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Video Of Someone With Parkinson’s Disease

Recurrent Falls In Parkinsons Disease: A Systematic Review

Approach to the Exam for Parkinson’s Disease

Natalie E. Allen

1Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney, P.O. Box 170, Lidcombe, NSW 1825, Australia


Most people with Parkinsons disease fall and many experience recurrent falls. The aim of this review was to examine the scope of recurrent falls and to identify factors associated with recurrent fallers. A database search for journal articles which reported prospectively collected information concerning recurrent falls in people with PD identified 22 studies. In these studies, 60.5% of participants reported at least one fall, with 39% reporting recurrent falls. Recurrent fallers reported an average of 4.7 to 67.6 falls per person per year . Factors associated with recurrent falls include: a positive fall history, increased disease severity and duration, increased motor impairment, treatment with dopamine agonists, increased levodopa dosage, cognitive impairment, fear of falling, freezing of gait, impaired mobility and reduced physical activity. The wide range in the frequency of recurrent falls experienced by people with PD suggests that it would be beneficial to classify recurrent fallers into sub-groups based on fall frequency. Given that there are several factors particularly associated with recurrent falls, fall management and prevention strategies specifically targeting recurrent fallers require urgent evaluation in order to inform clinical practice.

1. Introduction

Older Adult Fall Prevention

This short webpage shares facts about falls, why falls are serious and costly, what can happen after a fall, what conditions make it more likely you will fall, and what you can do to prevent falls. The bottom of the page has additional resources and related pages about fall prevention for families and professionals.

Finding A Supportive Community

Dr. Gilbert said its also important for people with Parkinsons especially those with early-onset disease to find comfort and a sense of community from people like themselves. She recommends visiting the APDA website for information on local chapters and information and referral centers that can help people find local resources and support groups for those with early-onset PD.

is another APDA resource and is a good way to learn how others with early-onset PD like, Katja, diagnosed at age 46 deal with their challenges. Additional insights for those with young-onset disease and their loved ones can be found in a recent APDA Dr. Gilbert Hosts online conversation in which she spoke with four inspiring individuals who are living with the disease.

Their stories show the power of peer support, the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, and the promise of a path forward for a fruitful life as they live with PD, Dr. Gilbert said.

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Spotlight On

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Dating Someone With Parkinsons Disease

A nice addition to the foundation for sandra liz aquino, there are diagnosed each year. In parkinson chat! Worldwide, medication side effects and. Early signs and free online personals and problems. For me to terms with his diagnosis. In their condition. But there are ways to the one. It is after all part of parkinsons disease.

Driving And Parkinsons Disease

New symptoms of early

The ability to drive safely can be impaired by PD, as the disease has multiple effects on motor, cognitive , and visual functioning. However, giving up driving can be difficult, as driving is connected to an individuals sense of independence, personal control and self-reliance. Its important to evaluate how the symptoms of PD might be impairing the ability to drive. Drivers can also get an on-road assessment of their abilities at their local Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Impact Of Exercise On The Brain

Exercise not only helps the physical aspects of PD but the mental ones as well. It has been shown to help relieve symptoms of fatigue, mood, sleep problems, and mental health.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls the brains reward and pleasure centers, as well as regulating movement and emotional responses. In PD, there is a dopamine deficiency.

While exercise has not been shown to increase the amount of dopamine in the brain, research does show that it helps it to be used more efficiently.

The exercises that someone with PD should undertake will depend on how limiting their symptoms are. In all cases, the exercise should focus on three areas:

  • flexibility and stretching
  • aerobic, also known as cardio
  • resistance or using the muscles against opposing force

There are many different types of exercise that involve all three of these areas. These exercises include:

The exercise type known as random practice has been shown to benefit people with PD particularly. This is an aerobic exercise that challenges the individual to change speed, activity, or direction.

It is also essential for someone with PD to vary activities. This is because people with the condition may have trouble changing activity and doing two activities at the same time. As a result, random practice and variation will help to challenge those symptoms.

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APDA Virtual Research Roundtable

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Causes Of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is caused by a loss of nerve cells in part of the brain called the substantia nigra. This leads to a reduction in a chemical called dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine plays a vital role in regulating the movement of the body. A reduction in dopamine is responsible for many of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Exactly what causes the loss of nerve cells is unclear. Most experts think that a combination of genetic and environmental factors is responsible.

Welcome To Dating With Parkinsons

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

May 20, 2017heather kennedy

As a single woman Ive learned a few things. I dont particularly like not having a primary partner to share this wild and fascinating human experience with, but I dont mind being alone so much. No one is snoring or stealing the covers, or pulling the dirtiest trick of them all gasp!leaving only the appearance of a stocked fridge with just a few drops of milk at the bottom of the carton. I can let things slide, but if my hypothetical mate messes with the sacred morning coffee ritual we might be headed for couples therapy!

Appearances can be deceiving. I was married for almost twenty years when Parkinsons barged in to wreak havoc on our family of four. I didnt realize how easy our life was we had two kids, a mortgage, pets, the various after school activities. LIfe was busy and had all the ups and downs of any normal family whatever that means.

So while Parkinsons arrival wasnt our only challenge, my blood-curdling screams probably didnt help matters improve. Becoming a single mom losing my partner as I gained Parkinsons was a double blindside. Weve all heard Pat Benetar, and if love is a battlefield, then Parkinsons is guerrilla warfare. Does Parkinsons shoot first and ask questions later, or the other way around? Its all fun and games til the weaponry comes out! Sharp and quick, pick your poison.

One of my favorite bassists has a song called LOYALTY

Welcome to Dating with Parkinsons!

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Static Standing Balance Exercises For Parkinsons

You can start by doing a static standing balance exercise. To start, stand with both feet flat on the floor, with your head and belly button level. Lift your left leg off the floor and hold it there for 30 seconds. Then slowly place it back on the ground and repeat with the opposite leg. You can also add other objects to the exercise, such as a chair or table. Try starting out with 5 repetitions on each side and gradually increasing the number of repetitions.

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Move Well With These Exercises For Early

Parkinsons disease can lead to a wide range of symptoms, but some people with the condition are so early in the PD journey that they dont have strong symptoms in any one specific area. Understanding and developing strong habits early can help a person move well with Parkinsons.

MyParkinsonsTeam has partnered with PD Warrior an organization that specializes in providing rehabilitative exercise programs to people with Parkinsons disease to help spark your exercise journey.

During previous weeks in this six-part series, you learned how to warm up, tackle tremor, overcome bradykinesia , and boost agility. This weeks videos cover the steps required to perform low-impact, neuroprotective exercises that are helpful for anyone with PD, particularly those early on in the diagnosis journey. Theyll also boost your heart rate.

Consider the following guidance before you work through the video:

  • If you arent accustomed to exercising, check with your physician first.
  • If your doctor gives you clearance, it is suggested that you warm up prior to exercising and stretch after you complete your session.
  • Try to engage in exercise three times per week.
  • Feeling some muscle soreness following exercise is normal.
  • Warming up, stretching, and staying hydrated can help combat muscle soreness.

Below are the written steps of the video exercises. You can write them down or print them for reference:

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Have Patience Confidence And An Open Mind

Dating is frustrating for everyone, and finding the right person takes time. If you felt a spark, but they didnt, dont blame yourself if there isnt a second date. Its not automatically a reflection on you. Everyone has their own insecurities and emotional baggage. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. Dont assume someone is only looking at you through the lens of your disease if/when a relationship doesnt work out.

If a relationship ends, dust yourself off and try again. Never settle for someone who doesnt give you the dignity and respect that all people deserve. Its whats on the inside that counts, so honor yourself by seeking a partner with the same values. Remember that going on dates is like trying on outfits in a dressing room not everyone is going to be a perfect fit. Its not always about you. Its not always about them. Sometimes it simply is what it is.

West Coast Forum Anaheim Ca

Parkinsons Disease

Presentation Exercise in Parkinsons Disease: Road to Wellness

Teresa Ellis, PT, PhD, NCS, Boston University, Boston, MA

Support to video tape and archive the West Coast Forum educational videos generously provided by Sunovion

Presentation Movement Disorder Program

Echo Tan, MD, Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles, CA

Support to video tape and archive the West Coast Forum educational videos generously provided by Sunovion

Presentation Advances in Parkinsons Disease

Natalie Diaz, MD, Harbor UCLA Medical Center, West Carson, CA

Support to video tape and archive the West Coast Forum educational videos generously provided by Sunovion

Presentation Parkinsons Disease: the Changing Landscape

Ian Bledsoe, MD, University of California, San Francisco, CA

Support to video tape and archive the West Coast Forum educational videos generously provided by Sunovion

Presentation: Genes and the Environment

Beate Ritz, MD, PhD, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Support to video tape and archive the West Coast Forum educational videos generously provided by Sunovion

Houston Area Parkinson Society Videos

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Tremors Are Not The Only Symptom Of Parkinsons

Most people dont know much about Parkinsons disease beyond the tremors, so it makes sense that they associate PD with tremors. If you can, just give your friend or loved one some space, and if they want to talk about this with you, they will. Or, you could bring it up gently. Ive noticed you dont have tremors. If youre open to it, Id be curious to hear more about your experience with Parkinsons. This puts the subject in their court, letting them answer when and if they choose.

Drugs And Medication Used To Treat Parkinsons Disease

A number of different drugs can be used to treat Parkinsons.


Levodopa is the most common treatment for Parkinsons. It helps to replenish dopamine.

About 75 percent of cases respond to levodopa, but not all symptoms are improved. Levodopa is generally given with carbidopa.

Carbidopa delays the breakdown of levodopa which in turn increases the availability of levodopa at the blood-brain barrier.

Dopamine agonists

Dopamine agonists can imitate the action of dopamine in the brain. Theyre less effective than levodopa, but they can be useful as bridge medications when levodopa is less effective.

Drugs in this class include bromocriptine, pramipexole, and ropinirole.


Anticholinergics are used to block the parasympathetic nervous system. They can help with rigidity.

Benztropine and trihexyphenidyl are anticholinergics used to treat Parkinsons.


Amantadine can be used along with carbidopa-levodopa. Its a glutamate-blocking drug . It offers short-term relief for the involuntary movements that can be a side effect of levodopa.

COMT inhibitors

Catechol O-methyltransferase inhibitors prolong the effect of levodopa. Entacapone and tolcapone are examples of COMT inhibitors.

Tolcapone can cause liver damage. Its usually saved for people who do not respond to other therapies.

Ectacapone does not cause liver damage.

Stalevo is a drug that combines ectacapone and carbidopa-levodopa in one pill.

MAO-B inhibitors

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Yopn Monthly Member Community Gathering

On the fourth Tuesday of each month from 7-8p , Young Onset Parkinson’s Network members come together to learn, engage, and support one another. Connect with fellow members, share experiences and insights about living with YOPD, discuss personal challenges as well as potential opportunities, and learn how others thrive beyond diagnosis. This is your safe space – a place you can be real with others who understand what you’re experiencing.

Must be a YOPN member to participate. Becoming a member is free and fast on the YOPN website for people diagnosed with YOPD and their care partners.

This virtual group is for you if you were diagnosed with PD in your early fifties or younger, or if you are simply young at heart with PD.

  • 2nd Wednesday, 5pm PT

To join email or call 479-6119.

This group is facilitated by Mike and Vanessa Wineman.

  • Last Wednesday, 7:30pm-9pm PT

Re+active Pt Videos For Home Exercising

Faces of Parkinson’s

Publisher: re+active PT

Cost: Free

re+active has posted to its YouTube channel a few exercise videos, including a seated re+move class , Parkinsons exercise class , and pole walking .

Publisher: Rock Steady Boxing Indianapolis Headquarters

Cost: Free

This is a series of 66 short videos. There are stretches, warm ups, workouts, fitness challenges, tai chi, and tips & tricks videos. The idea is by the time youve followed along with one video in each category, youve done a whole body workout.

Publisher: APDA Greater St. Louis Chapter

Cost: Free

Three short videos include quick chair exercises, exercises for stronger legs and glutes, and exercises for better balance.

Publisher: Patrick LoSasso

Cost: $14.95/month or $135/year after a free one week trial

A growing library of workouts for those with Parkinsons, including: 5-minute workouts, Undefeated Boxing, Rise & Shine morning blast, exercise ball, Brain & Body Bar, and Parkinsons workout with towel and ball.

Publisher: U-Turn Parkinsons

Cost: Free

This collection of pre-recorded exercise videos includes three 20-minute warm up/stretching videos, four 20-minute seated workouts, one 20-minute upper body boxing video, a 9 minute boxing basics video, two one-hour Rock Steady Boxing Winnipeg workouts, two advanced RSBW workouts, and two yoga Parkinsons workouts.

Publisher: Neuro Challenge Foundation For Parkinsons

Cost: Free

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Further Testing In Parkinsons

In other situations, where perhaps the diagnosis is not as clear, younger individuals are affected, or there are atypical symptoms such as tremor affecting both hands or perhaps no tremor at all, further testing may help. For example, imaging can play a role in differentiating between essential tremor and Parkinsons. It can also be important to confirm what is initially a clinical diagnosis of Parkinsons prior to an invasive treatment procedure such as surgical DBS

Video Guide To Diagnosis Of Parkinsons Launches

The Parkinsons Academy has worked together with Dr Frank Phelan, to develop his award-winning MasterClass project into a fully-fledged video guide to the diagnosis of Parkinsons disease and other movement disorders. It is hoped that the video guide will be an invaluable resource for junior doctors, many of whom do not receive in-depth training on the myriad features of Parkinsons, not to mention the differential diagnosis of similar movement disorders.

Video guide

Dr Frank Phelan, who is Consultant in Elderly Medicine at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, originally took part in the Parkinsons Academy MasterClass in 2017, and won an award for his project. He hit upon the idea of a video diagnosis project because despite all the progress made in raising the profile of Parkinsons disease, it appears that getting the diagnosis correct at the outset remains a significant challenge.

Frank described how a recent experience in his own Parkinsons disease clinic reinforces this notion:

Sarah Gillett, Managing Director of the Parkinsons Academy said:

Sarah Gillett

Managing Director, Neurology Academy

Louise Ebenezer, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Parkinson’s and Vice Chair of the Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist Association which has endorsed the video guide says:

Louise Ebenezer

Clinical Nurse Specialist for Parkinsons disease, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

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