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Best Beds For Parkinson Patients

The Best Adjustable Beds

Parkinsons Bed

Below are some adjustable beds available to purchase online.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

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Finding Help Through Home Health Care

Luckily, my father qualified for home health care since he was considered “home bound” so Medicare will pay for the visits.

In the Fall of 2021, he had his first visit with an agency nurse who assessed him for his basic needs and then she assigned for therapists to come. Physical therapy has been great to continue working my fathers muscles.

Best Mattress For Parkinsons Patients


100% handcrafted made in the USA, Puffy mattress is widely regarded as an extremely comfortable mattress available.The mattress has two layers that have been meticulously designed using the highest quality materials to provide sleepers with a good sleeping experience. Best Mattress For Parkinsons Patients

The Puffy mattress is not just seen as a great product, but its also an excellent brand, thanks to its dedication to social problems.

The company provides mattresses to children, including new mattresses and mattresses which were returned.

Puffy is not only known for their service and quality. Also, for their acts of kindness, and their willingness to share. Puffy is currently rated an A- from the Better Business Bureau, as at the time of writing. For quality of service, Puffy is rated 5 star rating from about 90% of its customers base.

If youre in the market for an affordable memory foam mattress that is also affordable puffy mattress, then its an ideal option. Best Mattress For Parkinsons Patients

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What Mattresses Are Produced From In The Usa

There are a lot of top mattress makers in America and some of them may have heard of. Saatva is one of the most well-known, making its premium mattresses here in the USA to be ordered.

The shipping time could be as long as three weeks, based upon the Saatva you purchase, but If youd like to be sure that youre purchasing the top mattress produced by America, USA, Saatva should be your first choice.

Saatva is somewhat more expensive however, with prices that range between $887 and over $4,400. There are other mattresses manufactured in the USA that are worth a look. They include Nolah Sleep, a Colorado producer of mattresses that manufactures mattresses that are hybrid as well as memory foam. Nolah mattresses are priced from $529 to $1,799 making it less expensive than Saatva.

GhostBed mattresses are manufactured in the USA as well. The family-owned business introduced its first mattress that was boxed in the year 2015. However, it has a long history that spans over few years. The focus is on cooling in GhostBed mattresses. They vary in price between $627 and $2,490 according to the sale deals that are currently running.

Heres a full list of mattresses manufactured from the USA:

How To Choose Adjustable Bed For Parkinsons Patients: The Buying Guide

Equipment for Parkinsons

How do you choose the adjustable bed for parkinsons patients? You must consider many things, such as the brand name, price, and product quality. In addition, you should also consider whether it is suitable for your needs or not.

So how do you choose the right adjustable bed for parkinsons patients? Here are some tips that you can use to help you find a good product:

  • You first need to consider the product’s brand name. A good brand will always produce quality products, so a product with an established name should be good enough for your needs.
  • You need to consider the product’s price next. A high-quality product does not always mean that it will cost more, but if it costs too much, there must be something wrong with it, or nobody will buy it!
  • The final thing you need to look at is how well suited this item is for your needs and requirements and how well suited it is for others with similar requirements!
  • What you Should Keep in Mind When Buying adjustable bed for parkinsons patients

    When shopping for a adjustable bed for parkinsons patients, there are several things to consider. You need to think about the quality of the product, the price, and even how much it will benefit your life. However, you also need to keep these factors in mind:

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    Increasing Your Time Asleep

    Reducing the amount of time, you spend in bed awake can help strengthen or re-establish the triggers for sleepiness.

    If you are not sleeping, it may be tempting to stay in bed until you fall asleep. This may help in the short term however it is not effective in the long run. As you spend longer in bed, sleep becomes more broken and restless with the risk of insomnia symptoms continuing. Even if you dont think youre spending too much time in bed, there is no reason to stay in bed if youre not asleep.

    Read more…

    Best Mattresses For Parkinsons Disease

    People living with Parkinsons Disease often suffer from insomnia, which can be caused by tremors and other symptoms like restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, and bedwetting.

    Certain medications used to reduce tremors can also ravage sleep patterns and make falling asleep very difficult. Typically, individuals with Parkinsons disease experience much less quality sleep time, as little as 5 hours of sleep per night. By contrast, a typical adult needs 7-8 hours of productive sleep to function optimally during the day.

    Sleep apnea can affect 1 out of 5 Parkinsons patients, and insomnia is even more prevalent. Rigidity is also a symptom that can reduce the relaxation and calming that is necessary for sleep induction.

    A memory foam mattress is a good alternative for PD patients since the material is fairly immersive and a softer option may help to increase immersion, offering a better hug and embrace effect, to control restlessness.

    Since muscles dont relax fully in many patients who suffer from rigidity issues, these patients also experience punching, kicking, and hyperactive involuntary muscle movements. A softer, more yielding sleep surface is a better alternative than a rigid coil mattress, for example.

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    How Can I Determine The Right Mattress Firmness

    Medium firm is consistently the most popular mattress choice and thats the reason why most flagship mattresses fall within the range of 7 on the scale of firmness .Best Mattress For Parkinson Patients

    Mattresses are , however, subjective. Comfort and firmness are based on many factors, including your weight of your body, your height, body shape, sleeping style, temperature and whether or not you feel discomfort, for example, hips or back. That means that a persons experience with a mattress is likely to differ from that of another person and whether you would prefer a more soft or firmer mattress will be dependent on your personal preference.Best Mattress For Parkinson Patients

    We employ a variety of customers to evaluate our mattresses, and we also read thousands of reviews by users. Its important to take this into consideration when comparing our firmness gauge, which is between 1 and 10, where 10 is the firmest. You may find the mattress to be softer than we have observed it to be.

    There is however some broad advice for deciding which level of mattress firmness you are best-suited toBest Mattress For Parkinson Patients

    Think about your preferred position for sleeping.

    Back sleepersA medium-firm mattress is often an ideal choice. This provides the best of both worlds and provides a neutral spinal alignment and supporting the shoulders and hips not placing too much pressure on them.Best Mattress For Parkinson Patients

    Take into account your bodys weight

    Hyde Lane Sherpa Heated Blanket

    Movement Tips for People with Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinsons can cause some people to become more sensitive to the cold, which means a heated blanket can come in handyno matter what time of the year. This 100% polyester electric throw from Hyde Lane is thick and soft, which makes it the perfect snuggle buddy. And with a power cord over six feet, you can position yourself comfortably without worrying about unplugging at any point. It also has three different heating levels that help relieve body aches and pains, making it easier to relax and hopefully, fall asleep.

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    The Top Mattress Brands Online

    Below are the current top mattress brands.

    They are listed in no particular order.

    Instead, each mattress has something different to offer, and will be dependent on your sleep position, firmness preference and body weight.

    Saatva is an eco-conscious company which uses environmentally friendly materials throughout their mattress. As a green choice, Saatva has also cornered the market with free White Glove delivery, further establishing themselves as one of those pre-eminent, direct-to-consumer luxury mattresses.

    • Coil-on-coil construction provides better support and more body-contouring than many conventional innersprings.
    • Different firmness and thickness options available,
    • Eco-friendly construction features recycled steel, bio-based foams, and cotton at the cover.
    • Free full-service shipping, a 120-night sleep trial, flexible guarantee, and strong customer support.

    How Can Hospital Beds Help Patients With Parkinson’s Helping Them Sleep

    The lack of sleep highlighted can lead to many health and safety risks. For example, EDS may create a higher risk of accidents and inability to perform routine activities like navigating the stairs. Insomnia can contribute to anxiety and depression, and its common for doctors to look at the potential for mental health disorders in people with Parkinsons. In worst-case scenarios, the problems associated with a lack of sleep can result in further medication and cognitive impairment.

    One of the easiest ways people with Parkinsons disease can get restful sleep is by changing how and where they sleep. On top of the sleep deprivation mentioned earlier, the resting habits of those with Parkinsons can lead to other medical issues. Bedsores and back pain can be problems for those staying in one position for a long time, and ordinary adjustable beds dont address bed mobility problems.

    Creating a comfortable sleeping environment can be very beneficial for Parkinsons patients. The firm-yet-comfortable support provided by pressure-relieving SonderCare mattresses allows patients to remain in the comfort of their own home for longer. The enhanced air circulation helps relieve problems related to body heat, including perspiration.

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    Best For Easy Setup: Dreamclouds Adjustable Bed Frame

    List price
    101 nights for the mattress
    Warranty lifetime

    Ghostbed offer foam and hybrid mattresses with the option to combine the mattress with an adjustable bed frame.

    The adjustable bed frame has a wireless remote control. It has head and foot raising functions, a whisper-quiet massage option, under bed lighting, and USB ports.

    Pros and cons

    The bed frame has a lifetime limited warranty:

    • The full warranty applies to the first year a person has the frame, including freight, labor, and parts.
    • The second-year warranty is for parts only.
    • The limited lifetime warranty applies to the mechanical parts within the base and the steel frame.

    Additionally, people can choose from the following mattresses when they purchase this bed:

    • Ghostbed Classic, a latex and gel memory foam mattress
    • Ghostbed Flex, a hybrid mattress
    • Ghostbed Luxe, a memory foam mattress with cooling technology
    • Ghostbed Matrix, a hybrid mattress with cooling technology

    However, this adjustable bed is not suitable for those with full or California king-size mattresses.

    Latex for Less offers a tiered 20-year warranty:

    • Year one: The manufacturer will cover all replacement parts, labor, and transportation costs for defects.
    • Year 2-5: The manufacturer will offer replacement parts to fix defects, but the customer will need to pay for any labor, transport, and shipping costs.
    • Year 6-20: The customer will need to pay for any labor, transport, and shipping costs and one-fifth of the cost of any replacement parts.

    Alternatives To Adjustable Beds

    Best Bed for Parkinsons

    Adjustable bed frames can be costly, but there are several other options available.

    • Mattress Genie is a triangular pillow that allows a person to elevate the head of their mattress by placing it between the mattress and the bed frame.
    • Additional pillows can enable a person to raise their head or feet or provide support between the knees.
    • Bed rests offer a soft but supportive way to raise the head, neck, and shoulders.

    Below are the answers to some common questions.

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    Best Mattresses For Dementia And Alzheimers Disease

    Alzheimers disease and dementia can affect sleep patterns to different extents depending on the stage of the disease. At the early onset, people generally start sleeping longer, become disoriented, and avoid activity, often receding to the bedroom because of increased anxiety.

    This behavior increases fairly steadily, often to the point where individuals spend more time napping and sleeping during the day which disrupts the bodys natural circadian rhythm.

    Failure to maintain a regular sleep schedule also increases aggression, often brought on by fatigue and restlessness, and can cause confusion, incontinence, and other symptoms.

    Ive had personal experience with my father dealing with dementia and watched his sleep patterns begin to deteriorate as the disease progressed. Though he still wanders and is restless, providing him with a better mattress helped to calm his restlessness, and increased the number of hours he spent in a deeper sleep.

    A curious side effect of Alzheimers patients is their tendency to be more anxious around sunset. This phenomenon is called Sundowning Syndrome, and symptoms can include enhanced confusion, anxiety, and increased bedwetting. A memory foam or latex mattress can help with anxiety by simply providing a slightly immersive sensation that may, in fact, be womb-like, inducing a calming effect.

    Are You Using The Best Bed Sheets For You

    When you think of the most comfortable bed youve ever slept in, what comes to mind? A large number of people think of the sheets they slept in and with good reason. Making sure you have the best bed sheets possible is a huge part of getting a great nights sleep. Because our sheets are the part of the bed that our skin is in direct contact with, the quality of your bed sheets is almost as important as the quality of your mattress.

    With so many different varieties of bed sheet available, it can be hard knowing how to pick the best bed sheets for you. Here are our top tips for picking the bed sheets that are right for you:

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    What Are The Best Tips To Get Better Sleep For Parkinsons Patients

    If you want to get better sleep, you will need to consider a lot of factors. Following are some of the factors which will enhance the quality of your sleep.

    • Exercise There are a number of exercises available that you can do as a Parkinsons patient, which will help you get better sleep and relieve stress.
    • Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol If you want to get better sleep, its important that you dont take caffeine or consume alcohol before getting to bed.
    • Dont consume liquids before bed Consuming a lot of liquid can cause trouble at night, so its advised that you dont consume a lot of liquid before going to bed. Also, its recommended that you make a trip to the bathroom before going to bed.
    • Use a Comfortable Bed If you dont have a comfortable bed, there are great chances that you wont get a comfortable sleep. So, go for a quality bed that will help you get comfortable sleep by supporting your body and managing your body heat.

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    Try Not To Nap During The Day

    Parkinson√Ęs Bed Mobility workout

    For many people, napping during the day affects their quality of night-time sleep, and reduces the amount of deep sleep they get. Some people with Parkinsons find they need a nap during the day.

    Certain medication, for example, can make people very sleepy. If this is the case, try to nap for a short time only, for around 20 minutes. This should not have too much of an impact on your night-time sleep. However comfortable your Theraposture bed is, set an alarm clock to wake you after 20 minutes if youre worried youll sleep for longer!

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    What Are The Best Shoes For Parkinsons Patients

    In my opinion, the Nike FlyEase collection features the best and most comfortable shoes for Parkinsons Patients. The reason why I recommend Nike FlyEase is that they come with a unique design that makes them easier to wear and take off with minimum effort. You can also consider Kizik shoes which are also great for Parkinsons Patients.

    What Is The Most Suitable Kind Of Mattress

    The quick answer is that theres no any one type of mattress. Why? Because everyone is unique and the best mattress for you is dependent on your body type, wellbeing and the way you sleep. Its also because the differences between the various types of mattress have become less significant. Mattresses have improved so significantly in the last five years that its difficult to discern any significant distinction when sleeping on mattresses.

    This is a good thing for you as it means that youll be able pick one of the mattresses from our top mattress guide and youll be satisfied with the mattress you choose no matter if its constructed with copper-infused memory foam coils, cooling latex or a cutting-edge combination of all-natural substances.

    It is useful to know the different types of mattresses prior to making the final decision. With that in mind this article will walk you through the primary options, and highlight the major differences between each

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    Use Sleep Accessories To Improve Mobility And Safety

    People with PD should use accessories to avoid injuries caused by abnormal movements, make it easier to get in and out of bed, assist in turning or moving in bed, and prevent falls from the bed.

    The best sleep accessories to get better sleep with Parkinsons Disease are adjustable beds, bedside rails, bed raises, mattress raises, rope ladders, and satin sheets.

    See below for more details:

    4.1: Adjustable Beds

    The best modern adjustable beds are electrically controlled with full rotation capability, height adjustment, chair convertibility, vertical rise, and sequential programming at a touch of a button.

    They also come in varying sizes, heights, styles, and finishes.

    They can help you to move about in bed, and allow you to get in and out of bed on your own terms.

    If youd like to buy an adjustable bed, pick from my list of the best adjustable beds to buy here.

    4.2: Bedside Rail Grabs

    Bedside rail grabs are safety rails placed along the bedside to prevent a person from falling off the bed.

    It has a collapsible mechanism to lower the rail to the level of the mattress to help the user get in and out of bed.

    It is portable and fits to all beds and is easy to transport.

    4.3: Bed Raises

    To get in and out of bed, it should be of appropriate height.

    The general rule of thumb is that the bed should not be lower than the knee height .

    You may use bed risers to lift the whole bed by a couple of inches.

    They come in different sizes and makes.

    4.4: Mattress Raises


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