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How Does Sinemet Help With Parkinson’s

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Parkinsons Is A Mystery Both In Its Cause And In Its Prevention

Managing Parkinsonâs: Take Control of Your Symptoms

Studies have suggested that aerobic exercise could decrease Parkinsons risk.

Other study findings indicate that caffeine found in coffee, tea, and cola decreases Parkinsons disease risk among people who consistently consume it. Parkinsons disease is also less likely to develop when one drinks green tea. There is no clear evidence, however, that caffeine prevents Parkinsons, or if it is related to it in any other way. Caffeinated beverages may not prove beneficial for Parkinsons patients at this time.

Natural Treatment For Parkinsons #1 Cannabis/medicalmarijuana:

Cannabis, aka medical marijuana, is an incredibletreatment for Parkinsons disease. You can have a Parkinsons patient shakingviolently and uncontrollably, and yet within 30-40 minutes of self-administering with some cannabis, their symptoms will almost completely disappear. Watch this short 2minute video from Parkinsons sufferer, Ian Frizell, who shows you what he waslike before self-medicating with cannabis and then again after. The change is truly astonishing!

Taylor French is another Parkinsons patient thatundergoes a remarkable transformation once he ingests what he calls nutritional vegetable extract . This guy has an advanced form ofParkinsons and is normally confined to a wheelchair with limited use of hisbody due to stiff and rigid muscles . But after ingestingsome cannabis hes able to walk, and incredibly, in his video he even getsinto his car and drives off down the road!

You can view it here

Elyse Del Francia also tells the story of her Parkinsonssuffering husband, and the time she decided to smother his morning pancakes withsome canabutter. She said

Within45 minutes of eating a pancake with marijuana on it, he stopped shaking. Thatwas my lightbulb moment. Thats when I knew that I was onto something thatwould relieve his pain and suffering, because its horrible, horrible, to haveParkinsons Disease and not have any relief. I feel that this is something thathelps so many people in so many ways with pain and suffering. 5

How Does Medical Marijuana Affect The Body

Marijuana affects the body through neurotransmitters, which are the chemical messengers of the nervous system.

Various factors can stimulate neurotransmitter activity, initiating a set of physiological responses. In cannabis, it is mainly THC or CBD binding to endocannabinoid receptors that produce new physiological reactions in the body.

The endocannabinoid system is one of the most important neurotransmitter systems in the body. It utilizes cannabinoid receptors located throughout the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system . Cannabis works to turn on endocannabinoid neurotransmitters through activity at these receptors.

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While You Are Using Sinemet

Things you must do

If you feel light-headed, dizzy or faint get up slowly when getting out of bed or standing up.

You may feel light-headed or dizzy while taking Sinemet. This is because your blood pressure is falling suddenly. Standing up slowly, especially when you get up from bed or chairs, will help your body get used to the change in position and blood pressure.

If this problem continues or gets worse, tell your doctor. If you are about to be started on any new medicine, tell your doctor and pharmacist that you are taking Sinemet.

If you experience times where Sinemet does not appear to be working as well as it did previously, tell your doctor.

After taking this medicine for long periods of time, such as a year or more, some people suddenly lose the ability to move. This loss of movement may last from a few minutes to several hours. The person is then able to move as before. This condition may unexpectedly occur again and again. This problem is called the on-off effect. Your doctor may prescribe you a stronger dose of Sinemet or may ask you to take it more frequently. Your doctor may need to prescribe you a different medicine.

Have blood tests taken when your doctor says to make sure Sinemet is not causing any problems with your blood, liver, kidneys or heart.

If you plan to have surgery that needs a general anaesthetic, tell your doctor or dentist that you are taking Sinemet.

If you become pregnant while taking Sinemet, tell your doctor.

Things you must not do

Books And Movies Based On The Incephalitis Lethargica Epidemic:

Understanding Parkinson

Awakenings by Oliver Sack in 1973

Oliver Sacks published a non-fiction book called Awakenings in 1973. Sacks chronicles his efforts to help these patients in the Bronx, New York, at the Beth Abraham Hospital . L-DOPA was used in the treatment.

1990s Hollywood movie Awakenings based on the book by Oliver Sack

Adapted from Oliver Sackss 1973 memoir of the same name, Awakenings is a 1990 American drama film. In this film, Robin Williams plays the role of Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a fictional character based on Sacks. It was his discovery of the drug L-Dopa that led to his discovery of its beneficial effects. His treatment plans include catatonic patients who survived encephalitis lethargica, which was prevalent from 1917 to 1928. The patients are woken up by Leonard Lowe and must adapt to a new time and new life after decades of sleep. A total of three Oscar nominations have been given to this film.

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Side Effects Of Medication

All prescribed medication can have potential side effects, including those used to treat Parkinsons.

Many people find their Parkinsons medication works very well when they start taking it, but this may change over time and side effects can develop.

Some things you think are symptoms of Parkinsons may actually be side effects of medication.

Some peoples side effects will have a big impact on their lives and have to be kept under control along with the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

There is a wide range of Parkinsons symptoms, most of which affect the quality of life of the patient.

The outwardly noticeable symptoms of Parkinsons are tremors, or shaking of limbs. The disease will also make your muscles feel stiff or rigid which leads to slow motion and walking difficulties.

Patients will experience volume change in their voice early on in the disease. Later in the disease, their words will slur together, they will stutter, and speak quickly.

There are also a lot of non-motor symptoms associated with Parkinsons. Some of the symptoms are Loss of smell, constipation, trouble swallowing, delusions or visual hallucinations, lack of judgement, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, reduced sensitivity to smells, trouble staying asleep, increased depression and anxiety, fatigue, weight loss, excessive sweating, difficulty multi-tasking, harder time with organization, increase in urinary frequency and urgency, lightheadedness, reduced libido, and slower blinking and dry eyes.

Youll notice there are a lot of symptoms associated with this disease, and a lot of them affect quality of life of the patients. There are also different types of Parkinsons disease.

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Drug Forms And Administration

Sinemet comes as tablets. Rytary comes as capsules. Both drugs are taken by mouth.

Sinemet and Rytary are typically taken three to four times per day, or more often. How often you take either medication depends on your condition.

Sinemet is also available as the generic medication carbidopa/levodopa. Generic medications contain exact copies of the active drugs found in brand-name medications. For more information about generic carbidopa/levodopa, see the Sinemet generic section above.

Naturalremedy For Parkinsons #10 Foods You Must Avoid

Neurologist’s tips for taking SINEMET

There are certain foods that are known to worsen thesymptoms of Parkinsons and certain foods that are known to help. Healthadvocate, Dr Joseph Mercola, says that Parkinsons disease is primarily relatedto poor lifestyle choices, particularly poor dietary habits. Increasing yourbodys natural dopamine levels is also extremely important in your fight againstPD.

The foods and liquids you should be eating and drinkingmore of to help you along include:

· Clean Filtered Water Clean filtered water helpsto flush toxins from the body and hydrate the cells .Try and aim to drink at least two liters of water every day, and under nocircumstances drink tap water! Tap water is laced with toxic fluoride and otherchemicals and heavy metals so NEVER drink it. Buy yourself a good quality waterfilter. Its worth the investment.

· Whole Foods and Raw Foods Eat plenty oforganic mixed berries, green leafy vegetables, liver , fish,eggs, nuts and seeds such as chia and flaxseeds, along with plenty of herbs andspices. When it comes to buying any of these remember fresh is alwaysbest.

· Consume Lots of Probiotics Good gutbacteria are needed for strong immunity and healthy digestive function, whichin turn produces healthy brain and nerve function. You can learn how to makeyour own probiotic rich foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and yogurt hereCultures for Health.

The foods you should be avoiding or not eating at allinclude:

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Hempika And Cbd For Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons is a scary disease to be diagnosed with, and there will be a lot of questions and unknowns as you live with this disease. The one thing that might relieve you is knowing there are alternatives to the dangerous and scary medications that are traditionally prescribed.

You should talk to your doctor about using CBD for Parkinsons disease. When youre ready to buy and try it out, shop with Hempika.

C. B.

Parkinsons Disease And How It Works

Parkinsons disease is a neurological disorder more specifically, a neurodegenerative disease.

Its unclear what causes it. Scientists state it most likely involves inflammation targeting certain neurons in the brain, thus causing them to degenerate and malfunction.

At first, effects may be unnoticeable but then slowly increase over the years.

Symptoms are different in every person and can emerge differently. But the most prominent symptoms tend to include:

  • Tremors
  • Sleep disorders

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How Does Levodopa Help Parkinson’s Disease

Carbidopa-levodopa is used in the treatment of Parkinsons disease. Parkinsons disease is believed to be caused by low levels of dopamine in certain parts of the brain. When levodopa is taken orally, it crosses into the brain through the blood- brain barrier. Once it crosses, it is converted to dopamine.

You may ask, Does Sinemet help tremors?

Tremor can be unpredictable. Your doctor may prescribe medication for your tremors: Levodopa/carbidopa combination medicines . This treatment is a type of medication called a dopamine agonist.

Sinemet For Parkinsons Disease

Drugs and Treatment for Parkinson

Sinemet is approved to treat Parkinsons disease in adults. This disease affects your movements and nervous system. Symptoms of PD tend to slowly get worse over time, and they may include:

  • problems with balance

The exact cause of PD isnt known, but it may be related to:

  • your genes
  • your environment, such as where you live
  • any chemicals youve been exposed to

Although the cause may not be known, the changes in the brain that PD causes are very similar among people with the condition. Normally, neurons make a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine helps control your movements and send chemical messages in your body.

But with PD, the brain cells that usually produce dopamine begin to die or stop working. This causes low levels of dopamine in the brain, which can cause symptoms of PD to occur. And as the amount of dopamine in the brain decreases, PD symptoms tend to gradually get worse.

Sinemet works to reduce PD symptoms by increasing the amount of dopamine in your brain. To learn more about how Sinemet does this, see the How Sinemet works section below.

Effectiveness for Parkinsons disease

There havent been any clinical studies on Sinemets effectiveness in treating PD. However, 2006 guidelines from the American Academy of Family Physicians state that drugs containing levodopa are the most effective drugs for treating PD.

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If You Notice This In Your Mouth Get Checked For Parkinson’s

Because Parkinson’s disease is considered a progressive motor disorder, its symptoms typically start small and become more pronounced over time. While some patients’ PD journey begins with a telltale tremor, others may experience subtle non-motor symptoms instead. Experts say that there’s one such symptom that you may notice in your mouth which could indicate a PD diagnosisand though it flies under the radar for many PD patients, it’s known to occur in up to 80 percent of cases. Read on to find out which symptom you may notice in your mouth and what to do next if you spot a problem.

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What Does Sinemet Do For Parkinsons Disease Symptoms

Sinemet has two chemicals present in it: carbidopa and levodopa. Sinemet constitutes a combination of medicines used mainly to treat Parkinsons disease symptoms or related symptoms, such as muscle stiffness, shakiness, difficulty in body movements. Parkinsons disease takes place often because of the destruction of dopamine creating cells, a naturally occurring substance in the human brain. Levodopa thus converts into dopamine in the human brain and helps in controlling body movements. On the other side, Carbidopa prevents Levodopa breakdown in the patients bloodstream to allow the entry of more Levodopa within the brain. Carbidopa even helps in reducing a few side effects, including vomiting and nausea, taking place because of the Levodopa intake.

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Be Honest With Yourself And Your Doctor

It is important to discuss alcohol consumption with your doctor to make sure you are approaching it safely. Elements of PD, including motor symptoms such as bradykinesia and dyskinesia , will vary from person to person, so its important to make decisions based on your medical history.

Taking into account environmental factors such as how central alcohol is to your social life can affect the decisions you make. Be honest with your doctor about your habits and preferences remember, your doctor wants to work with you to make your symptoms as manageable as possible, not to judge or shame you.

As you decide how alcohol may fit into your life post-diagnosis lifestyle, there are many factors to consider, such as the type of alcoholic beverage, your other risk factors, and your neurologists recommendations specific to your medical history. Most importantly, monitor how you feel when you drink alcohol and be willing to have open and honest conversations about drinking with your doctor and other important people in your life.

I am not even a big drinker, but miss the odd one, wrote a MyParkinsonsTeam member. So, I had an alcohol-free beer, which tasted OK, to be honest.

Medication Guidelines For Parkinson’s Disease

The use of Levodopa/ Carbidopa in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

There is no one best mix of Parkinsonâs medicines. You and your doctor will have to try a few treatment approaches to figure out the best one for you.

But there are some general guidelines for taking your medication. Be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist for any specific tips for your treatment.

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What Future Medications May Be Available For Parkinsons

There are numerous studies investigating new treatments for Parkinsons disease.

There has been new information about the role of autoimmunity and T-cells in the development of Parkinsons disease, possibly opening the door to a role for biologics.

Stem cells are also being investigated as a treatment option for Parkinsons disease.

Action: How Sinemet Works

The symptoms of Parkinsons disease are caused by a lack of dopamine, a naturally occurring chemical produced by certain brain cells. Dopamine relays messages in the part of the brain that controls muscle movement.

When too little dopamine is produced slowness of movement results.

Sinemet contains two active ingredients, levodopa, and carbidopa. Levodopa is a chemical closely related to dopamine which allows the body to make its own dopamine. Carbidopa makes sure that enough levodopa gets to the brain where it is needed. In many patients, Sinemet reduces some of the symptoms of Parkinsons disease.

Sinemet 100/25 contains 100 mg of the active ingredient levodopa and 25 mg of the active ingredient carbidopa per tablet. It also contains the inactive ingredients hydroxypropyl cellulose, crospovidone, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, pregelatinised maize starch, quinoline yellow aluminium lake.

All bottles of Sinemet tablets contain 100 tablets.

None of the Sinemet tablets contain lactose, gluten, sucrose, tartrazine or any other azo dyes.

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Types Of Parkinsons And Parkinsonism

So many symptoms are associated with Parkinsons because there are a lot of different types. The major types are Corticobasal Degeneration , Dementia with Lewy Bodies , drug-induced parkinsonism, Essential Tremor, Multiple System Atrophy , Progressive Supranuclear Palsy , Vascular parkinsonism.

Every type has a different set of symptoms. Conventional treatment is approximately the same for each.

Examples Of Different Therapies


Several different carbidopa/levodopa therapies are used to treat PD, including:1

  • Sinemet®
  • Sinemet®CR
  • Parcopa® orally disintegrating tablet
  • Stalevo®
  • Inbrija®
  • Duopa® enteral suspension

There are different dosages for each of these therapies. People may be prescribed different dosages at different points in their disease to manage their symptoms.1

  • Sinemet® A tablet that comes in 3 different strengths.
  • Sinemet®CR A sustained-release tablet that releases the ingredients over a longer timeframe. Sinemet CR is no longer produced, but some generic forms are.
  • Parcopa® Taken by mouth and dissolves on the tongue. No water is required to take Parcopa.
  • Stalevo® A tablet that includes carbidopa, levodopa, and entacapone. Entacapone may allow more levodopa to reach the brain. It blocks the COMT enzyme that breaks down levodopa and dopamine.
  • Rytary® An extended-release tablet that comes in 4 different strengths.
  • Inbrija® A form of levodopa that is inhaled when someone has an “off” period.
  • Duopa® A gel that is delivered directly into the intestines by a pump for up to 16 hours. It requires a procedure to make a small hole in the stomach wall. It is an option for people who still have PD symptoms with oral treatments.

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