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Coconut Oil And Parkinson Disease

How Does Coconut Oil Cause Its Protective Effects Against Parkinsons Disease

Ask the MD: Can Coconut Oil Treat Parkinson’s Disease?

Research is underway to find out the mechanism through which coconut oil may cause its therapeutic effects against Parkinsons disease. Many think that its beneficial effects come from its ability to inhibit oxidative stress, which is strongly associated with Parkinsons disease. Others suggest that it could be due to its ability to modify cholesterol levels in the body.

Lets have a look into both proposals.

Ketones Provide The Brain With Energy

Your brain uses glucose as it’s primary fuel. Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s interfere with the glucose pathway, preventing brain cells from receiving the glucose they need.

But it turns out the brain has a secondary source of fuel for use during times when glucose is less available. This fuel is “ketones” which are derived from fat rather than sugar.

Someone in a fasted state who has used up all their stored carbohydrates can still think and use their brain. That’s because the body, in a desire to survive, switches automatically to using fat-derived ketones for fuel.

That’s why the coconut ketones coffee, a sort of natural treatment for Parkinsons, relieves William Curtis’ symptoms. He is providing concentrated ketone fuel as a supplement for the damaged or blocked glucose pathways in his brain.

According to expert Dr. Mary Newport, individuals with different neurodegenerative such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s may experience relief by adding coconut oil, MCT oil, and other sources of ketones to their diet:

People who have a neurodegenerative disease that involves decreased glucose uptake in neurons could benefit from taking higher amounts of coconut and/or MCT oil to produce ketones which may be used by brain cells as energy.

These diseases include Alzheimer’s and other dementias, Parkinson’s, ALS , multiple sclerosis , Duchenne muscular dystrophy, autism, Down’s syndrome, and Huntington’s chorea.

How Do You Know You Have Parkinsons Disease

There is no definitive way to diagnose Parkinsons disease. Your doctor will ask questions about the onset of your symptoms and assess your movement to make referrals to specialists who can make a formal diagnosis.

You can expect to see a who can complete a neurologic examination. This may include brain imaging, an , or a PET scan to see activity in the area of the brain typically affected by Parkinsons disease.

Your doctor may also refer you to a movement disorder specialist. Seeing subspecialists is very important to avoid being misdiagnosed. Highly trained specialists can provide their expertise in specific areas of medicine where a precise diagnosis isnt possible from blood work or another definitive test.

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Thoughts On On Coconut Oil And Pd

  • Pattysays:

    Hello.I was diagnosed in 2013 I am 74 and have gone the alternative route after reading allThe negative side effects of regular meds. I feel and look darn good. Have plenty of energy,Sleep well manage multiple homes, etc.. I make a morning shake with coconut oil, walnuts,Banana, berries, almond milk, MACA, calcium, magnesium. Also digestive enzymes beforeMeals. I exercise every day. Most friends have no idea I have PD. Have tremor in left handBut not all the time. I can live with that. Will look into NUCCA therapy and PEMF. MedsScare me. Has anyone tried either of these treatments?

    Have a nice day

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    Modifier Of The Cholesterol Level

    Coconut Oil can be a new alternative therapy for Parkinson

    The effect of coconut oil on cholesterol in the body is itself not very clear. The data presented so far is inconsistent in this regard. One group of researchers think that the use of coconut oil cause decrease in the blood cholesterol level , while the other group showed that it raises the total level of cholesterol in the blood .

    The later theory is linked to a reduced risk of Parkinsons disease as many research studies suggest that an increased level of cholesterol is linked to the low occurrence of Parkinsons.

    Two large studies have specifically investigated the link between blood cholesterol level and the risk of Parkinsons disease. In one study, a total of 6465 individuals aged 55 or older were assessed for their cholesterol over a 9.5-year period and found that higher serum levels of total cholesterol were associated with a significantly decreased risk of Parkinsons disease .

    In the other study, 261,638 people with 40-79 years of age were assessed for their cholesterol profile over a 13-year period and ultimately concluded that high total cholesterol was linked to a decreased risk of Parkinsons disease .

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    Natural Methods For Easing Parkinsons Disease Symptoms

    By Gleria Anderson 9 am on May 21, 2020

    Once diagnosed with Parkinsons disease, seniors must work with their healthcare providers to determine medications and treatment plans to best manage the symptoms. For seniors who prefer a more natural approach to alleviating their symptoms, there are also several lifestyle changes that can make living with Parkinsons disease more tolerable.

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    Dr Richard Veech’s Groundbreaking Ketone Research

    Much of our understanding of how ketones work is due to the research of Dr. Richard Veech, a scientist who has studied ketone metabolism for many years. As a lab chief at the National Institutes of Health , Dr. Veech has developed a highly concentrated ketone ester drink that in multiple studies was shown to decrease the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

    Dr. Veech’s ketone ester drink is not yet widely available. In fact, his work needs much greater exposure to help raise awareness and drive down the cost of production.

    In the meantime, you can make your own ketone drink as William Curtis and others have done. I myself drink ketone coffee every morning for the mental boost it provides after an overnight fast.

    There is no cure for these terrible brain diseases. Until one is found, ways to slow down the progress of these conditions or at least relieve symptoms are worth examining.

    The ketone coffee William Curtis drinks each day as a natural treatment for Parkinsons is one such intervention. Not to mention, these ketone drinks may give a brain boost to anyone.

    If you wish to contact Mr. Curtis with questions, his contact email is available on his website, Please help spread the word about this!

    Natural Remedies For Parkinsons Disease

    Healing Power of Coconut Oil for Parkinson’s Disease
    By Lutgarda Mariano 9 am on February 19, 2021

    Parkinsons disease primarily develops due to low dopamine levels. When dopamine-generating neurons in the brain die, the body is unable to produce enough of this essential neurotransmitter. Many Parkinsons treatments aim to boost dopamine levels, which can mitigate some of the symptoms. While there are plenty of prescription treatments to alleviate Parkinsons symptoms, some natural remedies are also available.

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    Can Coconut Oil Relieve The Symptoms Of Parkinsons


    Parkinsons disease affects around a million people in the US. Around ten million people worldwide suffer from this disease.

    For now, there is no cure for Parkinsons. However, there are some ways to ease the effects of the disease. Medical science is still working on finding the best remedies.

    Some believe that coconut oil can relieve the symptoms of Parkinsons disease. But does science back this up?

    Coconut Oil And Alzheimer’s Disease: A Beloved Husband Who Loved Gardening And The Outdoors Finds Cure

    How worried should drug companies be about supplements eating into their monopoly profits? A lotas this story will show. Please share it with anyone you know who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or is worried about it.

    Of course, just about everyone worries about Alzheimer’s. It currently afflicts 5.2 million people in the US and is the seventh leading cause of death. The cost of treating it is estimated at $148 billion.

    They started him on Alzheimer’s drugsAricept, Namenda, Exelonbut his disease worsened steadily. When Dr. Newport couldn’t get her husband into a drug trial for a new Alzheimer’s medication, she started researching the mechanism behind Alzheimer’s.

    She discovered that with Alzheimer’s disease, certain brain cells may have difficulty utilizing glucose , the brain’s principal source of energy. Without fuel, these precious neurons may begin to die. There is an alternative energy source for brain cellsfats known as ketones. If deprived of carbohydrates, the body produces ketones naturally.

    But this is the hard way to do itwho wants to cut carbohydrates out of the diet completely? Another way to produce ketones is by consuming oils that have medium-chain triglycerides. When MCT oil is digested, the liver converts it into ketones. In the first few weeks of life, ketones provide about 25 percent of the energy newborn babies need to survive.

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    What Does The Research Say

    Coconut oil and Parkinson

    Researchers are in the exploratory phase of finding out how coconut oil can help people with Parkinsons. Since coconut oil contains high concentrations of medium-chain triglycerides, some think that it can improve brain function and help your nervous system.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming coconut oil could help with the tremors, muscle pain, and constipation that Parkinsons causes. And the are connected to Parkinsons improvement for some people, so its not a stretch to think that coconut oil could help Parkinsons symptoms.

    For people that have tried coconut oil for Parkinsons and are convinced that it works, it seems like cognitive function and memory are what improved. Other people say they experienced improved tremors and better muscle control. Some evidence suggests that coconut oil improves digestion for some people that use it. Coconut oil is antimicrobial and antifungal, and it can aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. This can help with digestion by improving nutrient absorption and promoting good gut bacteria. So its not surprising that people with Parkinsons consume coconut oil to relieve constipation and help make them more regular. Adding coconut oil to food might make eating easier for people who have dysphagia because of Parkinsons.

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    Adverse Effects Associated With The Use Of Coconut Oil

    There is not enough information about the safety of using coconut oil in Parkinsons patients. But generally, it is not associated with adverse effects and considered to be safe if used in moderate amount.

    However, its excess consumption may cause some complications. Several studies have shown that its intake is associated with increased lipid levels in the blood. Therefore, people who are suffering from heart diseases or high blood pressure should avoid using it.

    Forms And Uses Of Coconut Oil

    Since there isnt a solid case for how or if coconut oil can treat Parkinsons symptoms in the current literature, we cant be sure how much you should take to try the treatment. But there are some general guidelines for consuming coconut oil.

    If youd like to try coconut oil to treat your Parkinsons symptoms, there are several forms available. Cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil is available in liquid form at most health food stores and even major supermarket chains. Starting with 1 teaspoon per day of the pure coconut oil is a good idea, and you can gradually increase to 2 teaspoons if you like the results.

    You can also start by using coconut oil to prepare food, substituting it for olive oil or butter in your favorite recipes. Coconut oil is also available in capsule form. Another idea is to start by consuming raw coconut meat and see how it affects your symptoms. And rubbing coconut oil on your muscles might provide relief for soreness caused by spasms. Its anti-inflammatory properties make coconut oil an excellent massage agent.

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    Using Massage To Manage Pain From Parkinsons

    Massage therapy is used to treat a range of mental and physical health conditions, and can be a good alternative to conventional methods of treatment. When it comes to individuals with Parkinsons disease, massage can help to relieve both physical and mental tension, as well as help to alleviate symptoms of pain and muscle stiffness.

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    William Curtis’ Natural Treatment For Parkinsons: Coconut Oil Coffee

    Coconut oil bring good effects to stroke and parkinson’s disease

    If you or a loved one are looking for a natural treatment for Parkinsons symptoms, William Curtis has exciting news. William is a sufferer of Parkinson’s disease, and he’s discovered a simple “ketone” drink that relieves his symptoms.

    I’ve watched William’s videos, posted on his website. They show him with and without the ketone drink in his body.

    Amazingly, the ketone drink removes most of his shaking.

    Check out the following video, which first shows him playing the guitar while on his prescribed Parkinson’s medication only. Then it shows him playing after a cup of his ketone coffee.

    What a difference!

    William plays guitar before, then after, drinking his anti-Parkinson’s ketone coffee

    As you can see, after the coffee his shaking is almost gone, and his finger control is remarkable.

    Normally his hands and legs shake, even while on his prescribed Parkinson’s medications. But after he drinks his special recipe, William can hold his hands still.

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    The Effects Of Coconut Oil

    What does science say? Could this oil really help relieve the symptoms of Parkinsons?

    Experts say that there a few ways coconut oil can be helpful. However, the results are largely based on experience. Scientists still need to do some large-scale research about the effects of coconut oil.

    Here are the main benefits of using this oil:

    • It Decreases Brain Fog and Tremors

    Coconut oil could have a beneficial effect on your mental abilities. After all, it is very rich in antioxidants. This can help keep your mind clear.

    The antioxidant effect could help with the tremors too.

    • It Could Ease Your Digestive Problems

    Parkinsons can cause issues with your digestive tract and this oil can help. It aids the absorption of vitamins too.

    Music Therapies For Parkinsons Disease

    Music therapy, which utilizes rhythm, movement, voice and creativity to try to improve Parkinsons disease symptoms, are very popular for people with PD. Music-based therapies may work in a variety of ways to improve Parkinsons related challenges. The types of therapies that utilize the qualities of music are numerous and varied and it is hard to capture the full breadth of what is available.

    A few types of music therapy:

    All of these activities may have additional benefits including:

    • Providing avenues for socialization Working with others to perform a dance or a song offers the opportunity for socialization and collaboration.
    • Enhancing mood and/or cognitive function Some studies support the ability of music-based therapies to improve mood and cognition.

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    Recipe For Natural Treatment For Parkinsons Drink

    This is not a gimmick. William has tapped into the new science of coconut ketones and found a natural treatment for his Parkinson’s symptoms. Following is William’s recipe as posted on his website

    Ketone Coffee- Simple Recipe I use for My Parkinson’s. This is what I use personally and it helps my symptoms tremendously. I am not giving medical advice and it might not work for everyone:”

    • 3 Tablespoons of Kerrygold Butter

    • 2 Tablespoons organic whipped heavy cream

    • 1 Tablespoon Organic Coconut Oil

    • 2 packets of Stevia

    • Organic Coffee or Sugar-free Chocolate Syrup

    • Best if put in a blender

    Please visit William’s site for more about his ketone coffee recipe and experiences.

    Massage As Supplemental Treatment Of Parkinsons Disease

    Coconut oil for Parkinson

    Patients with Parkinsons suffer from progressive stiffness and rigidity of their voluntary muscles. When a massage therapist is included in the treatment plan, improvements can be made to range of motion and flexibility. Massage also has proven to be valuable in reducing the anxiety and depression that often accompanies the diagnosis.

    Great care must be taken with patients who have difficulty controlling their movements. The act of getting on or off a massage table alone can be quite an undertaking. Patients should be assisted at each repositioning.

    As long as the massage therapist is working within the clients comfort level, all modalities may be used. Clients with Parkinsons Disease have responded best to the following types of massage:

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