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Is Turmeric Good For Parkinson’s

Parkinsons: 7 Reasons Why Turmeric Can Help

Why you should eat TURMERIC (Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons & MORE)

Parkinsons disease affects neurons or nerve cells and is chronic and progressive.

The nerve cells produce neurotransmitter chemical dopamine that sends signals between various parts of the brain.

This coordinates muscle movements.

When this gets impaired, body movements are affected.

Common symptoms include tremors, muscle rigidity, changes in posture or walking pattern, loss of balance, changes in handwriting and speech, increased falls and bradykinesia.

Genetic and environmental factors are held responsible for the development of Parkinsons disease.

In Parkinsons disease, a protein named alpha synuclein starts accumulating in the brain at abnormal levels and leads to the formation of Lewy bodies.

There is a reduction in dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter which leads to the death of brain cells in the midbrain and this impairs motor function.

Treatment involves medication called levodopa which rectifies the reduction of dopamine levels.Other medicines like dopamine agonists, MAO inhibitors may be prescribed and even surgery is one of the treatment options offered.

There is ongoing research that is trying to identify the precise causes of Parkinsons and a cure. Until then, with available treatment and proper care, patients can live fulfilling lives.

The Science Of Life + The Flavor Of Life

Ayurveda is among the worlds oldest holistic healing systems. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means The Science of Life. Originating from India, it follows the principle of advertising healthiness instead of battling illness.

Turmeric has actually been used for centuries in Ayurveda techniques to advertise good health. It is thought to have lots of helpful buildings as well as is regularly prescribed as a remedy in a paste kind. Probably the large range of thought advantages can be connected to modern scientific researchs findings that this root has solid antioxidant residential properties.

Something I find fascinating is that the principle of bioavailability improving originates from Ayurveda. In fact, the term bioavailability enhancer was first coined by scientists in India, that uncovered and scientifically confirmed piperine as the globes very first bioavailability enhancer in 1976. Piperine is, you presumed it, the bioavailability enhancer that Turmeric Curcumin Plus uses.

The formula for VitaPost Turmeric Curcumin uses some of the methods from Ayurveda that have been scientifically shown to incorporate the science of life with the flavor of life.Turmeric for Parkinsons

Breaks Down Toxic Protein Fibrils And Promotes Nerve Health

In lab studies, curcumin reduces the harmful effects of protein clumps in Parkinson’s disease cells. At the same time, it promotes factors that increase neuron brain cell viability. Specifically, curcumin:;

  • Blocks alpha-synuclein protein fibrils from forming.
  • Degrades existing protein fibrils.
  • Stimulates production and release of the neuron growth factor BDNF.

Curcumin also prevents neuron brain cell degeneration in animal studies. This protection is possibly due to curcumin’s ability to significantly block the c-Jun transcription factor and the associated JNK1/2 enzyme. These proteins are known to be toxic to dopamine-producing brain cells. In one study, prevention of neuron cell death produced noticeable improvements in behavior deficits as well.;

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What About For Parkinsons

There is some evidence that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, may be beneficial in Parkinsons. However, the research is still in the laboratory stages and hasnt been tested in people yet.

In the lab, if nerve cells with Parkinsons are given curcumin it may protect them from dying. This could be because curcumin is acting as an anti-oxidant, mopping up free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules in cells that cause damage known as oxidative stress, a process that contributes to the loss of cells in Parkinsons.

Other cellular studies have suggested that curcumin could help to prevent the formation of alpha-synuclein clumps, which contribute to the loss of nerve cells in Parkinsons.

Whilst these lab results are exciting, large scale clinical trials would be required before we can conclude if they are useful or not. At the moment there is relatively little evidence to suggest that dietary changes can significantly influence Parkinsons. Whilst we cannot recommend taking supplements containing curcumin, we do not know of any side effects or reasons you should not take them. As always, if you plan to start taking a supplement it is best to check with your specialist first.

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Naturalremedy For Parkinsons #10 Foods You Must Avoid

Parkinsons: 7 Reasons Why Turmeric Can Help

There are certain foods that are known to worsen thesymptoms of Parkinsons and certain foods that are known to help. Healthadvocate, Dr Joseph Mercola, says that Parkinsons disease is primarily relatedto poor lifestyle choices, particularly poor dietary habits. Increasing yourbodys natural dopamine levels is also extremely important in your fight againstPD.

The foods and liquids you should be eating and drinkingmore of to help you along include:

·;;;;;;;;Clean Filtered Water Clean filtered water helpsto flush toxins from the body and hydrate the cells .Try and aim to drink at least two liters of water every day, and under nocircumstances drink tap water! Tap water is laced with toxic fluoride and otherchemicals and heavy metals so NEVER drink it. Buy yourself a good quality waterfilter. Its worth the investment. ;;

·;;;;;;;;Whole Foods and Raw Foods Eat plenty oforganic mixed berries, green leafy vegetables, liver , fish,eggs, nuts and seeds such as chia and flaxseeds, along with plenty of herbs andspices. When it comes to buying any of these remember fresh is alwaysbest.;;

·;;;;;;;;Consume Lots of Probiotics Good gutbacteria are needed for strong immunity and healthy digestive function, whichin turn produces healthy brain and nerve function. You can learn how to makeyour own probiotic rich foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and yogurt hereCultures for Health.;;

The foods you should be avoiding or not eating at allinclude:

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The Latest In Nutrition And Parkinsons Disease

Eating well can help you take control of your health. In fact,;choosing to eat healthy foods can improve your Parkinsons;disease symptoms. And some research suggests that;sound nutritional choices could have disease-modifying;effects, meaning that they could potentially slow PD;progression. Changing your eating habits can be a challenge,;but there are many small adjustments you can make to your;diet that will add up to big benefits. Learning about them is;the first step.;The following article is based on the latest research and a;Parkinsons Foundation Expert Briefings about nutrition,;hosted by John E. Duda, M.D., from University of Pennsylvania;Movement Disorder Centers, a Center of Excellence.

Curcumin Helps Balance Brain Chemicals & Protect Brain Cells

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Curcumin promotes the heat shock response and stimulates the vitagenes HO-1 and Hsp-70. In turn this increases production of the body’s own antioxidants and helps defend the brain from free radical damage.;

Some scientists caution that too much HO-1 can lead to iron deposits in the cells damaged in Parkinson’s disease. However, animal studies show that curcumin only induces protective amounts of it. Whole turmeric also contains resveratrol, vitamin C, and quercetin all of which can help regulate HO-1 production. Lab studies indicate that curcumin also increases levels of the body’s own potent natural antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase .;

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What Causes Parkinsons Disease

Parkinsons comes under the dementia umbrella. Its adegenerative disease of the nervous system that causes a loss of motor skillsand intentional movement. When someone has Parkinsons, the part of the brainthat controls muscular movements and mood function doesnt receive enough ofthe crucial dopamine chemical. Without enough dopamine, bodily movements,learning abilities and mood levels are severely affected. So-called normalfunctions such as speaking, writing, swallowing, walking and sleeping become difficultto perform. These challenges, combined with a lowering of mood levels is whymany Parkinsons patients suffer with depression.

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Parkinsons disease, a chronic, degenerative disorder of the nervous system, results from dopamine-producing brain cell deficiency. Rather than spend time and money on allopathic treatments that can often do more harm than good, there are natural remedies you can take that may effectively combat Parkinsons. In particular, herbs and spices for Parkinsons disease are among the most researched.

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Vitamin B12 And Folate Deficiency

Some people who take levodopa may have lower levels of vitamin B12 and vitamin B9 . Symptoms of vitamin B12 and folate deficiency can include pins and needles , a sore, red tongue, mouth ulcers and disturbed vision.

If youre worried about any symptoms youre experiencing, you should speak to your specialist or Parkinsons nurse.

Eating a well-balanced diet will give you a good amount of vitamins and minerals.

For many vitamin and mineral supplements, theres no clear scientific evidence they have any health benefits .

So, if you feel you need more of a particular vitamin or mineral, it is advisable to try to eat more of the foods containing it, rather than to buy expensive vitamin and mineral supplements.

You also need to be aware that some vitamins, when taken in large doses, can have side effects.

Some supplements, for example vitamin B6 and iron supplements, may also affect the absorption of your Parkinsons;medication.

Before purchasing any over the counter mineral and vitamin supplements from chemists or health food shops, consult your GP, specialist, Parkinsons;nurse or registered dietitian for advice.

Why On Earth Is The Substantia Nigra Losing Those Dopamine

I was shocked to discover that we already know why were losing those priceless, life-giving substantia nigra cells.

Yet still do almost nothing about it

And now I know why we dont

There are 8 main factors leading to Parkinsons. Some have a small effect. A couple are huge.

Together theyre essential in beating this horrible condition.

In truth, some of them my health-care center already acted on.

For example, they prescribed dopamine-enhancing drugs. For sure, I needed more dopamine.

I had tests and underwent occupational therapy. Again, good stuff it helped me manage my problems with balance, movement, stiffness.

But I also realized they were not helping me to avoid the worst symptoms of this disease. At best, they were just delaying it.

Yet thats what I wanted most to not end up with my own personal Parkinsons horror story.

Which is why I went headlong into my own research about my illness and, eventually, found my way out.

Im not a medical rebel!

Now I should point out here that I am not the kind of person who second-guesses his doctor!

I trust professionals and experts. They studied for years. They do the research.

But their most effective meds came with unpleasant side-effects.

And those meds would become less effective as time wore on.

And as they failed my health would fail even more.

They would work for a while and then theyd start failing.

What kind of future is that?

I wanted better than this!

That shaking of the hands was very real.

Sleep problems.

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How To Prepare Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea can be prepared from either pure turmeric powder, grated, ground, or dried turmeric. Fermented turmeric preparations, commonly sold as tea products, claim to have higher concentrations of biologically available or absorbable curcumin.

To make turmeric tea:

  • Boil 4 cups of water.
  • Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of ground, grated, or powdered turmeric.
  • Allow the mixture to simmer for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Strain the tea into a container and allow it to cool for 5 minutes.
  • You can add ingredients to improve the taste or help with its absorption:
  • Honey, to sweeten the tea and give the mixture more anti-microbial properties.
  • Almond or coconut milk, or 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or ghee to help with absorption, as curcumin requires healthy fats to absorb properly.
  • Black pepper, which contains piperine, a chemical known to help promote curcumin absorption, and that can add a spice flavor to the tea.
  • Lemon, lime, or ginger, to enhance antioxidant and antimicrobial properties in the mixture and improve taste.
  • Minimising Unintentional Weight Loss

    Curcumin For Parkinson

    Unplanned weight loss and malnutrition is more commonly seen in people living with Parkinsons, with approximately 15% malnourished and up to 34% at risk of malnutrition in the community. Unplanned weight loss not only depletes our body fat stores but also our nutrient and protein stores which makes up our lean muscle tissue.

    The adverse effects of losing lean muscle mass can make daily tasks and activities very difficult, such as simple things like walking and maintaining balance. Where permitted, we encourage any form of physical activity to help maintain the muscle mass.

    If you are having trouble maintaining or gaining weight, it is important to discuss this with your GP and dietician. A dietician will be able to assess your nutritional status and develop a personalised meal plan and some practical strategies to minimise weight loss that you can implement at home.

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    Advantages Of Vitapost Turmeric Curcumin Plusturmeric For Parkinsons

    You may be wondering that must take into consideration turmeric supplements. The great aspect of Turmeric Curcumin Plus is that practically any person could benefit from supplementing turmeric. Everyone can benefit from antioxidant assistance in some form as well as turmeric is extensively endured. That being claimed, constantly seek advice from a medical care professional prior to taking any nutritional supplement that includes this set.

    I d be specifically cautious if you are expecting. Big quantities of curcumin taken during pregnancy might alter the levels of estrogen in the body. The implications for this on maternity arent worth it in my opinion, nevertheless I am not a doctor and also would certainly recommend consulting your own prior to making any kind of decisions.Turmeric for Parkinsons

    Who Can Give Me Advice On Diet And Eating Problems

    Depending on the country you live in your doctor may be able to refer you to any of the following specialists to give advice on diet or eating problems.

    • Adietitiancan provide advice on all aspects of nutrition and diet. They will advise on maintaining a healthy diet to suit your needs and symptoms, bearing in mind the medications you take
    • Aspeech and languagetherapistwill be able to help you with swallowing problems and strategies to overcome these, as well as speech difficulties. They can also help eliminate any other possible causes of swallowing problems
    • Anoccupational therapistwill be able to look at ideas and equipment to make food preparation and mealtimes easier .Simple changes to your kitchen and dining area can make all the difference, for example:
    • adding grab rails to help you move around safely
    • moving the position of equipment so that food preparation tools are grouped together so you dont need to move around as much
    • buying a blender, microwave or small chopper, for example, to ease preparation and reduce the amount of time spent manually preparing food.

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    Which Foods To Avoid In Parkinsons Disease

    The doctor may ask the patient with Parkinsons disease to avoid certain food because they may interfere with the working of the medication, so prescribed and form side-effects-

    • Fermented, cured/air dried meat and fish.
    • Aged varieties of cheese like aged cheddar/Swiss, Camembert and blue cheese.
    • Fermented form of cabbage like kimchi.
    • Products of soybean including soya sauce.
    • Tap beer and red wine.

    Some form of supplements of iron can also cause side effects due to the medication. In case of intake of such supplements, they should be separated from the medicines by at least 2 hours.

    Home Remedyfor Parkinsons #8 Green Tea:

    What is Turmeric Good for?

    Green tea contains theanine, a nutrient that increasesdopamine levels in the brain, and polyphenol antioxidants that help fight free radicals. Three separate studies all found that regularlydrinking tea can either delay or prevent the development of PD. A retrospectivestudy also found that drinking three or more cups of tea a day can delay the onsetof motor symptoms. And a 2007 study found that green tea polyphenols protect braincells and dopamine neurons, and this positive effect increases with the moregreen tea consumed. 10

    The minimum amount that should be drank every day is 3cups, with 6-9 cups a day being the ideal.Matcha green tea is the most potent and beneficial so try and purchase this ifyou can. A strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning is thought tobe effective for reducing the symptoms of Parkinsons disease as well, however,we recommend you stick with green tea, or even a strong cup of black tea ifyou can for the theanine and EGCGs.;

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    Turmeric May Help To Prevent Cancer

    The anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin in Turmeric may also help in preventing cancer.

    Studies have used Curcumin in cancer patients. There are several beneficial effects noted by such studies. It is even sometimes used to treat prostate cancer. It is considered complementary medicine. Furthermore, it may be used alongside chemotherapeutic agents and medicine. Curcumin or Turmeric may also form an important part of cancer prevention.

    The potent effects that have been noted when Curcumin is used in cancer patients mean we should look at studies that focus on this subject here as well.

    A research paper5 compiled by the Cytokine Research Laboratory in Houston explains that scientific evidence has already been presented that shows Curcumin may hold the potential to assist in the treatment, as well as the prevention, of the following cancers:

    • Leukemia
    • Inflammation
    • Invasion

    Foods Containing Saturated Fat And Cholesterol

    Some studies suggest that dietary fat intake may increase the risk of Parkinsons.

    Although having a higher intake of cholesterol can elevate a persons Parkinsons risk, having a higher intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids may reduce the risk.

    Therefore, a person with Parkinsons may wish to reduce their intake of cholesterol to help control the symptoms of the condition. They may also wish to reduce the amount of saturated fat in their diet.

    However, further studies are required to explore the link between dietary fat and Parkinsons.

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