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Medical Supplies For Parkinson’s Patients

Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils

New Parkinson’s Treatment Improves Mobility for Patients

Best non-weighted

This five-piece utensil set is not weighted, but the design includes a wide, nonslip, ribbed handle to improve ease of grip. The set contains a fork, knife, curved knife, dinner spoon, and soup spoon.

The handles are made from food-grade safe silicone, while the utensils come in dishwasher-safe stainless steel. The utensil set is available in a choice of colors.

The company claims that these utensils may also be suitable for those with arthritis or low grip strength.

Special Supplies Adaptive Utensils are available to purchase online for about $15.

Can I Benefit From Assistive Technology

Answer the following questions to see if assistive technology may help you:

  • Can I communicate effectively and be understood by others?
  • Can I use my computer to read or type as effectively as in the past?
  • Do tremors impact my ability to type?
  • Do I have difficulty using a touch screen?
  • Am I having more difficulty remembering passwords?
  • Am I able to effectively control electronics within the home environment?
  • Have I experienced falls or loss of balance?

Get Professional Health Care Services

Zonact offers doorstep medical equipment rental near you in Delhi NCR. At Zonact, we understand the critical challenges faced by people dependent on home care services and other health equipment. We provide a wide range of top-quality medical equipment on rent for people suffering from Parkinsons and other diseases. We also provide expert health care services and in-home doctor consultations in Delhi NCR. We strive to make healthcare equitable and accessible for all through our professional services and doorstep delivery of medicines and medical equipment. Consult our health experts for any questions regarding your health.

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Getting In And Out Of Bed

  • Because satin is a bit slippery, sheets or pajamas made of this material can help a patient turn over in bed more easily.
  • Grab rails can help with getting out of bed or adjusting position while in bed.
  • Bed risers that elevate the bed a few inches can make it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • Mattress risers that put the mattress into an upright position can allow the patient to be in a more comfortable position when in bed and can help to get out of bed. The upright position can also reduce dizziness caused by lying flat and reduce ankle swelling.
  • A mobile hoist can lift the patient from the bed into a wheelchair.
  • Bars and ropes that are hung above the head can allow the patient to pull up into a sitting position. However, these devices require a lot of strength and so are not suitable for all Parkinsons disease patients.

Medisafe App: Medication Reminders With Tracker


Medisafe app: Medication reminders with tracker

What we loved about Medisafe app:

  • A one-stop solution to medication management: reminds you to take your pills, keep track of your supply, drug-to-drug interaction checker, and more

  • The interface is easy to navigate for people with fine motor skills issues

Medication forms a central part of the treatment of Parkinsons Disease symptoms. So taking them on time and regularly is essential for symptom management and long-term positive outcomes. What we liked about this app is that its packed with features it can send pill reminders, track your progress, and even send notifications to your loved ones if youve forgotten to take your pills.

Its also simple and easy to set up. So once youre over that initial phase, you can depend on it to keep track of your pills as you focus on the more important things in your life! As an added bonus, its completely free to use so you can test it without any risks!

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Cerebral Dopamine Neurotrophic Factor

Developed by TreatER, a European Union-funded research and development project which aims to develop a novel treatment for Parkinsons disease using a drug called CDNF .

It is a protein found naturally in the body and may be able to alleviate Parkinsons symptoms and even stop its progression after being implanted into the brain by a neurosurgeon through catheters.

The project is currently the worlds first clinical study in humans testing natural CDNF and its being conducted at three European university hospitals: Karolinska University Hospital and Skane University Hospital in Sweden, and Helsinki University Hospital in Finland.

The team is also trying to identify easier and cheaper ways for the CDNF drug to be inserted into places in the body where it can best treat the symptoms of Parkinsons.

Does Medicare Cover Durable Medical Equipment

Medicare will cover the cost of medically necessary equipment prescribed by a doctor for in-home use. This includes items such as canes or walkers, wheelchairs, blood sugar monitors, nebulizers, oxygen, and hospital beds. Patients typically pay 20 percent of the Medicare-approved amount for such equipment, as well as any remaining deductible under Part B.

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Agilitas Wearable: Improves Freezing Gait Symptom For Better Mobility

Agilitas Wearable for Parkinsons improves freezing gait

What we loved about Agilitas:

  • Helps to reduce freezing gait by providing the wearer with a visual cue to prompt continued motion.

  • Improves mobility in Parkinsons patients to allow them to stay independent for longer and reduce the likelihood of falls

  • Automatic and manual modes available

  • The simple and discreet device

The Agilitas wearable is a simple, black disc that you can wear on your clothing around the hip area to help with the freezing gait symptom thats common to Parkinsons Disease. It uses a motion-sensing algorithm to detect when youre about to freeze. It then shines a small red dot on the floor to visually cue your brain as to where the next steps should go.

“Agilitas represents a revolutionary approach to the treatment of freezing of gait. It harnesses sophisticated 21st-century technology to create a discreet, powerful, yet elegantly simple solution. Agilitas promises to improve the quality of life of countless patients with Parkinsons Disease. Endorsed by Dr Rodney Marsh FRANZCP MBBS

You can use it in automatic mode, where the Agilitas will detect when youre about to freeze on its own. Alternatively, there is the manual mode where you can tap it once to turn on the light on your own. And double tapping it keeps the light on permanently good for areas with many obstacles. There is also now a cane attachment included.

What we loved about Rollz

The Pencil Grip Heavyweight Mechanical Pencil Set Tpg

Alternative Therapies in Parkinson’s Disease

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Aids in developing hand strength and motor skills

  • Can be used by righties or lefties

  • Customers complain about inability to refill lead

  • Not overly durable or well-constructed

Make your loved one’s day-to-day a little easier, starting with their writing utensils.

Accomplishing tasks can take longer due to slowness of movements, explains Dr. Nwabuobi. Writing and performing other fine motor tasks such as putting on jewelry or shaving can become more laborious due to tremor. Weighted pens are a great way for those with Parkinsons to cut down on tremors and gain better control of their hand while writing, making the process easier and handwriting more readable.

This weighted pen from The Pencil Grip is said to help people develop better motor control and build up strength through regular use. It weighs four ounces to add a nice level of heftiness and bring a smooth finish to any writing efforts.

  • Tracks all daily movements, not limited to exercise only

  • Monitors your sleep and heart rate

  • Swimproof for water exercise

  • More expensive than a regular fitness tracker

  • May not be comfortable for everyone to wear on the wrist

  • Needs to be charged frequently

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How Do Wearable Tremor

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

In this type of system, electrical stimulation is applied to the skins surface to stimulate the sensory nerves, the nerves that carry information about pain, temperature, and body positioning from the limbs to the brain. The exact mechanism of how this stimulation suppresses tremor is not completely worked out. It is known that sensory nerves connect from the arms and legs to a part of the brain called the thalamus, which is also implicated in tremor. It is thought that stimulating the sensory nerves can disrupt pathological circuits in the thalamus that are responsible for tremor.

Cala One was the first transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation system approved by the FDA in 2018 for tremor control. A newer version, Cala TrioTM, is designed to replace Cala One. Cala-Trio is FDA-cleared and is available with a prescription from your doctor. The device is worn on the wrist and applies electrical stimulation to the median and radial nerves. Of note, someone with a DBS system in place is not able to use Cala One or Cala Trio. A randomized controlled trial of Cala One showed mixed results, with improvements on some tremor measures, but no improvements on others. However, self-rated improvements on activities of daily living were 50% in the treatment group and 27% in the control group.

Functional electrical stimulation

Energy dissipation

Readi-Steadi® is a customizable weighted glove which can help dissipate tremor.

Active orthoses

Mobility Equipment And Disability Aids

There is a large variety of mobility equipment and disability aids for everyday living available to help people with Parkinson’s. Mobility and disability aids can help people to maintain independence in the activities that are most important to them.

Some aids used by people with Parkinsons include:

  • Mobility aids to assist with safety and independence whilst walking
  • Personal care aids to assist with independence during activities such as showering and dressing
  • Communication aids to improve speech and communication

Aids and equipment can be highly specialised, so finding the right help and advice is essential. An experienced and skilled health professional will help you to select the aids and equipment most suited to your needs.

This section covers:

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Assistive Devices For Those Living With Parkinsons Disease

Hope in a Glove for Parkinsons Patients: A wearable device promises to ...

Each year, approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Parkinsons disease is a neurogenerative disorder that is most recognized by its movement-related symptoms. While the cause remains largely unknown, with no cure, there are many treatment options to assist in easing the symptoms of the disease.

As Parkinsons disease progresses, motor symptoms such as tremors, dyskinesia, and freezingcan make it difficult to complete everyday tasks. There are many assistive devices that can make routine activities easier and safer for those living with PD. In honor of Parkinsons Awareness Month, we are sharing our Guide to Assistive Devices for those living with Parkinsons disease.

Walking Aids

Freezing of gait is a PD symptom that can cause people to get stuck in place. It is defined as a brief, episodic absence or marked reduction of forward progression of the feet despite the intention to walk. For many people, a cane or a wheeled walker may improve the ability to get around.

Straight canes with a rubber tip are the most recommended for those with PD in comparison to tripod or quad canes. Laser canes can enable Parkinsons patients to break freezing episodes and increase stride length by projecting a bright line as a guide to where to step next.

Walkers with four or more wheels can be helpful for better stability. They may even come with a built-in seats and baskets for extra support.

Eating Utensils and Cooking Tools

Bathroom Aids

Bedroom Aids

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Withings Scanwatch: Track Your Vitals To Promote General Health

Withings ScanWatch

What we loved about Withings ScanWatch:

  • Promote general health and wellness by helping you stay informed about your vital signs through wearable health tracking

  • Tracks these main areas: Heart health, respiratory data, activity, and sleep

  • Sleek and fashionable design

  • 30-day battery life

Maintaining your general health and wellness is just as important as managing your Parkinsons symptoms. The watch helps to measure vital signs like heart rate, length of sleep, and how long youve been exercising and you can see the data collected from the watch on the paired app on your phone.

Another interesting watch wearable to look out for is the Parkinsons KinetiGraph® system. Unlike the Apple Watch or ScanWatch, this wearable is specifically designed to track Parkinsons Disease symptoms like dyskinesia, tremors, motor fluctuations, and more. The data gets sent to your physician so that more accurate information can be collected to inform treatment.

However, it is less consumer-facing, so you cant pair it with your own app to see this data on your own. But its certainly one to look out for if youre having difficulties explaining your symptoms to your doctor and would like an objective device to measure it for you instead.

Is It Safe To Use

The Theracycle is designed specifically for users with movement disorders and has many safety features. Its motion can be stopped instantly using either a push of a button or a pull of a cord. The structural steel and cast iron parts help support the users weight safely and the seat is extra large for comfort and stability.

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Medical Equipment For Parkinsons Disease

With approximately 10 million suffering from the disease, it has become the second most neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimers disease. While there is no established cure for Parkinsons disease, the healthcare technology market offers many medical devices that address some of its symptoms. These medical equipment make things easier for people suffering from Parkinsons disease. If you or your loved ones are suffering from Parkinsons disease, then a few assistive devices could go a long way in making their lives easier and safer. If you are looking to purchase or medical equipment rental near you for Parkinsons disease, then read this blog.

New Possibilities For Living Life With Parkinsons

How is Parkinsons disease diagnosed? (Karen Blindauer, MD)

With constant advancements in technology, whats possible in the life of a person with Parkinsons is increasing every day. Were continually inspired to see individuals with the condition, fight the effects, increase awareness and research, participate in trials to find a cure, and live life to the fullest.

If youre still unsure about which assistive devices or aids are the best for you, click the button below and tell us more about you! Our smart algorithm has scanned over 2000+ health and lifestyle technology devices and understands the top functions available for different needs. With a few details about what you need help with, we can suggest a more comprehensive list for your consideration.Request a free, independent custom deck of ideas, product options, and tips to share with those closest.

Please remember, these should not be considered life-saving devices. Always consult your Doctor, health professionals, and those closest to you. In some cases, financing or payment assistance may be available from your health insurer or via payment plans.

helloEd is a curated collection of the mainstream through to emerging, health-related technology products from across the world. We find, assess and curate the world’s technology to give you choices about what’s possible, and to help you get back to doing what you love. to ask questions or be updated when new articles are released,

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What Are The Risk Factors

  • Advancing age the average person experiences onset around 60 years old
  • Gender men are more likely to develop Parkinsons
  • Environmental causes chemical exposure and work with heavy metals, solvents, and detergents, though this is not a primary cause
  • Trauma to the head boxers such as Muhammed Ali, who have experienced blows to the head, have developed Parkinsons

What Is Focused Ultrasound For Parkinsons

Dr. Halpern: focused ultrasound is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that causes an ablation in a zone that alleviates symptoms of Parkinsons and tremor. Ultrasonic waves can be focused on a specific area of the brain without causing any harm to nearby structures by creating a distinct thermal lesions.

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Does Medicare Cover Depends

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover medical supplies that are for incontinence. Depends and other adult diapers do not meet the standard of Durable Medical Equipment , which Medicare Part B covers.

Why? Because adult diapers are disposable, they are not durable and long-lasting.

But there are certain circumstances where Medicare may cover your incontinence supplies.

One specific situation is if you are a patient in a hospital facility. In this case, all of the supplies including incontinence supplies that you need will be covered by Medicare Part A. The same can be said if you stay in a skilled nursing facility.

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What Is The Science Behind These Devices And Do They Work

BunMo Weighted Utensils for Tremors and Parkinsons Patients

Today, I will explore this type of equipment and its use in PD. Of note, there are many different products currently in the development pipeline that are attempting to tackle this problem. Some of the products have reached a point at which they are available for purchase, but there are many other devices in development that have not reached this stage.

For those looking for more detailed information, Biosensors medical journal published an article that is a great resource for devices currently on the market or being developed.

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