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Pemf Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease

Pemf Therapy For Parkinsons Disease Research References

PEMF Therapy â Parkinsonâs Disease Benefits

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    Parkinsons Disease And Pemf Therapy

    In patients with Parkinsons disease, neurons and their receptors become damaged.

    This causes them to malfunction.

    They are no longer able to communicate with other nerve cells, which results in the tell-tale tremor and other symptoms of the disease.

    Your neurons work by sending electrical impulses to each other.

    When those cells lack enough energy to send those signals, communication fails.

    PEMF therapy can work by electrically exciting your neurons, recharging them and restoring their ability to send proper signals to one another.

    PEMF stimulation can penetrate deep within the body, allowing it to target neurons buried beneath organs, bones and other tissues.

    While PEMF therapy, like all treatments for Parkinsons, only addresses the symptoms of the disease and not its root cause, it can help to improve the functioning and quality of life for patients with this disorder.

    Clinical research on the use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation , which is a type of electrotherapy very similar to PEMF stimulation, shows how this type of electrical stimulation can control the symptoms of Parkinsons disease.

    rTMS can only be delivered in a clinical setting, but the use of at-home PEMF therapy can produce similar outcomes.

    In several research studies, rTMS has been shown to improve the quality of life and decrease symptoms for people living with Parkinsons.

    PEMF therapy may also improve the effectiveness of more conventional treatments, including drug therapy.

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    Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation In Parkinsons Disease

    Two mechanisms have been proposed to explain how cortically directed rTMS may improve PD symptoms: rTMS induces brain network changes and positively affects the BG function rTMS directed to cortical sites compensates for PD-associated abnormal changes in cortical function . Indeed, in support of the former mechanism, rTMS might modulate cortical areas, such as the prefrontal cortex and primary motor cortex, which are substantially connected to both the striatum and STN via glutamatergic projection, and thus indirectly modulate the release of dopamine in the BG . Several TMS/functional imaging studies have demonstrated the effects of rTMS on BG and an increase in dopamine in the BG after rTMS applied to the frontal lobe .

    Cognitive dysfunction is often seen in PD patients with major depression and its neural basis could be the functional failure of the frontostriatal circuit . Ten days of rTMS in the frontal cortex can effectively alleviate PD-associated depression as shown by an open trial reporting a significant decrease in the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale scores . A further double blind, sham stimulation-controlled, randomized study, involving 42 idiopathic PD patients affected by major or minor depression undergoing rTMS for 10 days, evidenced a mean decrease in HDRS and Beck depression inventory after therapy .

    Pemf Therapy For Parkinsons Disease

    Elamed Diamag Almag

    Parkinsons disease is a progressive nervous disorder that causes difficulty in movement, stiffness, shaking, and coordination. The most common symptom is having tremors, which gradually increases in patients. Also, the disorder leads to slow movement and body stiffness. At the beginning of Parkinsons disease, your arms may not swing when walking, your face might be expressionless, your speech may become slurred. Its symptoms worsen as the disease progresses with time. Though Parkinsons disease cannot be completely cured, the right treatment can help reduce the symptoms.

    The primary cause of Parkinsons disease is still not known however, multiple factors appear to play a role. Some of the possible reasons are:


    Alpha-synuclein found within Lewy Bodies

    PEMF Therapy for Parkinsons disease

    How Does PEMF Work?

    One of the best and most effective ways to reduce Parkinsons disease is by using a PEMF device. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, PEMF, is a safe Parkinsons disease treatment. It is the application of non-invasive pulsating magnetic fields for regenerative and functional improvement therapy purposes. When pulsed electromagnetic fields are applied to the brain, known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, enhances oxygenation in cells by boosting blood circulation to the brain. As a result, increased and faster natural cellular repair and regeneration take place.

    Sentient Element is the perfect and ideal PEMF Device

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    Parkinsons Disease Treatment At The Symptomatic Level

    Symptoms of Parkinsons disorder may be different for each patient, in both their severity and duration. Typically, they include:

    • Tremors. Uncontrollable shaking of limbs is a classic symptom of the disease. It often occurs in hands even if they are at rest.
    • Slow movements. The mobility disorder is not something that may go unnoticed. People with Parkinsons may have trouble walking or getting out of a bed.
    • Muscle pain. Stiffness is another thing that may undermine a patients range of motion and make movements painful.
    • Poor posture. Many people who have Parkinsons look hunched because of the posture problems. It is also a hallmark feature of the disease that is often accompanied by abnormal gait and balance.
    • Handwriting and speech changes. Altered letters and slurred voice are those signs that tell a lot about your health. In patients with Parkinsons, changes in writing or speaking are very noticeable.
    • Sleep disturbances. Some people with Parkinsons report that they have sleep problems. They include nightmares, restless legs syndrome, and daytime sleepiness.

    When using PEMF therapy for Parkinsons treatment, you can expect marked improvements in your general well-being. By stimulating cell activity and defense mechanisms of the body, EM pulses will help you relieve the symptoms described above in one way or another. To make things clear, regular courses of this therapy can result in better mobility, reduced tremors, improved mental acuity, and more.

    Parkinson’s Disease & Balance Disorders

    Parkinsons Disease is a progressive, neurologically degenerative disease that affects 10 million people worldwide, with 200,000 new diagnoses made annually.

    Parkinsons Disease is essentially a breakdown of neurons in the brain that results in low dopamine levels causing a wide variety of symptoms. One of the more common signs is a resting tremor in the arms and hands, even with the absence of voluntary movement. These tremors can also affect the facial area like the jaw or lips. Patients with Parkinsons also have a rigid posture or hypertonicity. The paraspinal muscles in the back get very tight. Theres an overall increase in tone, and movement in general is quite slow or limited for a patient dealing with Parkinsons. The Parkinsons patient rarely smiles and blinking of the eyes are common occurrences. While walking, its typical to see a loss of swinging of the arms and a shuffling of the gait with an overall flexed posture of the body and extremities.

    Most patients suffering from Parkinsons Disease have damage to a part of the brain called the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia is associated with a variety of bodily functions including control of voluntary motor movements, executive functions, learning, and emotions. The basal ganglia also houses dopamine neuro-transmitters. When there is damage to the basal ganglia, dopamine levels drop in the brain, and Parkinson type symptoms can become apparent.

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    Daily Use Of Pemfs And Parkinsons Disease Disappears

    There is plenty of research behind the use of PEMFs and Parkinsons Disease outcomes.

    While the medical community may still somewhat disagree, there are some medical doctors like Dr. Reuven Sandyk that have done the research on their own so they could learn more about this game-changing therapy.

    It is absolutely always best to talk with your doctor first before you try anything new.

    While PEMF therapy is not a cure for Parkinsons Disease or any other disease, it has been proven that consistent use of this therapy can improve ones symptoms.

    There are now a plethora of PEMF devices on the market.

    Do your own research, and be sure to ask questions about the company selling the device before you give any personal information. T

    he choice is yours.

    Choose wisely, and youll discover that there is hope with the use of PEMFs and Parkinsons Disease patients.

    Effect Of Treatments On Intensity Related Measures

    How Can PEMF Therapy Help with Parkinsonâs Disease ?

    Both T-PEMF and placebo treatment reduced peak power and tended to reduce tremor intensity in both the postural and resting condition. However, the T-PEMF group did not differ statistically from the placebo group. We attempted to induce a calm environment during the assessments, as stress is known to amplify tremor in PD . However, we cannot exclude the possibility that the participants experienced less stress post treatment due to the familiarity of the test situation. Furthermore, previous studies have reported significant placebo effects on PD tremor. A recent study of the effect of placebo on resting tremor in persons with PD showed a major reduction of tremor amplitude 30min after a subcutaneous injection of saline, which they were told was apomorphine, a dopamine agonist. This effect was found in approximately half of the subjects classified as placebo responders who benefitted equally from a saline and an apomorphine injection . Thus, using tremor intensity as an effect measure in clinical trials is challenging, as it is highly sensitive to other factors such as stress, level of attention, and placebo effects and thereby may mask a potential treatment effect. Thus, we cannot exclude the possibility of an effect of 8-weeks of T-PEMF treatment on tremor intensity and peak power, but we can conclude that the group effect of the T-PEMF treatment was not statistically different from the effect of the placebo treatment.

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    The Brain’s Ways Of Healing

    these types of therapies calm the brain, reducing noisy signals and hence those busy, anxious thoughts which are indeed known to be the problem in Parkinson’s Disease.I am intrigued to experiment further to see if even better results might be obtained with two of the Miramate devices, placing one set of stacked coils on each shoulder at the same time.

    What Is Pemf Therapy

    PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. A PEMF is created by running an electrical current through a copper coil and turning that electrical current off and off. Each time the current is turned off and on is considered one pulse and we then look at how many pulses per second are measured in Hertz . For example a 10Hz PEMF has 10 pulses per second.

    The next important factor in PEMF therapy is the intensity often measured in Gauss or Teslas. The main importance of the intensity of a PEMF is to provide full coverage. While many studies have been done using low and high intensity PEMF, most of the scientific evidence points towards low intensity PEMF being more effective and safe. Too low an intensity and the PEMF waves may not reach far enough to penetrate through your body and too high may have deteriorating effects. Our Healthy Wave mats PEMF intensity is approximately 3 Gauss which is right in the sweet spot of effectiveness being able to easily cover your entire body while lying down on the mat.

    Learn more about PEMF Therapy in our Learn Section and see research on which PEMF are more effective in our article Can PEMF Be Harmful?

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    Rtms/pemf And Retention Of Motor Skills

    One of the most common Parkinsons symptoms is the difficulty in retaining motor skills.

    Sometimes, patients are even able to learn new motor skills with ease, but retaining old ones becomes a challenge.

    This study, originally named TMS enhances retention of a motor skill in Parkinsons disease , assesses what effect 5 Hz-rTMS/PEMF stimulation would have on the retention of visual-motor skills in Parkinsonian patients.

    A group of PD patients received two two-day treatments, which were separated by a period of one week. These included both placebo and real stimulation.

    The first day of each treatment was dedicated to learning to adapt patients movements to a step-wise 60 degrees visual rotation.

    Immediately after that, they would receive real or placebo stimulation, and their retention of this motor skill was tested the next day.

    The scientists concluded that the retention of these motor skills the day after was much reduced in the group treated with placebo.

    They therefore concluded that rTMS/PEMF application after the acquisition of a motor skill might improve skill retention in Parkinsonian patients.

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    Elamed Diamag Almag

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    Why Is Magnetism Important

    Earths electromagnetic field helps alkalize the body, support proper blood flow, and increase the production of amino acids. In other words, this natural healing quality helps accelerate the metabolism and helps the body function properly. Unfortunately, our species has detached from Earths electromagnetic field over the course of human history. Currently, our planet radiates a frequency of about 10 hertz, known as the Schumann resonance frequency of the Earth. Earths electromagnetic field has declined 80% over the past 4,000 years and a whopping 9% over just the last 200 years. Plus, weve disconnected ourselves even further from Earths healing magnetism by wearing shoes with rubber and plastic soles.

    Years of extensive research have shown that connecting to the Earths natural energy can diminish chronic pain, fatigue, and other ailments that plague so many people today. When your bare skin encounters the Earth, you take free electrons up into the body. These electrons serve as natural antioxidants that help neutralize excess free radicals that can cause inflammation and disease. Our planet is a conductor of free electrons, as are all living things on Earth, including us. Like electrical equipment that works better and lasts longer when grounded, humans can also benefit from this practice of being connected to Earth. That is why magnetism therapy is step one of The Superhuman Protocol, to replenish and rejuvenate our whole person.

    Pemf Therapy Research Studies

    According to a number of studies and research papers, PEMF has a wide application. The most effective and safest types of PEMF therapy are found to be low intensities and low frequencies. Below are a few published research papers of examples of the effectiveness of low intensity PEMF including the famous NASAStudy! If you would like to learn more about PEMF please visit our PEMF Therapy page and our article on the Safety of PEMF

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    The Nervous System And Parkinson’s Disease

    for background information on this. So, one of the early major turnarounds I gained from using the PEMF device was that, if I put it on the back of my right shoulder , just as I sit down to dinner, and leave it there for an hour, then I found this actually prevented much of the subsequent symptomatic shut down and medication ineffectiveness due to digestive impacts.


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