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Chair Yoga For Parkinson’s

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Chair yoga for Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Specific-Extra-Gentle CHAIR Yoga and Functional Fitness will focus on helping participants increase strength, range of motion, flexibility and mindfulness. Participants will remain seated on the CHAIR for the entire class, however, this does not diminish the effectiveness of the targeted exercises.

This functional yoga practice includes breathing exercises to enhance lung capacity and to calm the nervous system, vocal aerobics to improve vocalization, and yoga postures that focus on increasing strength and range of motion using ones own body weight, as well as light weights and stretchy bands. Mindfulness practices are included to add to the joy of living your best life. This class is open to all levels. No yoga experience is necessary. Recommended props include: a sturdy, preferably armless chair with a hard back and firm seat, yoga blocks, 1-2 pound weights, resistance band, yoga strap, tennis ball. Caregivers are encouraged and welcome to participate.

1:00pm – Zoom room opens for chit chat1:15 – 2:15pm – class

Brain & Body Workouts

Like Move & Shout Classes, Brain & Body workouts are specially designed to strengthen your body, and improve your neuroplasticity and ability to multitask. Brain & Body includes lots of fun cardio, strength, and balance movements that raise your heart rate, trigger brain-body connection, and give you a full workout head to toe. These exercises are almost always seated!

Here is one of our favorite Brain & Body classes for you to try:

HERE is a fan favorite with Polly! This 45-minute full class is sure to challenge your imagination, mind, and body all while having fun! For this class, you will only need one light dumbbell weight.

This Lift Chair Will Help Milo Mcnew Remain As Independent And Comfortable As Possible

A press release from the health care system states the lift chair is meant to fulfill McNews wish to remain as independent as he can to care for himself and feel safe during shakes and tremors caused by Parkinsons .

McNew was presented the chair and other mementos including challenge coins from both organizations in what a Dream Foundation official called a Vet to Vet Dream delivery.

McNew was accompanied at the presentation by his wife of 23 years, Marlenny. The presentation included remarks from a fellow Navy veteran and hospital corpsman, Craig Pasanen, who is a program support specialist with the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health Care System.

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About Yoga For People With Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons Disease narrows the bodys dynamic range , and these classes push you to explore where you can expand your range and give you more access to the life you already love.

Our classes are safe and challenging. We do much of the yoga in a chair or standing using the chair as support depending on your mobility. No matter where you start, you can expand your capacities in subtle and dynamic ways.

People with Parkinsons and their spouses often take the classes together and benefit from them together! Feel free to join us if you are a spouse or caregiver, and contact me for a discounted caregiver price. It can often be motivating if both members of a couple are doing the exercise together.

Standing Forward Bend Uttanasana

Pin on parkinson ejercicios

The standing forward bend will help you develop more control over your muscles. This pose will help you increase your mobility and flexibility. Restricted movement and rigidity that are signature symptoms of Parkinsons, could be reduced by this pose. The standing forward bend will restore your control over your lower back, hip, and leg muscles.

  • Stand straight in a mountain pose.
  • Keep your legs hip length apart, and upper body erect.
  • Now bend your body from your groin region, and bend forward your upper body.
  • Bring your upper body down without bending your knee.
  • Try to touch your forehead to your knees.
  • Try grapping the sides of your knees and support pull your bend. This will help you make up for the lacking muscle strength, and focus on the stretch.
  • Hold your pose for 5 breaths or 10 counts and release.
  • Repeat the pose thrice

It will be easier to bend down in one swift motion, but do not do it. Bend slowly, containing the pressure build up throughout your body. This pressure build up will open up your muscles and stimulate your nerves.

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Top 5 Best Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are multiposition oversized chairs for users who:

  • Are having trouble getting up and down from a chair or sofa
  • Have a permanent or temporary disability or injury negatively affecting your strength and mobility
  • Want to age at home but need some assistance with preventing falls

A motorized lift chair is similar in design to a recliner but it will include a powered, mechanical lifting mechanism that supports or lifts the user to go from standing to sitting and from sitting to standing safely.

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What Happens In Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons is a disorder of the Central Nervous System, which causes progressive degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the midbrain, leading to altered motor movements.

Your movement is controlled by your nervous system, which functions due to the electrical transmission between nerve cells. These electrical transmissions take place by the exchange of neurotransmitters between two nerve cells, or neurons.

Different neurotransmitters carry different messages. One such neurotransmitter is dopamine. Dopamine is responsible mostly for reward-motivated behavior, which includes a whole range of executive and motor functions.

In Parkinsons disease the nerve cells that produce dopamine, die progressively. And unfortunately, the existing number of these cells are already pretty low. The human brain has only, around 400,000 dopamine-producing neurons.

Yoga cannot help you stop the degeneration of neurons, but it can surely help you slow down the process and manage the symptoms of PD. As a matter of fact, that is precisely what any other traditional medication or therapies attempt.

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Memorial Care Parkinson’s Exercise Class

Cost: Free

Duration: 30 minutes

See calendar. Participants may attend one session per day. For information, contact Theresa Stern by or phone .

Cost: Free

Classes rotate through a different type of exercise each week, including strength training, gentle exercise, PD exercise, circuit training, boxing, Intro to Dance, All About You Fitness, PWR! Sit n’ Stand, PWR! exercise, foam rolling, and Be Fit & Age Well

Class Time :

Cost: Free

Classes: Lively exercise set to music

Class Times :

Note: Most exercises are performed seated. Suitable for all abilities. Log in 15 minutes before class starts. Check out a sample class here. For more information, call 683-1326, or .

Cost: Donations accepted

  • Monday: 8:30am , 1:30pm
  • Tuesday: 10am , 2pm
  • Wednesday: 1:30pm
  • Thursday: 8:30am , 10am , 12pm

Cost: Free

Cost: $60/month

Class: Parkinson’s Exercise Program

Class Times :

Cost: Free – Thursday $10.99 – Monday and Tuesday

Classes: PWR!Moves, low impact cardio, strength, and flexibility

Class Times :

Led by Theresa Najjar, DPT, NCS. Free Thursday class requires a signed Adaptive PE Registration form, downloaded from the Thursday class web page and returned via .

Duration: 55 minutes

Oversized Lift Chair Recliner With Massage By Vive Health

Functional Yoga for People with Parkinsons Disease

Incredibly affordable without skimping on comfort or beneficial features, the Oversized Lift Chair Recliner with Massage made by Vive Health easily wins the top spot on our list. Optimizing convenience, comfort, and accommodation, this 3position lift chair reclines easily, elevating the feet and legs for optimal rest and relaxation. Its lift mechanism operates smoothly and quietly with a simple remote for effortless entry and exit. Accommodating a lot of different users with its 300pound weight capacity, this oversized chair is heavily padded, upholstered in an attractive polyester nylon fabric blend in a neutral color thats easy to maintain and clean.

One of the best benefits of this innovative lift chair recliner is its five integrated massage modes that target three specific body areas for soothing relief, included as a standard feature! This well loved lift chair has nothing but positive, glowing reviews from its grateful users, providing unrivaled comfort, beneficial therapy, and stable, dependable sit stand safety and assistance.

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What Types Of Yoga Practice Are Most Beneficial For Pd

Seated and assisted postures may be more accessible for those with limited mobility and/or any feelings of unsteadiness.

Practices that involve sound . Music therapies can be effective in gait training by providing a steady rhythm for gait and stride. Simple rhythmic movements around a room, or shifting from one foot to the other and alternating arm swings while sitting in a chair are staples of PD yoga classes. Movement with music has also been shown to improve endurance, range of motion, strength, and hand coordination. These effects are enhanced when the movements cross the midline of the body due to the brain hemisphere coordination required in these actions.

Rhythm awareness . This might include alternate nostril breathing with a 3:3:3 ratio or moving the arms up for a count of four, out for a count of four, and down for a count of four.

Movements that can be done on the floor or in bed to help with morning stiffness. Lateral stretches and gentle hamstring warm-ups are great ways to begin the day.

Variations and modifications to ensure comfort and safety. The use of a wall or chair for stabilization or yoga props that cushion stiffer areas of the body are often welcome additions. For instance, since balance may be a common challenge among individuals with PD, be prepared to use a wall or offer modifications that allow the practitioner to stay lower to the ground.

Below is a template for a one-hour practice for individuals with Parkinsons disease.

Yoga Helps Speech Difficulties

Yoga on stimulating the dopamine-producing neurons lets nerves function efficiently to control your tongue, facial muscles, and other vocal apparatuses in PD patients.

Lack of dopamine causes the nerves that control vocal apparatuses, to malfunction. Yoga will not only take care of the vocal system but also the nerves that control your respiration. After all, your speech starts from where the airflow starts, your lungs.

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Chair Yoga For Parkinson’s Disease

By | Submitted On May 30, 2012

Parkinson’s disease commonly effects a person’s movements, balance, and spatial reasoning, while causing muscle rigidity. The disease progresses, while making symptoms more pronounced over time. Medical professionals have not developed a cure, but there are ways to relieve the symptoms during the first decade of the disease. As the disease progresses, medications are often necessary to make daily life more bearable. Yoga has been proven as an effective adjunct therapy for Parkinson’s patients. It helps patients regain motor coordination, control, flexibility, strength, and balance.


Traditional Yoga poses, especially some of the standing poses, which require balance, will not be the best choice for Parkinson’s patients. Lack of balance can cause the patients to worry about falling over or injuring their selves. Putting a student at risk of injury is extremely unwise on the part of a Yoga instructor. In order to provide a relaxing experience for Parkinson’s patients, a Yoga teacher should adapt poses for sitting in a chair. Over time, patients might also be able to use a wall for support, or straps, blocks, or blankets to adapt the poses. Patients will still get the benefits each pose provides, but the modifications will ensure a safe, gentle practice.


Revitalizing Poses

Med Lift 5555 Full Sleeper Lift Chair

A modified version of the Revolved Side Angle yoga pose using a chair ...

With just one button as a control, a person can recline the Med Lift 5555 chair to a sleeping position or tilt it upwards to help them get up from the chair. An individual can also adjust the back and leg rest separately, so they can sit in any position they wish.

The Med Lift 5555 features a memory foam seat with pocketed coil springs.

There are also multiple recline levels, a movable infrared heat function, and optional vibrate and massage functions.

It has a space-saving wall-away feature, meaning a person can put the chair 3.5 inches away from a wall and still recline the chair fully.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds , while the seat width is 20.5 in. There is also a petite version available that features an 18-in seat.

The Med Lift Full Sleeper 5555 costs $1,388.

A person can choose between a range of colors and materials when buying this chair, including:

  • Genuine Italian leather: This is available in a chestnut color.
  • DuraLux: Provides a classic leather look and is available in four colors: tan, mahogany, chocolate, and blue.
  • MicroLux: A soft microfiber fabric with 100% polyester filaments that is available in four colors: cashmere, burgundy, chocolate, and indigo.

A person can choose to use the chair in a wide range of different positions, from completely flat to upright. They can also use the chairs lift function to help them get out of the chair easily. A remote control helps them change the settings and position.

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Movements Of The Spine

Seated cat/cow Place your hands on your knees and inhale as your chest and abdomen move forward exhale as you dome the spine and contract the belly area. Continue to alternate for two to three minutes.

Core twists with hands on shoulders Inhale center and exhale as you revolve your chest to each side. Continue until the strong muscles in the sides of your waist feel warm and awake.

Lateral movement of the spine Release one hand down and extend your top arm as you turn your face down toward the lower shoulder, taking three long, deep breaths. Make sure you come up to center slowly, on an inhalation. Repeat on the other side.

Elbow kayaks Interlace your fingers behind your head, pressing your head lightly into your hands paddle” your elbows forward and back, one at a time, as though you are kayaking and your elbows are your oars, enjoying a deep side-body opening and smoother mobility in the shoulders as you move.

Leg Swings If you are standing, you will swing one leg forward and back, catching and then holding under the knee for three breaths. Use a support if needed for balance. Do three rounds on each side.

If you are sitting in a chair, try apanasana, alternate squeezing knees into the abdomen on an exhalation. Repeat three times.

Seated or standing dancing warrior

Finally, rotate your body to face forward in a chair-supported goddess pose, then repeat this flow on the second side.

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Hospital Corpsmen Have A Proud And Long Tradition Of Military Service

Pasanen spoke about the history of the hospital corpsmen, which dates back to the Revolutionary War. He said the duties of a hospital corpsman have included emergency medical treatment for sick and injured preventive medicine programs immunizations and giving instruction to Marines and sailors in first aid and personal hygiene.

The Navy Medicine website,, states hospital corpsmen are stationed at various medical and research facilities in the U.S. and overseas and provide direct support to Navy and Marine units and deploy in support of combat operations, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance missions, providing the best care our nation can offer ashore and afloat.

Semper Fortis, shipmate, Pasanen said to McNew, which according to means Always Courageous, an unofficial motto for the Navy.

MMcNew said he comes from a family with a history of military service, and he has a great respect for all veterans. His son Robert served over 17 years in the Army.

He said every time he looks at his lift chair it will remind him of the day of the presentation.

David Isaacks, executive director of the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health Care System, was among those who came to honor McNew.

Isaacks, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, said the Dreams for Veterans program fills some gaps with items that in some cases may not be available through the VA Health Care system.

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Golden Technologies Lift Chair Cambridge Lift Recliner

Coming in at number four in our list with its accommodation of a variety of users and customizable options is the Golden Technologies Lift Chair Cambridge Lift Recliner. As one of the most popular Golden lift chairs on the market, the Cambridge comes in two different sizes to fit users from 5 feet 1 inch to 6 feet 4 inches and weights up to 375 pounds. As a midpriced lift chair, this selection from Golden Technologies can recline to 140degree Full Napper positioning, making it a great choice for both shortterm and longterm sitting and sleeping.

Offering specific lumbar, seat, back, and arm support, this Golden lift chair optimizes user comfort, while its supersoft SofTouch material resists stains, comes in 5 different colors, and is easy to maintain. Addon options like heat and massage to enhance therapy and footrest extensions for taller users during recline enable further customization to adapt this chair to your needs.

Drive Medical Bariatric Transport Chair

Core & Balance (Yoga for Parkinson’s Series)

This bariatric aluminum transport chair is designed with little extra seat space and provides extra support for larger individuals suffering from mobility problems. It supports individuals of up to 450 pounds.

The chair comes with 12 inches rear flat-free wheels, swing-away footrests and fixed, padded, full-length desk arms for additional comfort. The wheels are strong enough to allow the chair to roll easily on any standard floor or outdoor rough surfaces.

The chair features a lever and companion activated wheel locks, ensuring the users safety. The attachable push bar with a padded foam grip makes it easy to push.

The chair is light, handy and easily foldable. It has a total weight of 36 Ibs.It comes with a seat belt and also two carry handles for when the seat is folded for storage and transport, making it easier to carry.

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