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Does Parkinson’s Disease Qualify For Social Security Disability

Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease And Parkinsonian Syndrome

Does Parkinson’s Disease qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Parkinson’s disease starts with minor symptoms but progressively gets worse over a period of years. In the later stages of PD, dementia becomes an additional problem as the degenerative process caused by alpha-synuclein spreads throughout the brain.

The signs and symptoms associated with PD are collectively known as Parkinsonian syndrome . Most cases of PS are caused by classic Parkinson’s disease, but there are other disorders that can result in the same signs and symptoms. Examples of these PS cases include brain disorders caused by strokes, brain trauma, drugs, toxins, brain infections, and brain tumors. Most cases of PS are not reversible.

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Filing For Social Security Disability With A Parkinsons Disease Diagnosis

The SSA has a complied list guidelines of conditions that qualify for disability benefits. Under it’s listing in the “Blue Book,” Parkinsons Disease is a condition that can qualify a person for Social Security Disability benefits provided that certain diagnostic criteria are met and documented which include:

  • rigidity
  • bradykinesia, or tremor in two extremities causing ongoing problems with movement
  • gait, or ability to stand

There is no single test that can provide a definitive diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease. Diagnosis is based upon an evaluation of the symptoms present, as well as a neurological examination.

Also, the presence of at least two of what are considered to be the cardinal symptoms of Parkinsons can be considered to be strongly indicative of the presence of the condition.

Additionally, tremors of the hands that occur while the hand is at rest, symptoms that begin on one side of the body, and/or a positive response to levodopa are also telltale diagnostic tools.

It can be assumed that these symptoms could be used as the basis for a Social Security Disability case on their own should they become serious enough to inhibit ones ability to work. If the disease has progressed to this point, however, the patient has likely already qualified based on physical/motor symptoms.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons disease is a degenerative condition caused by the production of an abnormal protein called alpha-synuclein. This protein disrupts the normal production of dopamine, a chemical that makes smooth muscle movement possible. The condition begins with the resting tremors that Parkinsons is known for, but can also lead to:

  • Difficulties with movement.
  • Dementia.

As these symptoms progress, it becomes increasingly difficult to work or lead a normal life.

The symptoms associated with Parkinsons disease are referred to as Parkinsonian syndrome, which is generally the result of classic Parkinsons. However, some conditions can lead to similar symptoms, such as brain trauma, strokes, and brain infections.

This Seems Confusing; How Can I Get Help With My Ssd Application


Its easy to get overwhelmed by all the government rules for Social Security Disability application approval. The most important thing you need to remember is that it comes down to evidence. The more documentation you have from doctors reports, medical records, pharmacy records, etc., the better your chances of receiving SSDI payments.

Gathering everything you need and filling out the application might seem like too much on top of adjusting to your symptoms. It can be helpful to have a Disability lawyer for Parkinson Disease cases by your side. The Disability Help Group in Arizona offers assistance with Social Security Disability Applications, Social Security Disability Appeals, and Social Security Disability Hearings with an administrative law judge . Let us help you gather and organize the needed information.

Our Social Security attorneys walk you through each step of the process and make sure you meet every deadline. Applying for Disability benefits for Parkinson Disease becomes a lot less stressful when youre working with an expert. Contact our legal team in Phoenix, Mesa, or Tucson today at 939-4692 or submit our online form to receive a free consultation. Youll only pay for our services if you win your claim.

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What Benefits Can You Claim If You Have Parkinsons

; There are a couple of benefits you can claim if you have Parkinsons, which are SSDI benefits and Medicare. The first being Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI.

SSDI benefits are one of the two programs that the Social Security Administration offers and it is for those who at one point were able to work, but can no longer work for at least 12 months because of a disability or a severe ailment like Parkinsons Disease.

In order to qualify for SSDI benefits, you need to be deemed disabled by the SSA and you need to have a sufficient amount of work credits.

Work credits are calculated by your age and how long you have worked. If you are SSDI benefits, under certain conditions, your family members like children under the age of 18 or your spouse.

; The other benefit that you can claim if you have Parkinsons is Medicare. Medicare is a federal program for those with disabilities and for people 65 and over.

If you qualify for SSDI benefits with Parkinsons, you will also qualify for Medicare as well.;You automatically get Medicare Part A and Part B after you get one of these:

  • Disability benefits from Social Security for 24 months
  • Certain disability benefits from the RRB for 24 months

Ssdi And Parkinsons Disease

The SSA may not award SSDI benefits based on your Parkinsons disease diagnosis alone.; In fact, many are able to work for a long time after receiving a diagnosis.; Thus, if you are filing a claim, it is important that you provide medical evidence that your Parkinsons disease symptoms are of a level of severity that prevent you from working.; Even if you are still working and not ready to make a claim, be sure that your doctors are documenting your symptoms in your medical records.; If your symptoms progress to the point of disability, having the symptom progression documented in the medical records can help you prove your claim and explain what changed over time to render you disabled.

The SSA publishes the Blue Book;online, which explains the SSAs disability determination process and the listing of impairments that it will consider when making a disability determination.; The SSAs listing for Parkinsons disease is found in the Blue Book at 11.06;Parkinsonian syndrome.; To meet listing 11.06, despite adherence to prescribed treatment for at least three consecutive months , you must;have:

A. Disorganization of motor function in two extremities , resulting in an extreme limitation in the ability to stand up from a seated position, balance while standing or walking, or use the upper extremities.

B. Marked limitation in physical functioning , and in one of the following:

  • Understanding, remembering, or applying information ); or
  • Interacting with others ); or
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    Benefits For People Who Have A Disability Or Care For Someone Who Does

    You can claim benefits to help with the extra costs you may face if you have Parkinson’s, or if you care;for someone with the condition.

    They’re not means-tested, which means they’re;not normally affected by any other income or savings you might have.

    You may be able to claim:

    • Attendance Allowance;if you’re State Pension age;and you have an illness or disability which means you need help with your personal care or safety

    • Personal Independence Payment ;if you need extra help with day-to-day activities or have trouble getting around due to your health or condition

    • Carer’s Allowance;if you;regularly spend 35 hours a week or more caring for someone with substantial care;needs.;

    Disability Benefits For Parkinsons Disease

    Parkinson’s Disease and Social Security Disability Benefits

    Some disabilities come on slowly, over several years. When Erics family noticed his hands trembling, they thought he was only tired or maybe his blood sugar was low. At 38, he seemed much too young to have a debilitating disease. As time went on, they noticed more symptoms. The disease affected his work as a carpenter. Finally, he learned what was wrong and started to explore whether he could get disability benefits for Parkinsons Disease. After all, his family still needed his support.

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    What If I Dont Match The Listing

    If you do not match the above description, dont panic. ;You may still be able to qualify through other means. ;In fact, because the Listings requirements;are often;so complex, most disability claimants are approved not by matching the Listing, but by qualifying for a medical-vocational allowance.;If you qualify with a medical-vocational allowance, it means that your condition dramatically interferes with your ability to perform work, even though you dont necessarily match the relevant description in the Listing.

    Additionally, claimants who have been diagnosed with;ALS Parkinsonism Dementia Complex, also known as;Lytico-Bodig Disease, may be eligible for a special program called Compassionate Allowances . ;Claimants with CAL conditions receive the same disability payments as non-CAL applicants, but are eligible for significantly expedited claims processing. ;Instead of waiting months or more, CAL claimants can receive an answer in just a few weeks.

    Va Disability Compensation For Veterans With Parkinsons

    VA disability compensation benefits are monthly, tax-free, benefits that are paid to U.S. military veterans with disabilities that are connected to their active duty military service.; These benefits are administered and paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs .

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    How Long Does It Take To Get Disability For Parkinsons

    Unfortunately, there is no clear answer on how long it will take you get to get disability benefits for Parkinsons.

    After your initial application is complete, it will take the SSA around 3-5 months to get back to you with a decision regarding your claim.

    The exact time varies depending on the time it takes for you to get all of your medical records and information over to the SSA to make a decision.

    If the SSA denies your application, you are able to appeal the decision, but that will prolong the time it takes for you get disability for Parkinsons.

    The more medical evidence and documentation you have to support your claim with Parkinsons, the shorter time it could take for you to get the benefits you deserve.

    How Does Social Security Decide That Im Disabled

    Does Parkinson

    Social Security manages two disability programs:; Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income .; Caseworkers refer to Social Securitys Listing of Impairments to decide whether someone is disabled or not.

    The Listing includes many diseases and disorders. Also, the Listing states what proof Social Security will need to make its decision.

    Under Section 11.06 Neurological, someone might be considered disabled if they meet one of the following criteria for at least three months:

    Motor function disorganization in two extremities that make it extremely difficult to stand, balance, walk, or use the upper extremities.

    Very limited physical functioning and certain cognitive difficulties.

    Of course, Social Security will want to see documentation from your healthcare providers. When you apply, your attorney can help you submit the proper supporting documents.

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    How Will My Insurance Company Consider My Parkinsons Disease Symptoms

    The symptoms of Parkinsons can vary drastically in nature, severity, and frequency.; Due to the somewhat unpredictable clinical presentation of Parkinsons, just being diagnosed is not usually enough to receive long term disability benefits.; Instead, the insurance company will look to see how;your particular symptoms;impact your ability to work.

    The insurance company will assess your Parkinsons by considering your:

    • Motor functioning;
    • Treatment.

    Living With Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disease, which means that the symptoms get worse with time. The most common early symptoms include body rigidity or stiffness and shakiness when the hands are at rest. Other early symptoms include fatigue, balance problems, slurred speech, reduced sense of smell, gastrointestinal problems, slowed movement, personality change, and lack of emotional expression. As the disease progresses, the symptoms get worse. Tremors and stiffness can affect the ability to move independently. Dementia may occur in the later stages of the disease.

    There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease, but medications can help to control symptoms.

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    Social Security Disability Insurance

    Social Security Disability Insurance is a government disability benefit program that is administered by the Social Security Administration .; SSDI benefits are paid on a monthly basis to disabled workers who qualify under the SSAs rules.; SSDI covers total disability, and does not cover partial disability or short-term disability.

    The SSA publishes a wealth of information about SSDI benefits on the;Disability Planner;section of its website.; Below, we discuss some fundamental concepts relative to SSDI benefits and Parkinsons disease.; Within this discussion, we include links to the SSAs website for further reading so that you can dive deeper into the details as appropriate.

    Am I covered by SSDI?

    Not everyone is covered by SSDI.; In addition to meeting the SSAs definition of disability , you must have worked in a job that was covered by Social Security and have accrued enough work credits.; .

    Eligible workers paid premiums through taxes taken out of their paychecks by their employers, or through self employment, commonly referred to as FICA taxes under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act.; You must have earned enough in the years before your disability began to qualify for SSDI.;;.

    How does the SSA define disability?

    How A Lawyer Can Help You

    YOPD Council – Disability, Insurance, and Parkinson’s

    If you need help navigating the process of filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits youre not alone.

    An experienced attorney who specializes in Social Security disability cases can answer your questions, give you advice, and help you through the claims process.

    A good attorney can also help you figure out what medical evidence you should be submitting with your claim. Youre not supposed to be great at filing for disability benefits.

    But an attorney who has worked on disability cases can help you through the process of filing a claim for disability benefits and give you the best chance at getting your claim for benefits approved the first time.

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    Social Security Disability Benefits And Parkinson’s Disease

    To be considered “disabled,” your Parkinson’s disease must be severe enough that it:

    • Prevents you from working full-time
    • Keeps you from working in any capacity
    • Has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year
    • Is life-threatening

    Not sure if you qualify for SSD or Supplemental Security Income benefits? Basically, it depends on your work history. If you paid into the Social Security system within the past five years, you may be eligible for SSD benefits. If you haven’t held a job long enough, or recently enough, you may be eligible for SSI benefits instead.

    mind that the SSA requires medical records and details about your Parkinson’s disease when you were officially diagnosed, the severity of your Parkinson’s, if you are responding to treatment, etc.

    It’s critical that you visit your specialist regularly and follow through with your prescribed treatment plan. Over time, some patients stop responding to prescription medications. Never discontinue your medication without consulting your physician. The Social Security Administration’s evaluation process is tough and complicated, and you want to increase your chances of being approved.

    What If You Do Not Meet The Ssa Requirements But Still Struggle With Limitations Due To Parkinsons

    Although the simplest way to get SSD benefits with Parkinsons is to meet the requirements of the SSA, it is still possible to get benefits if your condition makes it difficult or impossible to work. The SSA will evaluate your physical and mental limitations and determine what, if any, work you can still do and offer benefits based on this determination.

    If you have applied for SSD benefits and been denied, please contact us to discuss the possibility of an appeal.

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    Facts About Social Security Disability For Parkinsons Disease

    Parkinsons Disease is a degenerative nervous system disorder and qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits. However, there are certain qualification criteria that must be met in order to start claiming these benefits.

    Due to the fact that this is a degenerative condition, symptoms in the early stages of the disease are minimal and therefore may not meet the qualification criteria. As the disease progresses and starts to impede a persons ability to function normally in daily life, they are more likely to qualify for Social Security Disability.

    Due to the fact that there is currently no specific test that can accurately diagnose the disease, there are certain diagnostic criteria that must be met in order to determine the presence of the disease. The main diagnostic criteria for Social Security Disability for Parkinsons Disease include:

    The Importance Of The Blue Book Listing

    Does Parkinson√Ęs Disease Qualify for Disability Benefits?

    The Social Security s Blue Book is a medical guide, indicating the criteria required to qualify for SSDI benefits.

    As a neurological disorder, Parkinsons disease can be found in a list in section 11.06 of the Blue Book. The requirements to qualify include providing a significant amount of evidence that shows the onset of Parkinsons disease presents significant challenges to the victim in relation to mobility.

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