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If My Mom Has Parkinson’s Will I Get It

Causal And Associated Genes

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The idea that a gene abnormality may cause some cases of Parkinsons dates back to 1997. At that time, scientists at the National Human Genome Research Institute and the National Institutes of Health first precisely identified that an irregularity in the synuclein alpha gene , the gene that provides instructions to make the protein alpha-synuclein, could lead to this movement disorder.

Alpha-synuclein is found in abundance in the brain and is thought to help regulate the release of dopamine, a chemical involved in the transmission of signals between nerve cells . With Parkinsons, the brain doesnt produce enough dopamine. This 1997 research on SNCA confirmed that at least one form of Parkinsons disease is inherited.

Up until 1997, people did not broadly think that Parkinsons could be hereditary or familial, says James Beck, PhD, chief scientific officer with the Parkinsons Foundation. With that discovery, we began to identify a number of genes linked with Parkinsons.

In 2004, scientists discovered the most common genetic contributor to Parkinsons, a mutation in LRRK2, a gene that is active in the brain and pushes a persons risk to 30 percent. Certain ethnic groups are more likely to have this gene irregularity. The faulty LRRK2 gene accounts for 1 percent to 2 percent of all Parkinsons cases, according to a review published in February 2016 in Biochemical Journal.

What You Can Do To Help Children Adjust To Pd

about changes in your home if at all possible. The staff at the school, along with sports coaches or leaders of other extracurricular activities, can be your allies in watching over your childrens emotional health and looking out for signs of distress. Sharing accurate PD information with the other adults in their lives will help ensure that your attitude and philosophies are always communicated in a similar way.

Establish family meetings to create opportunities to regularly address issues and worries, along with what is working well. You may use one of the books about Parkinsons written for children as a jumping off point for the discussion. Below youll find a list of a few of these books for reference. As PD is a progressive condition and will change over time, new questions may come up and need to be addressed. Plan a fun activity following a PD talk.

Maintain family life, while remaining flexible with the changes that occur. Encourage and reassure your kids to continue their involvement in favorite activities, interests and hobbies. They should have fun and live their normal lives as much as possible. This is important for their overall wellbeing.

Bring children to a neurology appointment so they can learn about PD. If they are interested, you can talk more about research into new treatments and with specialists who are available to help.

Empower children by helping them organize a PD fundraiser or raise PD awareness. It is something they can do to help.

What Are The Surgical Treatments For Parkinsons Disease

Most patients with Parkinsons disease can maintain a good quality of life with medications. However, as the disease worsens, medications may no longer be effective in some patients. In these patients, the effectiveness of medications becomes unpredictable reducing symptoms during on periods and no longer controlling symptoms during off periods, which usually occur when the medication is wearing off and just before the next dose is to be taken. Sometimes these variations can be managed with changes in medications. However, sometimes they cant. Based on the type and severity of your symptoms, the failure of adjustments in your medications, the decline in your quality of life and your overall health, your doctor may discuss some of the available surgical options.

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The Woman Who Raised Me Was Fading Away Who Would I Be Without My Mother

When she returned home her deterioration was painfully evident. Seeing her broke my heart. The simple things she once could do with ease were now a massive struggle. Conversations with her were confusing and abrupt, often dissolving into tangents within tangents of nonsensical thought and incorrect words.

Those emails fresh in my mind and witnessing my mothers rapid decline was too much. I contemplated suicide. The idea of watching her decay in front of me felt torturous, and I wanted to end that emotional pain. Better to feel nothing than to feel agony, I thought.

Then She Fell The Day Before Thanksgiving And Gashed Open Her Eyebrow

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I held my moms head still with my bare hands while the ER doctor stitched her up. Afterwards, we realized we hadnt eaten all day, so my dad attempted to find food for us all while I washed her dried blood off my hands. After that, we realized she couldnt be left alone at all.

In taking care of my mom, I have done things that I had never expected to do in my life. I have changed her diaper, bathed her, wiped her down with baby wipes when the water in their house wasnt working. I have dealt with smells and sights that turned my stomach and broke my heart. Neither of us planned for a time where Id have to care for her similarly as she had cared for me as an infant but here we were.

I witnessed as she struggled to do anything get out a lucid thought, feed herself, wipe herself, walk a single step or twoand I began to see my body differently. No longer plagued with self depreciating thoughts about my size and shape, I saw my body past pure aesthetics and began to appreciate what it could do for me.

As my mom struggled to do the things that we take for granted things we just automatically do I realized how lucky we were to be able to do them. I feel fortunate that I can have a riveting conversation with friends, or walk around NYC, or play with my dogs, or travel the world. I appreciate the fact that I can take a shower by myself, wipe myself, feed myself, dress myself in beautiful clothes .

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Genetic Testing Cannot Tell You If You Will Or Will Not Get Parkinsons

Parkinson’s is not linked to any single gene mutation that causes disease 100 percent of the time. If you do test positive for a PD-linked mutation, it does not mean you will absolutely get Parkinson’s. There are actions you can take, such as exercise, to lower risk. Conversely, if you test negative for a PD-linked mutation, you may still develop Parkinson’s. Other mutations and factors such as aging and environmental causes also contribute to risk. Science is working to better understand who does get Parkinson’s and why.

The Decision To Seek Genetic Testing Is A Personal One

Learning you carry a gene mutation that raises disease risk can be concerning for you and your family. The decision to seek genetic testing or to participate in genetic research deserves extra attention. A genetic counselor is trained to talk with you and help you gain a fuller understanding of what your results might mean for you and your family.

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How Is Parkinsons Disease Treated

There is no cure for Parkinsons disease. However, medications and other treatments can help relieve some of your symptoms. Exercise can help your Parkinsons symptoms significantly. In addition, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy can help with walking and balance problems, eating and swallowing challenges and speech problems. Surgery is an option for some patients.

Does Parkinsons Cause Death

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Generally speaking, how long people live is not greatly affected by Parkinsons. The drugs used to treat it are very good at controlling movement problems, and many people carry on working and doing the same things they did before they had it.

However, if someones symptoms get worse over a period of time, it can make them less able to get around and more likely to pick up infections.

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Genes Linked To Parkinsons Disease

Theres a long list of genes known to contribute to Parkinsons, and there may be many more yet to be discovered. Here are some of the main players:

SNCA: SNCA makes the protein alpha-synuclein. In brain cells of individuals with Parkinsons disease, this protein gathers in clumps called Lewy bodies. Mutations in the SNCA gene occur in early-onset Parkinsons disease.

PARK2: The PARK2 gene makes the protein parkin, which normally helps cells break down and recycle proteins.

PARK7: Mutations in this gene cause a rare form of early-onset Parkinsons disease. The PARK7 gene makes the protein DJ-1, which protects against mitochondrial stress.

PINK1: The protein made by PINK1 is a protein kinase that protects mitochondria from stress. PINK1 mutations occur in early-onset Parkinsons disease.

LRRK2: The protein made by LRRK2 is also a protein kinase. Mutations in the LRRK2 gene have been linked to late-onset Parkinsons disease.

Among inherited cases of Parkinsons, the inheritance patterns differ depending on the genes involved. If the LRRK2 or SNCA genes are involved, Parkinsons is likely inherited from just one parent. Thats called an autosomal dominant pattern, which is when you only need one copy of a gene to be altered for the disorder to happen.

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Increased Feelings Of Anxiety Or Depression

Anxiety and depression have been linked to Parkinsons. In addition to movement problems, the disease can also have an impact on your mental health. Its possible that changes in your emotional well-being can be a sign of changing physical health as well.

If you are more anxious than usual, have lost interest in things, or feel a sense of hopelessness, talk to your doctor.

The Difficulty Of Diagnosis

I Wear Silver For My Mom Parkinson Disease Awareness

Its not a simple, straightforward process when it comes to diagnosis. It can be an emotional ordeal with many an appointment. The road to diagnosis for Trevor was slow and during that time it left us in uncertainty about his health issues.

Patience really is a virtue when it comes to coping with your lack of control over the situation. The wait we experienced was tiresome so its a good idea to keep the channels of communication open and to remain both positive and persistent. Getting to the cause of any health issue when it first arises is paramount.

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Hanie Talks About Her Father And Parkinsons Disease

Stephanie Freidberg, a 37-year old American/Belgian clinical psychologist living in Brussels agreed to talk about her father Stephen, his experiences of living with Parkinsons Disease the impact that his illness had on her how it changed their relationship her regrets cherished memories and how caring for him has made her more empathetic.

She hopes that by being so honest about such a deeply emotional subject, others might feel more able to speak about their own experiences of Parkinsons Disease, whether as a patient, family member or friend.

Can you tell us about your father and your relationship?

My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 2001. He passed away in 2012. He was a wonderful man. He had it all. One word in particular comes to mind to describe him : decent. He was an extremely decent, fair and moral person. He was also brilliant and extremely good looking. He had a great sense of humour as well. As I say, he had it all. I loved him very much and feel that he was a rock in my life. He died when I was 29 and pregnant with my first child.

How did your father react initially to his diagnosis and how did this change over time?

When and how were you told you that he had Parkinsons Disease? What was your initial reaction? And, how did you come to terms with the news ?

What Parkinsons Disease symptom did you discover that you hadnt known about before? How would you explain it to people who arent familiar with Parkinsons Disease?

What Are Some Causes Of Parkinsons Disease

Multiple risk factors may contribute to PD. Scientists still arent sure why neurons in Parkinsons patients weaken and produce lower levels of dopamine, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Researchers continuously note the following factors that affect Parkinsons risk:

  • Age. While some people are diagnosed with early-onset PD before 50, age increases the likelihood of diagnosis.
  • Sex. People born male are 1.5 times more likely to have PD than people born female.
  • Environmental causes. Exposure to certain chemicals, metals, and organic pollutants may be linked to increased Parkinsons risks. Various agricultural pesticides may be linked to neurodegeneration that leads to PD, according to research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
  • Head injuries. Repeated head trauma may increase a persons PD risk.
  • Genetics. Certain altered and mutated genes can increase the risk of developing PD.

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Living With Parkinsons Disease

As Parkinsons develops, a person who has it may slow down and wont be able to move or talk quickly. Sometimes, speech therapy and occupational therapy are needed. This may sound silly, but someone who has Parkinsons disease may need to learn how to fall down safely.

If getting dressed is hard for a person with Parkinsons, clothing with Velcro and elastic can be easier to use than buttons and zippers. The person also might need to have railings installed around the house to prevent falls.

If you know someone who has Parkinsons disease, you can help by being a good friend.

Ask The Doctor/q& a With Dr Rebecca Gilbert

r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Got My Mom Pregnant!

My Dad had Parkinsons disease, and I just learned that my Grandma his mother also had PD. I do not currently have any symptoms of PD, but should I get genetic testing?

This is actually a very complicated question, as there are a number of genes that have been associated with PD, but most people with PD do not have one of the currently identified genetic mutations. If someones father and paternal grandmother have PD, that makes it more likely that an identifiable genetic mutation is involved, although you might not have inherited it. In addition, most PD mutations have what is called reduced penetrance, which means that only a subset of people who inherit the mutation actually manifest the disease. Currently, it is not standard of care for someone who does not have any symptoms of PD to get genetic testing.

For someone who already has PD, the answer about whether to get genetic testing may be different. There are clinical trials that are ongoing now and others that are set to start which are investigating treatment of PD in people who carry specific mutations. Genetic testing of potential participants in the trials is therefore necessary. If one of these trials is successful in treating PD associated with a specific genetic mutation, that will of course change the whole landscape of genetic testing for PD and make it much more widespread.

Since the topic is not straightforward, I wrote a blog addressing it which you may find helpful. You can read it here.

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What Is Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that causes nerve cells to die. According to the National Institute on Aging, the disease progressively worsens over time, and the cause is unknown. People with Parkinson’s disease may experience any of these symptoms:

  • Urinary problems

Just because you have a mutation on a specific gene or a relative with Parkinson’s diseasedoes not mean you will develop the disease. Also, according to the National Institute on Aging, a combination of factors , in addition to genetics, contribute to the disease.

Still, each factor’s impact on a person varies between cases. Specifically, per the Parkinson’s Foundation, genetics is the cause of 10% to 15% of patients who develop the condition.

What Lifestyle Changes Can I Make To Ease Parkinsons Symptoms

Exercise: Exercise helps improve muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and tremor. It is also strongly believed to improve memory, thinking and reduce the risk of falls and decrease anxiety and depression. One study in persons with Parkinsons disease showed that 2.5 hours of exercise per week resulted in improved ability to move and a slower decline in quality of life compared to those who didnt exercise or didnt start until later in the course of their disease. Some exercises to consider include strengthening or resistance training, stretching exercises or aerobics . All types of exercise are helpful.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet: This is not only good for your general health but can ease some of the non-movement related symptoms of Parkinsons, such as constipation. Eating foods high in fiber in particular can relieve constipation. The Mediterranean diet is one example of a healthy diet.

Preventing falls and maintaining balance: Falls are a frequent complication of Parkinsons. While you can do many things to reduce your risk of falling, the two most important are: 1) to work with your doctor to ensure that your treatments whether medicines or deep brain stimulation are optimal and 2) to consult with a physical therapist who can assess your walking and balance. The physical therapist is the expert when it comes to recommending assistive devices or exercise to improve safety and preventing falls.

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