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Parkinson’s Disease And Boxing Therapy

Benefits Of Parkinsons Boxing

Parkinsons Patients Seeing Improvements Through Boxing Therapy

Above all, Parkinsons boxing therapy is a way to help people with PD better manage their symptoms in a fun and positive environment.

Parkinsons disease is a neurological condition that can cause tremors, muscular atrophy/rigidity, gait imbalance, and more. It is no surprise that people with these symptoms often experience issues doing daily activities that others may take for granted. Things like getting in the car or cooking yourself become much more challenging. Parkinsons boxing therapy classes aim to improve the physical and mental well-being of those participating by helping them live their best and most independent lives.

Some of the benefits people with PD receive from Parkinsons boxing therapy include:

  • Increased confidence in physical capabilities
  • A higher range of motion
  • Increased strength
  • More resilient to injuries
  • Increased Independence

When you are able to give back some level of physical movement and confidence to an individual with PD, you are helping give them back their everyday lives.

More Research Is Needed To Fully Understand The Benefits Of Boxing For Pd

Even though early research is promising, its important to note that more substantial evidence is needed to fully understand the benefits of boxing for PD. Theres little known about the optimal number of consecutive weeks, times per week, or minutes per week needed to see the most benefits.

A 2019 review of studies concluded that the current use of boxing for treating PD has accelerated beyond current research evidence.

Along with potential physiological benefits, joining a Parkinsons boxing program with other people who are dealing with PD can potentially have psychological benefits.

In a

Before starting a boxing program, you should speak with your doctor. Rock Steady Boxing recommends every person has their doctor sign a release form before participating.

Its been suggested that boxing training could be beneficial in the early to middle stages of the disease and less appropriate at the end stage.

If you have a heart condition or another condition that may prevent you from undergoing high intensity exercise, boxing may not be right for you.

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The History Of Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing is a nonprofit that was founded by Scott C. Newman, a former Indiana prosecutor, in 2006. Newman, who is living with Parkinsons, started noticing great improvements to his overall health after participating in this high energy workout. As word started to get out about this new and exciting program, the demand started to increase. Now people living with Parkinsons are finding hope through this fun and energetic workout program. We offer Parkinsons boxing training classes here at Evolve for people at any skill level.

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We Asked Our Experts About The Effects Rock Steady Boxing Has On Parkinsons

Despite limited clinical evidence, this program is tremendously popular and we get asked about it often. We aimed to find out more about Rock Steady Boxing by talking with two experts on this subject from the APDA community, Dr. Adena Leder and Dr. Terry Ellis. While the two have somewhat different outlooks, there is valuable insight to be gleaned from their unique perspectives.

Dr. Adena Leder is the Medical Director of the Adele Smithers Parkinsons Center, and Associate Professor, New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is the Medical Director of the Nassau County APDA Information and Referral Center, based at NYIT. Dr. Leder is also a trained Rock Steady Boxing instructor.

Dr. Terry Ellis is an Associate Professor at Boston University, College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training. Dr. Ellis is also the Director of the Center for Neurorehabilitation at Boston University and the Director of the APDA National Rehabilitation Resource Center housed at Boston University.

We asked Dr. Leder and Dr. Ellis their thoughts on Rock Steady Boxing.

Can Boxing Cause Or Worsen Parkinsons

How boxing helps Parkinson

It is unclear whether contact boxing can directly cause or worsen Parkinsons disease.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons , amateur and professional contact boxing can lead to permanent brain damage or chronic traumatic brain injury. Research suggests that most professional boxers have some level of brain damage.

A 2019 study measured the brain function and motor control of 20 amateur boxers before and after sparring matches.

One hour after sparring, the boxers showed temporary changes in the brain that were similar to those seen after brain injury. This suggests frequent head impacts in contact boxing may result in long-term damage.

Noncontact boxing involves no physical contact to the head, so it poses none of the same risks as contact boxing.

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Bt Exercises And Performance Measurements

On initial evaluation, each participant was screened for details regarding their PD diagnosis, including symptoms, self-reported frequency of falls, other medical conditions and comorbidities, and medications. Each participant was then matched with a trainer, who provided one-on-one assessment and coaching throughout the duration of the program.

Twice per week, each participant worked with their trainer on specific boxing-related exercises aimed at improving overall coordination, gait, and balance. The program consists of hundreds of exercises/skill sets, broken down into three main phases. Phase one began with mastering a set position, which established basic balance and holding a specific posture, with feet a little farther apart than shoulder width. In phase two, boxing footwork was practiced, wherein forward, side, and backward steps were made with increasing speed, based out of the set position and according to specific landmarks on the floor. The third phase involved mastering a series of punches, both in the air and at a bag, timed to maximize force based on proper balance, posture, and steps. Each phase had to be mastered before starting the next phase. Progress through each of the three phases was tailored to the physical condition of that participant, based on the judgment of their trainer.

  • 1.

    participant was unable to perform the activity at all, even with help

  • Boxing Therapy Improves Mobility

    Another thing youll notice about the most effective boxers is that they rarely stand still. The reason for this is simple moving targets are harder to hit. Of course, boxing therapy for Parkinsons isnt about dodging incoming jabs, its about practicing mobility by stepping in multiple directions, changing speeds and staying light on your toes.

    How does it work? Parkinsons attacks both our mobility and agility two traits boxers work to improve through their training routines. Boxing therapy for Parkinsons is specifically designed to help strengthen these abilities.

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    Q: What Are The Advantages Of Rock Steady Boxing For People With Pd Any Disadvantages Safety Concerns

    Dr. Leder: One of the main advantages of Rock Steady is that there is a high compliance rate. It is fun and social and therefore patients enjoy coming. The more they come the better they feel. There are two different types of classes. One is for patients who are not at risk of falling and the other is for patients who either are at risk of falling or actively fall. When the class is in person , we always have medical student volunteers who are there to watch and guard those who may be at risk of falling. They are also able to take blood pressures when someone feels lightheaded

    The main disadvantage in our program is that more patients wish to come to a class than we can accommodate! Otherwise, there are no more safety concerns as compared to attending a typical gym perhaps less, because the program caters to a special population and has safety guards in place to protect against falling, which a regular gym does not.

    Dr. Ellis: It is important to note that it is the components of boxing that may help symptoms of PD. We know that the components of exercise that can help PD include strength training, aerobic training and balance training, among others. These elements can be accomplished with many different exercise modalities and routines, with boxing potentially as one of them.

    Boxing Is Helpful At Any Stage

    Boxing gives Parkinson’s patients a puncher’s chance

    The benefits of exercise can be helpful throughout your disease progression. And, whether you begin at the time of diagnosis or start after youve had PD for many years, most people will achieve results. Those include improving motor skills and creating new connection pathways in the brain, improving neuroplasticity.3

    This boxing is not fighting its non-contact and thus different than what you see in the ring.4

    The exercises combine physical activity and the learning of new skills, requiring the brain to adapt to new challenges and routines. Besides being fun and socially engaging, some of the reported benefits include increased independence and confidence as well as physical improvements.

    Remember, it is always best to check with your neurologist before beginning any new program, especially one that involves intense exercise.

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    Where Can You Find A Parkinsons Boxing Class Near You

    You can search the Rock Steady Boxing directory to see if any gyms in your area offer classes. Some gyms not affiliated with Rock Steady Boxing offer Parkinsons boxing so its also worth contacting local gyms and recreation centers.

    The Parkinson Foundation is currently offering online boxing and fitness classes.

    Boxing gloves may be provided to you by the gym, or you may need to bring your own. Its important to stay hydrated during your workout, so make sure you bring plenty of water.

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    Boxing Training For Patients With Parkinson Disease: A Case Series

    All authors provided concept/idea/project design, writing, and data collection and analysis. The authors thank the patients for their time and dedication. They express their gratitude to Kristina Follmar and the Rock Steady Boxing Foundation for their cooperation in carrying out this project.

    Physical Therapy

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    Boxing For Parkinsons: A Total Workout From Head To Toe

    Hitting heavy bags builds power and strength. Punching speed bags improves hand-eye coordination and posture. Doing footwork drills improve balance and agility. Tossing medicine balls improves reaction time.

    Other intense exercise activities like running on a treadmill or cycling have been shown to slow the progression of Parkinsons. But running on a treadmill or cycling wont do much for your upper body strength, agility, or coordination. And neither have the cool factor going to a boxing class confers.

    High Intensity Exercise May Be Particularly Helpful

    Boxing classes serve as therapy for those with Parkinson√Ęs

    Its thought that high intensity exercise might be particularly beneficial for slowing the progression of PD.

    In a 2014 study , researchers examined the benefits of high intensity physical therapy with gait training, strengthening, and perceiving cues on a group of 30 participants in the early stages of PD. They found that the exercise program stimulated increased levels of BDNF and had neuroprotective effects on cells that produce dopamine.

    In a 2018 clinical trial , researchers found that a high intensity treadmill program where participants ran at 80 to 85 percent of their maximum heart rate three times per week saw no change in the severity of their symptoms over 6 months. Participants who exercised at a lower intensity had a worsening of symptoms.

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    Congressman Higgins Announces The Boxing Therapy For Parkinsons Access Act Of 2022

    Congressman Brian Higgins joined local veterans to announce the Boxing Therapy for Parkinsons Access Act of 2022 . The bipartisan bill, introduced by Rep. Higgins and Congressman Darin LaHood , directs the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide coverage for boxing-based therapy classes to veterans diagnosed with Parkinsons disease and other movement disorders.

    Many veterans in Western New York and across the country struggle to manage Parkinsons diseases and similar movement disorders, while maintaining an independent and mobile lifestyle, said Congressman Higgins. Boxing can provide veterans and other patients with an innovative form of physical therapy that can slow the progress of the disease and improve their quality of life. Currently, it is not covered under VA benefits. The Boxing Therapy for Parkinsons Access Act will ensure that all veterans have access to this therapy to help them reclaim their lives from Parkinsons disease.

    It didnt take long for Congressman Higgins to go to work on the PD issue, said former Congressman Jack Quinn. My brother Jeff and I showed him a 15-minute video, at lunch, in the Capitol. Just a few months later, here he is with bi-partisan legislation to help provide hope for thousands of our Veterans. Special thanks to Congressman Darin LaHood, son of Secretary Ray LaHood, for recognizing the non-partisan nature of this important legislation.

    Who Is Parksions Boxing For

    While it should be no surprise that individuals diagnosed with PD receive the most benefit from taking the classes, many professions can also take advantage of this excellent exercise system. Here are a few of the occupations that could utilize Parkinsons boxing therapy.

    These professions can quickly implement Parkinsons boxing therapy into their current curriculum. This gives them an entirely new group of people to take on as clients, broadening their clientele. If they already have individuals they train with PD, this is a great way to provide them with a well-structured way to improve their clients lives.

    Rock Steady Boxing even certifies physical therapists, boxing coaches, rehab facilities, and other fitness and medical professionals who are excited about teaching the Rock Steady Boxing method in their communities.

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    Sex As A Variable In Falls Reduced By Bt

    During the monitoring period, 10% of female visits and 7% of male visits recorded a fall. In both males and females, there was no change in falls during the initial BT period or after returning post-lockdown. Similarly, females reported a greater increase in risk of falling per month during the COVID period: 84% increase per month in females , P= 0.0318) vs. 49% increase per month in males , P< 0.0001) . After resuming BT, females experienced a 24% decrease in risk of falling per month , P= 0.0471), whereas the decrease in males was not statistically significant , P= 0.0718).

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    Website Search And Evaluation

    Parkinson’s Disease Exercises: Boxing with Strength

    A supplementary search of websites was conducted with methods informed by Briscoe and Stansfield et al. . There are no systematic review or Cochrane guidelines for website searches and evaluations. The search was completed by three independent reviewers on August 6, 2019. The search engines used were Google,Google Scholar,Bing, and Duckduckgo and the search terms, and synonyms, included Parkinsons disease, Parkinson disease, Parkinsonism, Parkinson, PD, Shaking Palsy, Movement Disorders, Boxing, Box, Boxercise, Ready Steady Boxing, Boxing for Parkinsons, PD Warrior, Physiotherapy, and Physical Therapy. The World Parkinson Coalition and the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society were contacted for their lists of PD organization websites. Eligible websites were those that included data on adults with PD and boxing exercises as an intervention. Websites were excluded if they could not be translated into English were online versions of newspaper articles, editorials, blogs, or advertisements business promotions web links to sub-sites or websites with limited information, such as sites indicating only event details. Two independent reviewers conducted the initial screening and a final number of included websites was reached at a consensus meeting. Final website appraisal was conducted on August 14, 2019.

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    Hit Parkinsons Where It Hurts: 3 Benefits Of Boxing Therapy

    Exercise of any kind is helpful to people with Parkinsons disease because it can help improve everything from balance and mobility to an individuals ability to perform the basic activities of daily living . In fact, according to the Parkinsons Foundation, research shows that getting at least two and a half hours of exercise per week is enough to slow the decline in a persons quality of life. Lets take a closer look at three of the biggest benefits of boxing therapy for Parkinsons.

    Fighting Back: Tommy Talks Fitness Boxing And Parkinson’s

    For Tommy, fitness and physical activity has always been a way of life. During a 25-year career in the army, he was an active sportsman and was the British Army boxing coach for the last 2 years he spent in the military. When he was 58, he qualified as a personal trainer. Then at 61, Tommy faced his biggest physical challenge to date Parkinsons.

    I was out running with my bootcamp team one morning when I fell. I didnt think anything of it at the time, I thought Id just tripped, Tommy begins. Then I was sat watching TV one day and I had to ask my wife, Mary, if my head was shaking. She said no, but I could feel an internal tremor. A few months later, Mary looked at me and told me my head was wobbling. After Tommys arm shot straight up into the air one night while he was sat at home, he visited his GP and was referred to a specialist.

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    The Sweet Science Of Boxing And The Brain

    Parkinsons destroys brain cells that produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter. In effect, the disease interferes with your brains ability to send signals that direct movement. The result is body tremors, slowness of movement, rigidity, poor balance and coordination. Intense exercise helps prevent the destruction of the brains dopamine-producing cells. A Parkinsons boxing program bobbing, weaving, jabbing, and punching with everything youve got prevents brain damage and strengthens almost all the areas the disease weakens.


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