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Tips For Parkinson’s Patients

What Does This Mean For Me

Top Tips from Living with Parkinsons Disease: A Complete Guide for Patients and Caregivers.

It is possible to live well with PD despite the physical and/or cognitive changes that come with the disease progression. PD is often considered a family disease because of the effect it may have on the persons family and friends. Being a Caregiver is an important role and most often performed by the spouse, or an adult child. In the early and middle stages of the disease, the role is often described as a partnership. The care partner and the person with PD have a dynamic relationship as both adjust to sharing duties and working together. In the later stages of the disease, caring for someone with PD may become physically and emotionally draining. It is important for Caregivers to remember that it is okay to ask for help, and to acknowledge that one person cannot do it alone. Caregivers often feel empowered and supported by staying engaged in social activities, building a strong backup team, and attending support groups.

The Cost Of Living And Working With Parkinsons Disease

$25 million. The combined direct and indirect cost of Parkinsons disease, including treatment, Social Security payments and lost income in the United States alone.

$2,500. The average cost of medications for Parkinsons patients each year.

$100,000. The average cost of therapeutic surgery that will set back a Parkinsons patient.

Who Is Lori Deporter

Lori DePorter was diagnosed with young onset Parkinsons six years ago at the age of 45. She is the wife and mother of three boys. She has made exercise and writing her passion to empower others facing the same journey. Today, she teaches classes and is a published author. Her column, Life, Lemons & Lemonade,is published in the Parkinsons News Today and she has written for the Davis Phinney Foundation. Lori hopes her teaching and her writing will inspire others to live their best life with Parkinsons and to live it well.

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Q: If I Am Prescribed A Course Of Cognitive Rehab What Should I Expect On My First Visit

A: You should expect a thorough evaluation of your cognition, with a focus on how it affects your everyday life. This may include neuropsychological testing, such as paper-and-pencil, verbal, or computerized tests of basic cognitive skills like executive function, memory, and attention. Perhaps more important is the assessment of how you integrate and apply your cognitive skills to perform complex, cognitively demanding daily activities. This information can be obtained by tests that involve performing real-life-like functional tasks, such as shopping, medication management, meal preparation, financial management, or scheduling. It is also critical for the therapist to conduct an interview with you and your care partner if possible about your daily life cognitive function, including your perceived cognitive strengths, challenges, concerns, and goals. This should then guide you and your therapist to collaborate in forming realistic and meaningful goals for your course of cognitive rehab and an appropriate treatment plan to reach them.

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Maintaining Nutrition And Diet

Tips for Common Symptoms of Parkinson

Parkinson patients face problems in swallowing food, planning a diet for the patient can serve as a form of help for them. It may not be to a sufficient extent as the actual nutrients play a major role in physical consistency.

That being said, theres an interesting fact about the apples associated with Parkinson. Apples, especially the red ones are said to contain a certain flavonoid which protects brain cells and hence they serve great to fight against Parkinson.

The person suffering from Parkinson disease also encounter respiratory infection. This happens due to the aspiration of food and fluids which possibly leads to malnutrition and pneumonia.

Since urinary tract infections are a result of inadequate food consumption and urinary retention, maintaining a diet can actually help the Parkinson affected a person in many ways. It can even help fight constipation-like problems which occur due to lack of digestive foods and fluids.

You can solve the aforementioned problems through the following solutions:

  • Include juices and milkshakes in the diet. Keep the fluids thicker than usual.
  • Not-so-solid foods such as pudding or fruits that hold water can be a great help.
  • You must ensure that you include soft and moist foods.
  • You must avoid the food which can get stuck in the throat or are difficult to swallow.

Small bites and chewing food until it becomes semi-fluid can help in swallowing the food easily. You can direct the patient to do it.

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Its One Of Few Chores That Actually Reduces Stress

Pulling weeds, planting seeds or pushing a lawn mower may seem like arduous work, but once you get into the zone so to speak, it can be oddly relaxing.

A study conducted in The Netherlands asked two participating groups to complete a stressful task. Afterward, group one was asked to garden for 30 minutes, while group two read indoors. Not only did the gardening group report better moods than the reading group, they had noticeably lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

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Adapt To The Diagnosis

An essential first step is coming to terms with the diagnosis and understanding that Parkinsons disease is progressive. That means it changes over time, and your role changes with it.

Another important focus in the early days is to consider, along with your loved one, how to share the diagnosis with others so you can prioritize your needs. Dont shy away from being honest with your family.

Managing Anger And Irritability In Parkinsons As A Caregiver

Movement Tips for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Informal caregivers particularly family members often play a significant role in helping and caring for loved ones with Parkinsons. Research has shown that caregivers are especially affected by caring for someone dealing with cognitive and mental dysfunctions from Parkinsons. These caregivers report higher caregiver burden and lower overall well-being and quality of life than caregivers of people with PD without significant cognitive impairment. Many caretakers of people with Parkinsons experience anxiety and depression.

The stress of caregiving is a common topic of conversation on MyParkinsonsTeam. One member wrote, My wife has Parkinsons. It is hard to deal with all her ups and downs. We are both exhausted.

Another member wrote about her husband with Parkinsons: His dementia is hard. He is emotional at times, angry at times, and is not aware where he is at times. One member said, My husband has Parkinsons, dementia, diabetes, and a bad heart. It is getting more and more difficult to give him his medications, as he gets very angry and does not take them.

Its important to remember that anger and irritability in people with Parkinsons is often a part of the disease. It is not your fault.

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A Complete Parkinsons Diet Guide

When living with Parkinsons, diet can help you stay healthy and may help with some of the symptoms. Eating a healthy diet will lead you to not only feel better but will also lead to more likely living a longer and more full life.

Before we get started it is important to say that the only evidence-based diets that are shown to be good for Parkinsons are general healthy diets that work for everyone regardless of Parkinsons. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets out there, which is why we recommend it to those with Parkinsons.

So, with that said here are some tips and foods you should consider including in your diet if you have Parkinsons.

Michael J Fox On How Accepting Parkinsons Diagnosis Changed His Perspective

I wasnt quite ready for that yet, she said. I immediately changed my diet. I immediately started exercising.

Exercise can help people with Parkinsons disease, James Beck, chief scientific officer of the Parkinsons Foundation, said.

Its not a cure-all, but it does wonders to help to manage symptoms, keeps people moving, which is really important, helps maintain muscle strength, he told TODAY. Its a rising tide that raises all boats helping people to live a better life.

Day did eventually start taking medication and her symptoms waned. But it was tough being so young and having a condition often associated with older people.

I didnt know anybody young and that was really hard, she said. I dreamed of having one friend or somebody that had my situation.

After a year of searching, she found someone with young onset Parkinsons disease. Then she met another and she decided to start a Facebook group of people in the area with the condition.

Its grown organically at this point. Theres 40 something people and weve gotten together of times in person, Day said. The optimism and hope that I bring to situations is not as common as I thought and I have an opportunity to help people and I enjoy that.

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Getting Dressed With Parkinson’s Disease

  • Get dressed while sitting in a chair that has armrests — this will help you keep your balance.
  • Roll from side to side to get pants over your hips. You can do this while sitting in a chair or lying down on your bed.
  • Wear clothes that are loose fitting and have elastic waistbands.
  • Choose wrap-around clothing instead of the pullover type. Also choose clothing that opens in the front, not the back so you don’t have to reach behind you.
  • Wear clothing with large, flat buttons, zippers, or Velcro closures.
  • Use a button hook to button clothing.
  • Use a dressing stick if you have shoulder weakness to get your coat or shirt on or off.
  • Use a zipper pull or attach a leather loop on the end of the zipper to zip pants or jackets.
  • Wear slip-on shoes or buy elastic shoelaces that allow you to slip your shoes on and off without untying the laces. Use devices such as a sock donner and long-handled shoehorn for additional assistance.

Eating Drinking And Parkinson’s Disease

7 Tips for New Parkinson
  • Don’t rush your meals. Allow the extra time you need to finish your meal. Rest your elbows on the table to provide more motion at your wrist and hand.
  • Sit with your knees and hips bent at a 90-degree angle in a straight-back chair.
  • Use utensils with built-up, lightweight handles, or use a “spork” — a spoon and fork in one. Use a rocker knife for cutting food.
  • Use a non-skid mat to stabilize objects on the table.
  • Use a plate guard or plate with a raised lip to prevent food from spilling.
  • Use a long straw with a non-spill cup or use a plastic mug with a large handle.

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What Did It Find

  • According to the UPDRS score, there was no difference in the progress of disease between the early-start group and the delayed-start group , .
  • The estimated rate of change in progression of the disease, a secondary outcome, was similar in both groups between 4 and 44 weeks .
  • Due to needing symptomatic relief, 87 people in the delayed-start group had levodopa before week 40.
  • The estimated rate of change in progression was faster between weeks 44 and 80 in the early-start group . This means starting levodopa earlier did not slow disease progression.
  • At 80 weeks, a similar proportion of participants were suffering complications, such as involuntary movements, from levodopa treatment .

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If I Have Speech And Voice Problems How Can I Maintain And Improve My Communication

Some tips to improve communication include:

  • Choose a quiet, low-noise space. Turn off televisions, radios and other devices that create noise.
  • Make sure your listener can see your face. Look at the person while you are talking. A well-lit room improves face-to-face conversation, increasing the ability to be understood.
  • Use short phrases. Say one or two words or syllables per breath.
  • Plan periods of vocal rest before planned conversations or phone calls. Know that fatigue significantly affects your ability to speak. Techniques that work in the morning might not work later in the day.
  • Keep your throat hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Dont drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. Use a humidifier if the air in your home is dry.
  • Keep an upright posture, straight chin, slightly lifted neck to improve airflow from lungs to your vocal cords.
  • If you are soft spoken and your voice has become low, consider using an amplifier.

If some people have difficulty understanding you, these additional strategies might help:

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Is Parkinsons Disease Inherited

Scientists have discovered gene mutations that are associated with Parkinsons disease.

There is some belief that some cases of early-onset Parkinsons disease disease starting before age 50 may be inherited. Scientists identified a gene mutation in people with Parkinsons disease whose brains contain Lewy bodies, which are clumps of the protein alpha-synuclein. Scientists are trying to understand the function of this protein and its relationship to genetic mutations that are sometimes seen in Parkinsons disease and in people with a type of dementia called Lewy body dementia.

Several other gene mutations have been found to play a role in Parkinsons disease. Mutations in these genes cause abnormal cell functioning, which affects the nerve cells ability to release dopamine and causes nerve cell death. Researchers are still trying to discover what causes these genes to mutate in order to understand how gene mutations influence the development of Parkinsons disease.

Scientists think that about 10% to 15% of persons with Parkinsons disease may have a genetic mutation that predisposes them to development of the disease. There are also environmental factors involved that are not fully understood.

Study Screening And Selection Criteria

Caregiver Tips for People with Parkinsons Disease

Types of Participants

We included studies of participants with PD in the early stages .

Types of Interventions

We included studies of DAs, levodopa, monoamine oxidase type B inhibitors, and catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitors to treat motor symptoms of PD in the early stages of the disease.

Comparison Group

We included studies using active comparators only.

Types of Studies

For clinical questions 1 through 6, we included only randomized controlled trials. For clinical questions 7 and 8, we included randomized controlled trials, population-based epidemiologic studies, and prospective cohort studies.

Types of Outcome Measures

The preferred outcome measure was the Unified Parkinsons Disease Rating Scale part III, which measures motor symptoms. To determine the change in motor symptoms, the authors calculated the raw mean difference between scores on the UPDRS part III at baseline and at follow-up. To determine the change in dyskinesia, hallucinations, adverse event related discontinuation, and impulse control disorders , the risk differences were calculated.

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Stay Active And Engaged

Starting or maintaining a scheduled exercise routine can make a big difference when it comes to mobility. Good workout habits can improve balance, coordination, and mobility in people with Parkinsons Disease.

It is normal to lose muscle mass and coordination as we age, but beginning to live a more active lifestyle now can slow the progression of symptoms and keep you more comfortable when your mobility becomes more limited.

Here are some exercises that research has shown improve daily living with Parkinsons Disease.

Building up your level of activity will progressively create a reserve of strength that works against the loss of physical function as Parkinsons Disease progresses.

Additionally, staying socially or mentally engaged can provide a similar boost to physical activity. Whether you are getting together with friends or family, the time you share can reinforce a sense of purpose and offer consistent social engagement. Other tasks, like puzzles or other mental games, can exercise your mental faculties and keep you sharp.

Change The Risk Of Later Developing Parkinsons

The current literature reveals conflicting data on the impact of HRT on PD risk. One possible explanation lays in the complex interaction between timing and duration of hormone exposure and the interaction with other genetic and environmental risk factors. Understanding the actual effects of reproductive factors, HRT and the Oral Contraceptive Pill use on the risk of PD may help to identify mechanisms and pathways responsible for these effects, and to determine strategies for future prevention of PD. Currently, the effects of HRT on PD risk remain inconclusive and will require further study. The interplay between these factors is complex, though targeting sex differences in the pathophysiology of PD may open new avenues of investigation and possibly the development of sex-specific treatments.

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Staying Connected While Living Alone

Living alone does not mean you are alone there are plenty of people who can help support you. Your network of support may include:

  • Faith community

Pets can also provide support. Pets can also be registered as an emotional support animal, which can help ease anxiety and provide therapeutic support in public places.

There are many ways to stay connected to your existing support network or to make new connections. Try these options from home:

Tip: On days when you are struggling emotionally, try to talk to one person or accomplish one task. Making a connection or participating in an activity can help boost your motivation and decrease feelings of loneliness.

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Parkinsons deeply affects peoples functionality and mobility. This can cause poor sleeping patterns because of the difficulty people have turning in bed. Dr. Nwabuobi says silk sheets can make readjusting at night easier for people with Parkinsons. While silk is nice, it can also be terribly expensive. But these satin silk sheets do the job just fine and are a steal in comparison. These sheets are lightweight, breathable, and soft to the touch. Available in red, black, grey, and ivory, these sheets will add a nice pop of color to the bedroom and make anyone excited to fall asleep.

Allbirds has a great selection of slip-on shoes for both men and women. Their Tree Loungers, made from eucalyptus tree fibers, are especially nice. In addition to being conveniently laceless, theyre also lightweight and breathable, making it even easier for people with Parkinsons to slip them on. With their low-density soles, the Tree Loungers mimic the shape of your feet and add little weight, ensuring your mobility isnt hindered. Considering tremors are a common symptom of the condition, putting on shoes can be a complicated and time consuming task. But these shoes make the process simpleand it doesnt hurt that they help the environment by emitting less carbon than petroleum-based foam shoes.

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