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Cruises For Parkinson’s Patients

Making The Most Of Your Trip

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Remember, cruise ships are finite places. Guests cant readily get off the ship and wander too far. Using these suggestions, your vacation should be an enjoyable experience. Remember, going on a cruise with a loved one is about spending time together. Even if they cant remember everything, you will always treasure those memories, notes Pettit.

How My Husbands Parkinsons Disease Has Changed My Travels

When we landed in Dallas-Fort Worth, I had a message from American Airlines that it had changed our seat assignments. For our leg to San Antonio, wed be sitting in the inside two seats of a back row. We had just come to terms, on that first leg from Fort Myers, Florida, with the fact that my husband could no longer occupy his favored window seat. It was near impossible for him to get up out of it.

At the gate, I spoke with an agent and explained my husbands situation the first time Id publicly voiced it, and I felt a little like I was taking advantage of his health issue. The agent, however, was more than compliant. She not only got us back to our original seats but had us board the airplane first, ahead of all the other passengers. It is one of many lessons Im learning on this new journey Im taking in life: Dont be afraid to ask for help.

Note: Some of the travels described herein were sponsored in part.

Other Needs Andadditional Assistance

Norwegian Cruise Line welcomes guests with medical, emotional or any other challenge to Freestyle cruising. If you have a need that has not been discussed, we encourage you to contact us at the Access Desk regarding your special requirements or requests and our policies and procedures.

Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are welcome on all Norwegian Cruise Line vessels. Please contact the Access Desk to discuss Norwegian Cruise Lines policies and procedures regarding children with disabilities and how we can assist you in making your childs cruising experience safe, fun and comfortable.

Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Guests with cognitive, intellectual and development disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and Alzheimers disease are encouraged to contact the Access Desk to discuss your cruise. Upon request, every effort will be made to meet your cruising special requirements, including:

  • Boarding and disembarkation assistance

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Changes In Cognition And Parkinsons Disease

Some people with Parkinsons may experience changes in their cognitive function, including problems with memory, attention, and the ability to plan and accomplish tasks. Stress, depression, and some medications may also contribute to these changes in cognition.

Over time, as the disease progresses, some people may develop dementia and be diagnosed with Parkinsons dementia, a type of Lewy body dementia. People with Parkinsons dementia may have severe memory and thinking problems that affect daily living.

Talk with your doctor if you or a loved one is diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and is experiencing problems with thinking or memory.

Where Have You Recently Travelled

Carnival Triumph

As I had decided I couldnt safely drive long distances anymore, many holiday opportunities were closed to us, except rail and sea. Our first cruise – for 14 days – was a round trip from Melbourne toNew Zealand. We travelled alone as we were confident we would not get lonely on a cruise ship.

On our second cruise we travelled around Australia and made friends with a couple who are coming to Warrnambool next month to catch up with us again.

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How Do I Book The Dialysis Service On A Cruise Ship

If youve got a date and destination in mind, give Dialysis at Sea a call on 001-727-372-7490 or send over an email their trained sales representatives will be on hand to talk you through your cruise dialysis needs with ease. Since Dialysis at Sea will also be boarding your cruise, those travelling with yourself in the same cabin must book their cruise through Dialysis at Sea Cruises.

Book and travel with them in confidence in the hands of experienced, fully trained medical professionals, all your treatment is taken care of during your time sailing the seas. Whats more, you can utilise the shipboard dialysis staff, as well as the ships dedicated treatment room 24/7 your freedom is of the utmost importance to the Dialysis at Sea staff while you travel. And to ensure optimum comfort, the on-board dialysis treatment is designed to mirror your land-based unit. Your requirements are always taken into consideration and strictly adhered to.

Which Cruise Ships Accommodate Dialysis Patients

For individuals who require the aid of dialysis, there are a number of cruises and one independent service dedicated to ensuring that you can enjoy a relaxing cruise with your loved ones regardless of your medical condition.

This is a fantastic way for dialysis patients to visit some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world and experience the luxurious splendour of some of the seas most celebrated cruise ships.

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Prepare Learn Prepare Lean In

Thats the trick: gauging his ability and knowing when to turn around or say no. Being physically equipped is equally important to being mentally prepared. For instance, driving: My husband is an excellent driver who has done some speed racing in his time. Its crucial he keeps that confidence. This last trip, we discovered the lane-assist feature on our car, which was a big help on twisty mountain roads. Ive also found that occasionally forsaking interstate highways for backroads goes a long way towards lowering anxiety levels.

Flying requires careful timing. Plan long layovers or arrange for a wheelchair, Ive learned. Ask for help: People are particularly understanding and sympathetic when it comes to PD.

Building in extra time and not over-scheduling are important no matter how youre traveling. Allow for napping. Im not a patient person, but Im learning. I would sometimes forget how long it takes him to get dressed, eat a meal, get in and out of the car. .

Where accommodations are concerned, avoiding stairs and tripping hazards is a no-brainer. PD victims are often bed-thrashers, so separate beds, even bedrooms, is ideal. Rob finds that satin sheets allow him to roll over more easily, so if were staying in a vacation rental for a few days, we bring them along. A year ago, we glamped in an Airstream in Tennessee. That wouldve worked okay for us this year, but a two-bedroom cabin, roomier and less restricting, was more comfortable.

Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

Billy Connolly says life with Parkinson’s disease ‘has its moments’ | 7.30

Parkinsons has four main symptoms:

  • Tremor in hands, arms, legs, jaw, or head
  • Muscle stiffness, where muscle remains contracted for a long time
  • Slowness of movement
  • Impaired balance and coordination, sometimes leading to falls

Other symptoms may include:

The symptoms of Parkinsons and the rate of progression differ among individuals. Early symptoms of this disease are subtle and occur gradually. For example, people may feel mild tremors or have difficulty getting out of a chair. They may notice that they speak too softly, or that their handwriting is slow and looks cramped or small. Friends or family members may be the first to notice changes in someone with early Parkinsons. They may see that the persons face lacks expression and animation, or that the person does not move an arm or leg normally.

People with Parkinson’s disease often develop a parkinsonian gait that includes a tendency to lean forward take small, quick steps and reduce swinging their arms. They also may have trouble initiating or continuing movement.

Symptoms often begin on one side of the body or even in one limb on one side of the body. As the disease progresses, it eventually affects both sides. However, the symptoms may still be more severe on one side than on the other.

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Learning New Rules Of The Road: The Hills And Valleys

As he progressed to stage 2 PD, I feared leaving him home alone. He insisted, I acquiesced. Maybe for the last time, I thought as I left, I flew alone to West Virginia for a travel writers meeting. All went well on both ends, despite my fears of him falling and being unable to get back up.

Now, just off a two-week road trip and in the midst of a one-week leaf-peeping jaunt, weve learned more hacks and tips for making it work while continually adjusting to a merciless disease that keeps changing the rules of the road.

What has surprised me most, as I change my way of travel, is how rewarding slowing down to Robs pace can be. Sure, Ive had to sacrifice some adventure. After he attempted driving the hairpins and needles of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina, elevation 5,946, we brought it down several thousand feet.

I write this from a rustic cabin in the Kentucky woods of Red River Gorge. Yesterday, we drove up to 1,100 feet and did a half-mile hike to Whistling Arch. The trail was rutty, rocky, and slightly inclined, but I had bought Rob a set of hiking poles, which helped him keep his balance and feel secure. The trail was a challenge that he felt proud about overcoming.

Elite Supported Travel Offers Quality Care And Guarantees Joyful Moments

About Our Cruises:

  • Our cruise groups feature 24/7 RN support.
  • Adult daycare sessions give caregivers a daily break to relax and recharge*
  • Staff to client ratio is 1:4 except during caregiver breaks when it averages 1:2.
  • Cruises are set up for multi-generational travel where families, caregivers and clients are all able to travel together. However individual clients who live independently are welcome to join us and often do!
  • Shore excursions accompanied by a member of our staff.
  • Travel insurance that covers medical illness, accidents, emergency evacuation, and pre-existing conditions is required.

On-Board Activities:

  • Our cruises feature custom events exclusive to our group, including an opening get to know you party. A detailed schedule of events will be emailed to you prior to departure.
  • Group dinner seating provides the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful meal without judgment or questions.
  • Programming focuses on music therapy, caring for the caregiver, and hands-on ways to encourage and stimulate Neuroplasticity with sensory-immersive activities using all 5 senses. Health status or cognitive ability does not prevent participation in any of our groups.
  • Caregivers receive two hours of free time daily. Additional private duty assistance is available at a minimal hourly fee.

Travel Accommodations:

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Which Cruise Lines Offer Dialysis

The following are some of the major ocean liners that offer and can assist with dialysis treatments:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Celestyal Cruises

Always make sure that you check with your travel agent before booking to make sure that your chosen cruise line will be able to accommodate your dialysis treatments.

Just because a cruise line is on the list above, this doesnt mean that they can accommodate dialysis treatments on all cruises.

Listen To Your Guides

The Prestons: Cruising Up the Bay of Fundy, Not Giving in to Parkinsons

Always listen to your guides about equipment and clothing needed. They know from experience what you need. You may think that parka is unfashionable, but it will do a better job keeping you warm and dry than a cute hoodie.

If they tell you to wear 3 layers of pants and shirts, do it. Leave the flip-flops at home, unless your idea of adventure vacationing is sitting on the beach in Maui.

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What Are The Types Of Dialysis Treatments Are Available On Cruise Ships

There are mainly two types of dialysis treatment available onboard cruise lines:

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

For dialysis patients on a cruise, there is usually one nurse per two patients. Each Dialysis treatment usually involves a visit from a Nephrologist.

If you do get sick on a cruise for any reason, there is a highly trained team ready to look after you. To learn more about what would happen, check out this post: What Happens if You Get Sick on a Cruise? Simple Step by Step Guide.

Having any type of medical treatment on a cruise can get expensive. Make sure that you have travel insurance in place before cruising. Here are my recommendations: USA. UK.

How To Safely Travel With Pd

If you want to fly with Parkinsons disease, the first step is committing to following certain steps that can make a trip much safer and easier to manage. They include the following from the Parkinsons Foundation and Web MD.

Book a non-stop flight. You dont want the hassle of changing planes in a busy hub airport like the ones in Atlanta or Dallas.

Travel with a companion. It helps to have someone along who understands your condition, including a good friend, family member or flight nurse.

Carry important information. Make sure to carry the name of your doctor, insurance company, emergency contact and list of medications on your person in a wallet, purse, travel bag, etc. Also, carry something that clearly states you have Parkinsons disease.

Use backpacks. You want your hands free to better maintain balance. You can manage this by using a backpack Also, always carry a snack and water in your backpack to take with medications.

Stay comfortable. Wear loose-fitting clothes and walking shoes that fit well. Also, sit near the bathroom on your flight to limit having to walk the length of the plane. Better yet, use the bathroom before you board so you can skip the cramped airplane bathroom completely.

Always leave early! You want more than enough time, not less.

Charge your phone. You dont want to have to waste time trying to find a place to recharge your phone in the airport.

Its important to take steps that will keep your medications safe and easy to access.

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‘i Didn’t Feel Like I Missed Out On Anything’

As a brand-new caregiver, I was and still am learning what accommodations exist for travelers with disabilities so, before our trip, I called the bed and breakfast to confirm the accessible room had a walk-in shower and support bars all over the bathroom.

I also confirmed that all the museums we hoped to visit provided wheelchairs, which was necessary because the wheelchair we ordered when my mom was in rehab was several months back-ordered.

Together, we visited the famed Van Gogh exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, we explored the Madam CJ Walker exhibit at the Indiana Historical Society, and my mom got to watch her grandkids have the time of their lives at the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis, the largest in the country.

“I enjoyed things I didn’t think I’d enjoy,” my mother told me after the trip. “And I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything!”

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This summer, our family will return to Indiana, visiting our favorite spots in Indianapolis and add in a new city, Bloomington, to try out brand-new experiences. My mother told me that she’s still nervous to travel, but that it felt good to be out with her family last time that shes really looking forward to the trip.

Will I Still Be Able To Take Part In On

Parkinson billy connolly tom cruise part2.flv

One of the great benefits that large, modern cruise liners traversing the planet afford you is their huge range of activities that are available on board. The cruise holiday is specially designed to provide enjoyment and entertainment for all demographics, whether you like to take it easy or enjoy immersing yourself in new experiences. It is up to you and your medical staff to decide upon the activities that you can take part in.

These dedicated medical practitioners will also be able to guide you as to whether the on-shore excursions are safe for you to experience. Being on dialysis doesnt automatically preclude you from being able to get involved, Dialysis at Sea is all about making your holiday as enriching, enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

If the above cruise companies do not travel the route that you wish to take, its always worth contacting the companies that meet your travel requirements as to whether they can help provide the means for dialysis treatment at sea. Many of the respected cruise companies will try in earnest to accommodate your needs. Additionally, speak to your medical practitioner as they may have knowledge accrued from other patients who have previously travelled on cruises.

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Diagnosis Of Parkinsons Disease

There are currently no blood or laboratory tests to diagnose non-genetic cases of Parkinsons. Doctors usually diagnose the disease by taking a persons medical history and performing a neurological examination. If symptoms improve after starting to take medication, its another indicator that the person has Parkinsons.

A number of disorders can cause symptoms similar to those of Parkinsons disease. People with Parkinsons-like symptoms that result from other causes, such as multiple system atrophy and dementia with Lewy bodies, are sometimes said to have parkinsonism. While these disorders initially may be misdiagnosed as Parkinsons, certain medical tests, as well as response to drug treatment, may help to better evaluate the cause. Many other diseases have similar features but require different treatments, so it is important to get an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible.

Prepare An Essential Checklist

Trips to your favorite places can be overwhelmingthey might make you forget a few necessities. For the sake of your Parkinsons travel partner, prepare a checklist with the following items:

Medications: Include all prescription medications, the neurologists contact information, and extra medicine. Ask for medical advice about ideal medications your travel partner can take in case of travel-related illnesses.

Insurance information: Make sure that your travel partner has all of their medical insurance information. Check whether the insurance policy covers the patient in the area you are traveling to.

Travel documents: Ensure your Parkinsons travel partners passports, tickets and special documents are ready.

Clothing: Pack enough Parkinsons-friendly clothes and accessories. Label all equipmentwalkers, canes or walking sticks.

Personal care items: Make sure to pack enough personal care items like tissues for the trip.

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