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Parkinson’s Disease Financial Assistance

Surgery And Deep Brain Stimulation

Parkinson’s Disease: Financial, Legal & Medical Planning Tips for Care Partners

Deep brain stimulation is a treatment for Parkinsonâs disease that uses an implantable pacemaker-like device to deliver electrical pulses to parts of the brain involved in movement. The DBS system consists of leads precisely inserted into a specific brain target, the neurostimulator implanted in the chest, and extension wires that connect the leads to the neurostimulator. Though implantation of the system requires a neurosurgical procedure, the treatment itself consists of long-term electrical stimulation. Advantages of DBS include its ability to reduce the high doses of medications , its adjustability , and its reversibility DBS was approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for PD in 2002 and according to Medtronic , more than 80,000 patients have undergone DBS surgery worldwide.

Typical candidates are those who have motor fluctuations or periods of âoffâ time with troublesome symptoms alternating with periods of âonâ time with good symptom control, and also with possible periods of excessive movement .

Not all patients with Parkinsonâs disease are good candidates for treatment with DBS. Approximately 10â20% of patients considered for possible treatment with DBS include those:

Diagnosis And Management Of Parkinsons Disease

There are no diagnostic tests for Parkinsons. X-rays, scans and blood tests may be used to rule out other conditions. For this reason, getting a diagnosis of Parkinsons may take some time.

No two people with Parkinsons disease will have exactly the same symptoms or treatment. Your doctor or neurologist can help you decide which treatments to use.

People can manage their Parkinsons disease symptoms through:

  • seeing a Doctor who specialises in Parkinsons
  • multidisciplinary therapy provided for example, by nurses, allied health professionals and counsellors
  • deep brain stimulation surgery .

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Department Of Veterans Affairs

Through the VA Health Care program and their pensions, the VA offers veterans multiple avenues of assistance with medical equipment, assistive technology and home modification. The avenue best pursued depends on whether or not the individual with Parkinsons Disease was exposed to herbicides during their military service. For those individuals not exposed, they are most likely to receive assistance from the Aid and Attendance pension benefit, VD-HCBS or theHISA Grant. For those veterans with PD who were exposed, VA Health Care will cover the cost of much assistive technology and medical equipment.Another option for veterans comes not from the VA but from a non-profit organization with a veteran-specific program called Heroes at Home. This program is intended to assist in making home modifications and typically provides free labor for modifications but does not cover the cost of materials.

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Facts About Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is considered by most to be a disease affecting mostly seniors, with onset averaging at around age 60. However, nearly 10 percent of the diagnoses of Parkinsons occur in people under the age of 40, and 20 percent are under age 50. While many of the symptoms will be the same, regardless of the age of onset, there are some differences with younger sufferers:

  • Dementia and Balance ProblemsThese are less likely among those with an earlier onset.
  • MedicationsThose with earlier onset are typically are more sensitive to the medication benefits used to treat Parkinsons.
  • Physical ComplaintsCramping or abnormal posture is more prevalent.
  • Work LifeOn average, those with earlier onset are able to function at work longer than those who acquire the disease later in life.

How Available And/or Useful Is The Information On The Motability Scheme

Traveling the Rocky Treatment Path with Parkinsons Disease

23. The Motability website is easy to navigate and offers functionality to live chat if there are questions. They have accessible ways to get in touch by phone, minicom and textphone with queries. Also, Motability also offer sign language interpretation. It is positive that they offer these options to ensure they meet the diverse needs of the client base, as not everyone is online.

24. We believe that the Motability scheme is referred to in the award letter, if someone has been successful. But wonder if any further information is provided as people may miss this useful information in the award letter.

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Parkinsons Disease Disability Benefits In Canada

Parkinsons disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the bodys nervous system, compromising movement. Symptoms of Parkinsons disease are gradual, often starting with an almost unnoticeable tremor in one hand. Its arguably the most well-known sign of the disorder, though Parkinsons can also cause stiffness or slowing of movement.

Besides the hand tremor calling-card, Parkinsons symptoms can also include:

  • Slowed movement
  • Writing changes

A person with Parkinsons nerve cells in the brain slowly break down or die. Many Parkinsons symptoms are due to the loss of those neurons, which produce a chemical messenger in your brain called dopamine. Low levels of dopamine lead to abnormal brain activity, making Parkinsons a potential risk.

The cause of Parkinsons disease is still unknown. Two factors that seem to be linked to the disorder include genetics and environmental triggers .Left untreated, Parkinsons can lead to an array of complications, the most common being:

  • Difficulty thinking

Exercise And Healthy Eating

Regular exercise is particularly important in helping relieve muscle stiffness, improving your mood and relieving stress.

There are many activities you can do to help keep yourself fit, ranging from more active sports like tennis and cycling, to less strenuous activities such as walking, gardening and yoga.

You should also try to eat a balanced diet containing all the food groups to give your body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy.

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Working With A Financial Planner

While the abundant free or low-cost internet tools may be helpful, hire an independent financial adviser or certified public accountant to review your calculations and assumptions if possible. Many “canned” financial projection programs make assumptions that are too simple to give you the robust analysis you need to assure your financial security for decades into the future. Many generic programs and articles do not reflect the different financial conditions you may experience as a result of Parkinson’s.

Gather from your medical team relevant Parkinson’s-specific information and any financial analysis you have completed on your own, and consider having a CPA or fee-only financial adviser review what you have done. This might be less costly than hiring someone to complete the analysis in its entirety. Gathering Parkinson’s information will also help the financial planner or CPA review and tailor their comments to you.

See National Association of Personal Financial Advisers, which is an industry trade organization for fee-only financial advisers to locate a planner near you.

Also, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has a CPA Personal Financial Specialist Credential that can assure you of a certified public accountant that has met additional requirements to provide financial planning services. The AICPA has extensive public financial resources.

Quick Start Program Terms And Conditions

Understanding Parkinson’s disease

The NOURIANZ Quick Start Program sponsored by Kyowa Kirin provides patients newly prescribed NOURIANZ with a free 28-day supply of NOURIANZ to allow new patients to begin their drug therapy while awaiting a benefit investigation by Kyowa Kirin Cares to determine whether there is coverage by their health plans.

Patients must meet all of the following eligibility criteria to be considered for the Program:

The NOURIANZ Quick Start Program is NOT insurance it is a free goods program, providing a free 28-day supply of NOURIANZ to patients newly prescribed NOURIANZ.

A complete enrollment form signed by both the applicant and prescriber, which contains a valid prescription, is required. On the enrollment form your prescriber must certify that the requested product is prescribed for the FDA-approved indication.

If you have any questions regarding the Program, please contact us at 833-KK-Cares.

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How Do People Receive Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid eligibility requirements depend on financial need, low income, and low assets. In determining Medicaid eligibility, officials do not review rent, car payments, or food costs. They only review medical expenses. Medical expenses include:

  • Care from hospitals, doctors, clinics, nurses, dentists, podiatrists, and chiropractors
  • Transportation to get medical care

The four eligibility tests required to receive Medicaid include:

  • Categorical. You must be age 65, blind, or disabled.
  • Non-Financial. You must be a U.S. citizen and a state resident. You also must have a social security number.
  • Financial. Your total gross income, personal assets, and property will be evaluated and must meet a certain standard. This amount varies from state to state.
  • Procedural. You must complete and sign an application and have a personal interview with a Medicaid official.

Each eligible Medicaid recipient receives a monthly medical identification card. The card is valid for one month only.

Parkinsons Disease Treatments Covered

Parkinsons disease can come with a wide range of motor and nonmotor symptoms. The symptoms of this condition can be different for different people.

Since it is a progressive disease, symptoms can change over time. Medicare covers a range of different treatments, medications, and services that you may need to manage Parkinsons disease throughout your life.

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How Does Participation/non

19. Participation in the Motability scheme gives an individual with Parkinsons much more independence and flexibility over their lives, especially if they live in a rural area where public transport is limited. However, it is an expensive scheme so participation must be weighed up alongside other household costs.

Medicaid / Hcbs Waivers

Pin on Finding a Cure/Treatments

Under Medicaid, some family members can be paid as caregivers.

Nursing Home CareHome and Community Based ServicesPCA / PCS Programs

PCA stands for Personal Care Assistance or Personal Care Attendant and PCS for Personal Care Services. These are regular Medicaid programs that will pay a caregiver to come to ones home and provide personal care such as assistance with the activities of daily living An especially attractive element of these programs is the fact that often times, the paid caregiver can be someone familiar to the individual with Parkinsons. Friends and certain family members can be hired as paid caregivers. The downside of PCA / PCS programs are that the hourly wage that caregivers receive is very low and this is an optional Medicaid benefit. This means not every state offers this option as part of their regular Medicaid programs. A list of states which do offer PCS can be found here. Be aware that this list is not exhaustive and if one does not see their state listed, they should also inquire with their state Medicaid office if such a program is available in their state.

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What To Expect When A Loved One Has Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is a progressive neurological disorder that causes a gradual loss of muscle control. Although the disorder generally occurs in elderly people, it is occasionally seen in younger adults. In fact, roughly 5-to-10% of all Parkinsons disease cases occur before the age of 50.

Parkinsons disease usually evolves in five distinct stages:

It is important to remember that Parkinsons disease affects each patient differently. While some may remain in Stage 1 for years, others advance quickly. Some people might even skip one more stage of disease progression entirely.

There is no cure for Parkinsons disease, but prescription medications, deep brain stimulation, and certain therapies will usually alleviate or lessen symptoms. A healthy diet and regular exercise can also help people with Parkinsons disease improve muscle strength and balance.

While Parkinsons disease itself is not fatal, its debilitating effects do increase the potential for deadly complications. Because swallowing issues may cause aspiration of food or liquids into their lungs, pneumonia is the most common cause of death among people with Parkinsons disease. Worsening mobility and balance problems also increase their risk for fatal falls.

Caring For Someone With Parkinsons

The impact of Parkinsons goes beyond the person who has been diagnosed with Parkinsons. Partners, family members and friends of the person who has been diagnosed with Parkinsons will be well aware of how challenging the condition can be for them and those closest to them.

A carer is a person who provides unpaid care and support for someone living with Parkinsons. Carers may be partners, relatives, friends or neighbours.

People become carers for various different reasons. Many people become carers because they want to help a relative, friend or loved one. They might see it as a natural extension of their current relationship. Many carers feel that it is what they should do. For this reason, some people are reluctant to identify themselves as a carer.

The role of the carer is a very important one. It can be a very rewarding, but is also a challenging role.

This section covers:

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Is The Decision Not To Use The Scheme Related To A Preference For Using Public Transport Or Is It Due To Other Factors

10. Under 10% of people with Parkinsons are eligible to apply for the Motability scheme currently. We believe that low income and poverty is a factor in people not leasing a Motability vehicle. If someone with Parkinsons is on the enhanced rate of PIP at £245 every 4 weeks and possibly on Universal Credit or Employment and Support Allowance at £73.10 per week, then their household income may not enable them to take advantage of the scheme. A Motability car might not be the priority, whereas paying utility bills and medication costs are likely to be prioritised above this expenditure.

11. Research conducted by Sheffield Hallam University showed that the additional cost of Parkinsons on a household is around £16,582 per year. This includes health and social care costs, potential loss of income from reduced hours or retirement. This additional cost of living with the condition shows that household income for those with the condition is squeezed. So while mobility is an important element to maintaining wellbeing, participating in the Motability scheme may not be viable due to the cost.

12. Also, some people with Parkinsons cannot drive, have had their licence removed or dont have someone who is able to drive them, so the Motability scheme isnt that useful for them.

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Right At Homes Trained Care Experts Can Help

Providing support to people with Parkinsons Disease

If you are one of the 1 million Americans with this chronic condition, you know that symptoms generally develop slowly over the years. Our goal is to be there for you as the disease progresses, providing as much or as little care as needed. Right at Homes specialized home care teams know just how to work with the muscle stiffness and tremors to help prevent frustration and falls. We also help individuals with Parkinsons disease stand strong with these beneficial caregiving services:

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Be Honest With Each Other

A trap some caregiver-patient partners can get into is one person becoming the nurse while the other is demoted to helpless patient. Thats not productive and can end up being harmful if, for example, the caregiver takes on responsibilities that the person with Parkinsons is perfectly capable of doing.

As a caregiver, try to start an open dialogue for tough conversations with your loved one where you come to an agreement about when the loved one truly needs help.

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Financial Assistance For Parkinson’s Medication

Michigan Parkinson Foundation can assist people with Parkinson’s disease obtain some relief for PD medication cost . Qualified individuals must be a Michigan resident. We take into consideration not only annual income but how much you pay out of pocket for medical bills. Once you complete the application and meet all criteria, your medications will be mailed directly to you.

To apply for medication assistance, complete the application and return to MPF by , fax, or mail to:

Michigan Parkinson Foundation

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To Be Eligible Patients Must:

  • Be aged 17 years or older.
  • Have commercial prescription insurance.
  • Have a valid prescription for NORTHERA that is not eligible for reimbursement through any state or federal healthcare programs.
  • Meet all other eligibility requirements set forth in the NORTHERA Commercial Copay Assistance Program Terms and Conditions.
  • Pay at least $10 for each 30-day prescription.

Patients are not eligible for this assistance if they are uninsured or if the prescription is eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by any state or federal healthcare programs, including but not limited to Medicare or Medicaid, VA, DOD, or TRICARE.

Social Security Disability Insurance

03/17/2020 Financial Assistance for Dementia Care Assisted Living ...

SSDI, often referred to as simply Disability, is assistance intended for those individuals who are of working age and cannot work as a direct result of their medical condition. The SSA does not provide care assistance but instead provides financial assistance that can be used for care. To be eligible one must both have a written diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease and have earned monthly income of less than approximately $1,000.

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Important Safety Information And Indication For Kynmobi Sublingual Film

Contraindications: KYNMOBI is contraindicated in patients:

  • Using concomitant drugs of the 5HT3 antagonist class, including antiemetics and alosetron. There have been reports of profound hypotension and loss of consciousness when subcutaneous apomorphine was administered with ondansetron.
  • With hypersensitivity/allergic reaction to apomorphine or to any of the ingredients of KYNMOBI. Angioedema or anaphylaxis may occur.

Warnings and Precautions:

  • Hypersensitivity: Oral soft tissue swelling was reported as an adverse reaction in patients treated with KYNMOBI. It is not known whether these events are related to apomorphine, sodium metabisulfite, or another KYNMOBI excipient. KYNMOBI rechallenge is not generally recommended after discontinuation as oral adverse reactions may recur and may be more severe than the initial reaction.
  • Syncope/Hypotension/Orthostatic Hypotension: KYNMOBI may cause syncope, hypotension or orthostatic hypotension. Patients treated with KYNMOBI should receive an assessment for hypotension/orthostatic hypotension, especially if they have a history of hypotension or cardiovascular disease, or if they are currently using antihypertensive medication. Patients should be informed of this risk.
  • Oral Mucosal Irritation: KYNMOBI may cause oral irritation. Rechallenge is not generally recommended after discontinuation as oral adverse reactions may recur and be more severe than the initial reaction.


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