goes with fish oil or cod liver oil. You cant overdose on thesesupplements so theres nothing to be concerned about. In fact, the more omega-3syou can get into you the better the results!

In addition to this, try and eat some cold water fattyfish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines or herring 3-4 times a week foran extra supply of DHA and EPA.;

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Ear Acupuncture Needles Vs Acupuncture Ear Seeds

Aside from using ear acupuncture needles, acupuncture ear seeds can also be used for permanent auriculotherapy. Ear seeds are small seeds that can be used to stimulate pressure points in the ear.

Though ear seeds are based on the same general principles as acupuncture, unlike ear acupuncture needles, ear seeds are completely non-invasive and involve sticking the ear seeds to the therapeutic ear points.

Traditionally, ear seeds are tiny, sticky seeds from Vaccaria, a flowering herb. But nowadays, ear seeds are made of metals like silver, gold, or crystals but they come in the form of actual seeds. During treatment, these ear seeds are safely applied to some of the many recognized therapeutic ear points.

Like ear acupuncture, ear seeds can help to handle several health issues, which include:


chronic pain, especially lower back pain


insomnia and other sleep issues

migraine and other head pain


weight loss

The Complementary And Natural Healthcare Council

Acupuncture for Parkinsons

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council was established with government support to regulate some therapies.;

Therapies regulated by the Council include:

  • Alexander technique;
  • report any side effects when they happen

When you find a therapist, here are a few questions you should ask:

  • What, if any, risks are associated with the treatment you offer and what steps will you take to prevent problems?
  • What professional organisations are you registered with?
  • How much does the treatment cost and how long will it last?

Finally, its important to find a therapist you feel comfortable with and who you like. This will help make your therapy more successful and enjoyable.

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What Evidence Should I Trust

Theres a lot of information on complementary therapies, particularly on the internet, that claims to be based on scientific evidence. But its not all reliable.;

To help make sure youre reading accurate and useful information thats not misleading you may find it helps to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is the research published? Research should normally be peer-reviewed in professional journals. This means that before the details are released, it has been reviewed by other experts not involved in the study.
  • How many patients were involved in the study? The higher the number, the more reliable the study usually is.
  • Is the result of the study a one-off or have other scientists confirmed it?

Why Have You Included Therapies With No Scientific Evidence

The therapies in this information have all been chosen because theyre popular with people affected by Parkinsons.

Just because a therapy cant be proven to work in a medical trial, or there hasnt been enough research about whether it helps people with Parkinsons, it doesnt mean you wont find it useful. In fact, weve heard from many people who tell us they have benefited from using these therapies.

Many of our local groups organise complementary therapy sessions at their meetings to encourage members to give them a try.

Throughout this information, we highlight what scientific evidence there is to support the use of each therapy.

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How Might Reflexology Help

Reflexology is often used to promote relaxation, and to help with a wide range of problems, including digestive and hormonal issues, stiffness in the back and neck, and insomnia.

Theres no conclusive evidence that reflexology works for any medical condition.;A very small study has shown that reflexology may help with the wellbeing of people with Parkinsons. However, a larger study is needed to confirm this.

How Much Does It Cost

Miracle Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Video

If your chosen therapy isnt available on the NHS or HSC, you may have to pay. Costs for complementary therapies will vary, depending on the type of therapy you want, the length of the treatment and where you live.;

At your first session the therapist will usually take a medical history and get to know you a bit better. As a result the first session may cost more than any follow-up sessions.

Practitioners usually recommend several treatment sessions. Before committing yourself to a course of treatment, make sure you ask about the cost.

You may also find it useful to ask when you can expect to feel any improvement and when to call it a day if you dont see the results youre hoping for.

Private health insurance may pay for some types of complementary therapy. Before you book a treatment session, ask your insurer if its covered by your policy and how to arrange payment.;

Weve heard from many carers who have tried complementary therapies, some with very positive experiences. Again, its a personal choice.;

If you care for someone with Parkinsons, its important to look after your own physical and mental health. You may find that complementary therapies are a good way to have time to yourself, reduce stress and do something you enjoy.;

In some areas, the NHS, local councils and charities offer free or low-cost therapies to carers. Speak to your GP or a Parkinsons local adviser about whats available in your area.;

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Home Remedyfor Parkinsons #8 Green Tea:

Green tea contains theanine, a nutrient that increasesdopamine levels in the brain, and polyphenol antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Three separate studies all found that regularlydrinking tea can either delay or prevent the development of PD. A retrospectivestudy also found that drinking three or more cups of tea a day can delay the onsetof motor symptoms. And a 2007 study found that green tea polyphenols protect braincells and dopamine neurons, and this positive effect increases with the moregreen tea consumed. 10

The minimum amount that should be drank every day is 3cups, with 6-9 cups a day being the ideal.Matcha green tea is the most potent and beneficial so try and purchase this ifyou can. A strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning is thought tobe effective for reducing the symptoms of Parkinsons disease as well, however,we recommend you stick with green tea, or even a strong cup of black tea ifyou can for the theanine and EGCGs.;

How Might Conductive Education Help

Some people find that conductive education helps to control the physical symptoms of Parkinsons, including tremor, rigidity and slowness of movement. By learning strategies which help overcome movement and other everyday problems, conductive education can increase feelings of confidence and independence.

Although conductive education is well established as a treatment for Parkinsons, there is little supporting medical evidence for its effectiveness.

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How Might Feldenkrais Help

Studies show that Feldenkrais helps with balance and mobility. People also use it to find relief from tension and pain, to improve breathing and performance, and for general wellbeing.;As yet, there have been few studies of the method specifically for the treatment of Parkinsons, but there are some indications that the method improves quality of life.

How Might Herbal Medicine Help

6 Medication

Herbs are used for a wide variety of conditions. There is some evidence that certain herbs, like St Johns Wort, may help with depression;and some skin conditions.;But be aware that the herbal remedy St John’s Wort, which can be used for depression, is not recommended for people with Parkinson’s. This is because St Johns Wort can interact with your Parkinsons drugs.

St Johns Wort is also often mixed with other components to create different brands of the herbal remedy. This could increase the possibility of side effects and interactions.

Small trials have been carried out with plants commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine to relieve Parkinsons symptoms . More research is needed to establish conclusively whether herbs are helpful in the treatment of Parkinsons symptoms.

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Natural Treatment For Parkinsons #3 Turmeric And Otherherbs And Spices:

A recent study published in the journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy, foundthat the extracts in turmeric, particularly curcumin and the newly discovered Ar-turmerone,can regenerate a damaged brain and reverse neurological disorders.; Researchers said Ar-turmerone is a promising candidate to supportregeneration in neurologic disease. Michigan State University researcherBasir Ahmad also found that a compound in turmeric may help fight Parkinsonsdisease by disrupting the proteins responsible for the disease.

Another study published in the Pharmacognosy Magazine found that tumeric can prevent and evenreverse the toxic effects exerted on the brain from fluoride exposure. Fluorideis a nasty and dangerous heavy metal that destroys brain cells and the intricateworkings of the central nervous system. Fluoride poisoning has also beenimplicated in the development of neurological diseases such as Alzheimers,Parkinsons, ALS and multiple sclerosis. 7

Turmeric is also a very potent anti-inflammatory spice. Because Parkinsons is aninflammation type disease, turmeric will help immensely. A heaped teaspoon ofhigh quality turmeric powder taken 3 times daily in asmoothie will do the trick. Just make sure you combine it with 10-12 blackpeppercorns for enhanced absorption Turmeric is also fat soluble so youll need tocombine it with some coconut oil, red palm oil or fish/krill oil as well.

How Might Osteopathy Help

Osteopathy is commonly used for conditions caused by problems with the nerves, joints and muscles, such as back and neck problems, joint pain or injuries.;NICE guidelines recommend that osteopathy be considered as a treatment for back pain.

Some osteopaths believe they can also help relieve general health problems such as asthma, jaw problems and painful periods. However there is no good evidence that this is true.

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Acupuncture Alleviates Parkinsons Disease

19 January 2015

Acupuncture relieves Parkinsons disease symptoms. Researchers document the ability of acupuncture to reduce pain, anxiety, depression, hot flashes and abnormal sweating in a clinical case history. The patient responded with significant positive patient outcomes after a 2 week regime of acupuncture treatments given at a rate of five days per week.;

Parkinsons disease is a progressive nervous system disorder affecting movement. Changes include the onset of tremors, slowness of movements, shuffling, difficulty swallowing, fainting, reduced arm sway, rigidity and dysfunction of speech and gait. There is no known biomedical cure but medications including levodopa, COMT inhibitors, MAO-B inhibitors, dopamine agonists and other medications are used to control symptoms. Surgical interventions include the implantation of deep brain stimulators.

Acupuncture successfully reduces pain, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, and mental illness in Parkinsons disease patients. Researchers from the Aizu Medical Center delivered the patient care and collected the data. Additional support and came from an investigator at the Department of Neurology, Hematology, Metabolism, Endocrinology and Diabetology .

The researchers tabulated the results and measured an overall improvement in balance by 31% in the acupuncture group. Gait speed improved by 10% and stride length increased by 5% for patients receiving true acupuncture. Control group patients showed no improvements.

How Might Music Therapy Help

Physiotherapy and Parkinson’s

Its been suggested that music can improve movement and speech and help people to relax or talk about their feelings or ideas.

Some people with Parkinsons find that listening to strong rhythmic music can improve their walking, prevent hesitations and overcome freezing episodes.

In general, research indicates that music seems to help people with conditions such as Parkinsons improve their emotional sense of wellbeing.

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How To Treat Parkinsons Disease With Acupuncture And Tcm

Hand tremor or shaky hands, stiffness in limbs, trouble walking, or problems with balance? These may be signs of Parkinsons Disease . Parkinsons is a progressive neurological disorder that primarily affects the brain cells that produce dopamine. Integrative care with acupuncture treatment may help relieve symptoms of Parkinsons disease better than conventional treatments alone.

Parkinsons disease is a neurological disorder that causes damage and dysfunction in brain cells, so that communications between the brain and the body dont work the way they usually do. Sometimes a range of symptoms similar to those experienced by people with Parkinsons occurs due to small strokes that affect the blood supply to the brain. This condition is called vascular parkinsonism.

More than ten million people are currently living with Parkinsons disease worldwide. The chances of having PD increase with age, and men are more likely to have Parkinsons than women. Early onset Parkinsons can occur in people under 50. While it is often considered a movement disorder that causes hand tremors and other problems with mobility, Parkinsons disease can cause less obvious symptoms, too.

Top 10 Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease

  • Tremor a small, involuntary shaking movement occurs most often in the hands, but can also be in a finger or thumb, or the chin. Sometimes called static tremor or resting tremor.
  • Medical Parkinsons Treatment

    How Can Acupuncture Help Parkinsons?

    Effect Of Acupuncture On Dopamine Content Alteration

    DA neuronal deficit leads to decreases in dopamine content in striatal projections. The above analysis indicated that DA neurons in PD model rodents were recovered by acupuncture; thus, it was explored how dopamine content was changed by acupuncture in the studies . Twelve studies reported the effect of acupuncture on improving dopamine content in PD models compared with the control PD group. There was no remarkable increase in dopamine content, except in three studies with high increase . While three studies reported large increases in the striatal dopamine by acupuncture, overall, studies showed that dopamine content was not significantly altered by acupuncture . In the subgroup analysis of dopamine content, there was a significant effect of acupuncture was observed in MPTP models , MFB models , but no significant difference was found in the 6-OHDA models .

    Figure 4. Comparison of dopamine content in striatum with PD animal and acupuncture-treated PD animal.

    Figure 5. Analysis of difference in dopamine content level between PD rodent and acupuncture treatment group throughout studies. Each dopamine content level of all the PD animal models group and acupuncture-treated PD animal models group. Lines indicates the mean value and error. Dashed arrows mean the slope of difference from PD models to PD models plus acupuncture group in each study.

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    Natural Treatment For Parkinsons #1 Cannabis/medicalmarijuana:

    Cannabis, aka medical marijuana, is an incredibletreatment for Parkinsons disease. You can have a Parkinsons patient shakingviolently and uncontrollably, and yet within 30-40 minutes of self-administering with some cannabis, their symptoms will almost completely disappear. Watch this short 2minute video from Parkinsons sufferer, Ian Frizell, who shows you what he waslike before self-medicating with cannabis and then again after. The change is truly astonishing!;

    Taylor French is another Parkinsons patient thatundergoes a remarkable transformation once he ingests what he calls nutritional vegetable extract . This guy has an advanced form ofParkinsons and is normally confined to a wheelchair with limited use of hisbody due to stiff and rigid muscles . But after ingestingsome cannabis hes able to walk, and incredibly, in his video he even getsinto his car and drives off down the road!

    You can view it here

    Elyse Del Francia also tells the story of her Parkinsonssuffering husband, and the time she decided to smother his morning pancakes withsome canabutter. She said

    Within45 minutes of eating a pancake with marijuana on it, he stopped shaking. Thatwas my lightbulb moment. Thats when I knew that I was onto something thatwould relieve his pain and suffering, because its horrible, horrible, to haveParkinsons Disease and not have any relief. I feel that this is something thathelps so many people in so many ways with pain and suffering.;5


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