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Ted Talk Parkinson’s Disease

Courtney Williamson: Changing Paths To Help Those With Parkinsons Disease

What Parkinsons Taught Me | Emma Lawton | TEDxSquareMile

In this talk, Courtney Williamson discusses how her mothers Parkinsons journey inspired her to create a medical device for those with the condition. Building on insights she gained as her mothers caretaker, she created a tool designed to improve posture, balance and quality of life. If we just focus on helping and serving others, truly amazing things can occur, she says.

Jimmy Choi: The Impact Of Parkinsons And The Unknown

When Jimmy Choi was diagnosed with young onset Parkinsons at the age of 27, he says he struggled to accept the reality of his condition. Eight years later, he hit rock bottom when I fell down the stairs with my infant son. He shares how he was able to take back control of his life by adopting an action-minded positive mindset and finding ways to prove that the condition doesnt define him.

Amirah Aly: Bypassing The Blood

Could a nasal spray help to treat Parkinsons? This is the question that Dr Amirah Aly aims to answer. She discusses how, by helping deliver drugs to the brain, nasal sprays may have potential to manage neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinsons.

To find out more about living well with Parkinsons, please visit the EPDA website.

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Ted Talk On Deep Brain Stimulation

The human brain is a supercomputer with networks that control the various functions that make us who we are, and allow us to do what we do. When brain circuits malfunction, debilitating motor and behavioral symptoms may emerge. Direct electrical modulation of malfunctioning brain circuits has tremendous potential to alleviate human suffering in dramatic and sometimes surprising ways.

This TEDx talk reviews some of the basics of DBS technology which is now being used for multiple disorders and for multiple indications. The Parkinson’s disease patient needs to be aware of potentially powerful uses of the technology for treatment of select symptoms.

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease can help common symptoms such as:

Music Therapy Ted Talks

Creativity and Parkinson

For more information on music therapy, click the YouTube links below to watch acclaimed TED Talks by board-certified music therapists, accredited music therapists, and other health professionals. With their first-hand experience, they provide stories and examples of music therapy research, case studies, and real music therapy techniques and interventions.All videos are linked to a playlist on the MTABC YouTube channel.Do you know of a TED Talk on music therapy that isnt included here? Recommend it to us via our contact page.

Dr. Elizabeth Stegemoller, PhD, MT-BC Iowa State UniversityMusic and its impact on the brain18:04Elizabeth is an assistant professor at Iowa State University in the Department of Kinesiology. She is an advocate for furthering research into Parkinsons Disease and her talk features her research and clinical work to support people with Parkinsons disease. She presents the connection between music and its impact on the brain.

Why I want to change the world with music therapy16:23Erin Seibert describes the profession of music therapy in detail and how it deserves to be a household name within the world of healthcare. Erin highlights the reasons why music therapy is already changing the world one patient at a time and how increased inclusion of the profession will help healthcare progress.

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Alex Flynn: Adventures With Parkinsons Disease

Whats it like to be diagnosed with Parkinsons at age 36? Adventurer Alex Flynn took to the stage in 2019 to share his story, and told the audience about the stunning challenges he had completed to raise funds for Parkinsons. We should stop shying away from uncertainty, and use it to create certainty, he said. Following his death last year, he continues to be an inspiration to the community.

Bob Kuhn: Parkinsons Disease Adversity Or Adventure

Since being diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2006, former lawyer, ambulance attendant and travel agent Bob Kuhn has been committed to inspiring and motivating others with the condition. In this talk, Bob shares why he thinks everyone should choose an attitude of adventure when it comes to dealing with adversity.

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Detecting Parkinsons With A Phone Call: Ted Talk By Max Little

August 13th, 2012Ravi ParikhNeurology, News, Telemedicine

Parkinsons disease affects nearly 5% of those over 80 years old and can lead to debilitating changes in ones movements and behaviors. While symptoms can be managed with dopaminergic agents, many individuals are diagnosed when symptoms become refractory to care.

Max Little, an applied mathematician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and and TedGlobal 2012 Fellow, is best known for his work on the Parkinsons Voice Initiative. His team has developed a simple tool that uses precise voice analysis software to detect Parkinsons with 99 percent accuracy. It takes advantage of Parkinsons tendency to cause speech problems including reduced volume , reduced pitch range , and difficulty with articulation of sounds or syllables .

Here is Little speaking at a recent TedGlobal Conference on the technology and its potential:

Stay tuned later this week for a Medgadget exclusive interview with Dr. Little about the Parkinsons Voice Initiative.

Bills Walk Across America

Compulsive Creativity and Parkinson’s Disease | David Denton | TEDxUTK

On November 24, 2017, Bill Bucklew, against the advice of an Expert Team, began his world-record-breaking walk across the United States, overcoming incredible obstacles including the intense effects of Parkinsons disease, severe & recurring physical injuries, vicious dog attacks, an epic wind storm, and so much more, finishing on Imperial Beach CA, on January 31, 2018 , with 50 people walking by his side, averaging 39 miles everyday.

This is a inspiring story, full of unbelievable twists and turns, that anyone, of any age, can relate to We all face challenges in our lives, and how we choose to deal with them, greatly impacts our immediacy, shaping our future and legacy.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go T.S. Eliot

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Bill met and walked with 100s of people affected by Parkinsons, across this great country, He completed over 50 media interviews, inspiring a nation and raising over $100k for the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons research.

Here are some fun facts from Bills Walk:

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