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Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed

Eat Fermented Foods For Probiotics

Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed?

Our lack of gut health or any digestive disorders are usually starts from having;a severely imbalanced gut flora.

Many people underestimate the importance of gut health and often disregard the;care of a healthy gut, and;eating foods that undermine gut health.

Fermented foods are some;of the best foods for replenishing your gut with beneficial bacteria to;strengthen gut health and the immune system.

Some of the fermented foods you could add to your diet include kefir, kombucha tea, sauerkraut, kimchi and tempeh .

Nanotechnology: Science Fiction Or Fact

The grand vision would be to develop a therapy that would accurately target alpha synuclein pathology, dissolve the toxic aggregates and push the equilibrium back towards normal monomeric alpha synuclein. Would this sci-fi dream ultimately be the definitive cure for PD? With the aptly named, graphene quantum dots , perhaps this dream is right in from of us. These nanoparticles have been shown to penetrate the blood brain barrier in rodents and protect dopaminergic neurons exposed to alpha synuclein preformed fibrils. In vitro data suggests these GQDs can in fact interact with alpha synuclein fibrils, blocking their formation and even promoting their disaggregation . If safe and sufficiently selective, might these GQDs be the magic bullet for PD?

Can Parkinsons Disease Make You Aggressive

Parkinsons disease Dementia or PD Dementia can make a patient very aggressive. Parkinsons Dementia Aggression germinating from Parkinsons disease Dementia can lead patients to behave erratically, experience sudden anger outbursts, feel constantly irritated, and always be in a state of restlessness. Outbursts are generally in the form of:

  • Shouting
  • Falling

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Eat More Organic Fresh Raw Fruits And Vegetables

It is a known fact that eating more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables;is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with all the nutrients that your body needs, without any side effect: Phytonutrients, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, amino acids, fiber and anti-inflammatory properties.

When eating processed;and fast foods, they are void of these nutrients on their own, but require them for digesting the foods,; thus causing nutrient deficiencies that contribute to deterioration of health.

If you dont eat much fruits and vegetables now, then you will have a lot to catch up on. Drinking freshly extracted juices;will help speed up your healing. The key is to eat/drink of them raw and organic .

Green juices contain high levels of chlorophyll that is powerful in healing of the gut and to detoxify the body of heavy metals. So it makes sense to start drinking green juices in small amount, gradually building up the amount to up to 2-3 glasses of green juices a day.

If drinking green juices is a hassle for you, a good alternative is making your own moringa tea or green matcha tea that are very rich in chlorophyll and anti-cancer properties.

Reprogramming Brain Cells To Reverse Parkinsons

Can Parkinson

New research published in;Nature Biotechnology;shows that for the first time it may be possible to;reprogramme;cells inside the brain to reverse the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

The study, which was carried out in mice, demonstrates that a virus can deliver instructions to turn cells that are not lost in Parkinson’s into the type that are potentially offering a new way to replace lost brain cells.

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Home Remedyfor Parkinsons #5 Vitamin D & Vitamin E:

Inflammation and low immunity are two powerful factorsthat contribute to the development and worsening of Parkinsons disease. Bothvitamin D and vitamin E are strong anti-inflammatories and immune boosters. VitaminD & E also protect our brain cells and can even help damaged neurons regenerate. A deficiency of these key vitamins has also been linked to brain difficultiessuch as poor memory and recall attainability.;

In regards to PD, a study of 157 Parkinsons patientsfound that the vast majority of them had severe to chronic vitamin Ddeficiencies. The findings, published in the Archives of Neurology in March of 2011, revealed a strong linkbetween inadequate levels of vitamin D and the onset of early Parkinson’sdisease.4

Back in 2002, another study was published in the Archives of Neurology which tracked themental decline of 3,000 men and women diagnosed with Parkinsons disease over a period of 7 years. The study found the participants whose supplemental vitamin E intakewas higher experienced a 36% reduction in theseverity of their symptoms compared to the rest of the group. Another study, whichappeared in the Lancet Neurology onlinemagazine in 2005, showed that vitamin E may actually prevent Parkinsonsdisease from developing in the first place! 8;

Where to Get Your Vitamin D and Vitamin E From?

Extended Data Fig 4 Cre

a, Schematic of the substantia nigral region for AAV injection and immunochemical analysis. b, Cre-dependent RFP expression. RFP+ cells were not detected in midbrain of wild-type mice injected with either AAV-empty or AAV-shPTB . In comparison, both viruses generated abundant RFP signals in Gfap-cre transgenic mice. Scale bar, 150;m. c, d, Co-staining of RFP+ cells with the astrocyte markers S100b and ALDH1L1 10 weeks after injecting AAV-empty , indicating that most RFP+ cells in AAV-empty-transduced midbrain were astrocytes. Scale bar, 25;m. d, No RFP expression was detectable in NG2-labelled cells. Scale bar, 15;m. Experiments in bd were independently repeated three times with similar results. e, Reprogramming-dependent conversion from astrocytes to neurons. Immunostaining with the astrocyte marker GFAP and the pan-neuronal marker NeuN was performed 10 weeks after injection of AAV-empty or AAV-shPTB in the midbrain. Scale bar, 30;m. Quantified results show that cells transduced with AAV-empty were all GFAP+ astrocytes, whereas cells transduced with AAV-shPTB were mostly NeuN+ neurons. Quantified data were based on three mice as shown on the right. Two-sided Students t-test. Data are mean;±;s.e.m. f, g, Further characterization of AAV-shPTB-induced neurons in midbrain with additional neuronal markers, including pan-neuronal specific markers TUJ1, MAP2, NSE and PSD95 and specific markers for glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons .

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Extended Data Fig 12 Reconstruction Of The Nigrostriatal Pathway By Converted Dopaminergic Neurons

a, Schematic of the experimental schedule for 6-OHDA-induced lesion and reconstruction of the nigrostriatal pathway. bf, Images of RFP+ projections extending from substantia nigra to striatum. The schematic diagram shows the dorso-ventral level of the horizontal section. Scale bar, 100;m. Magnified views show indicated brain regions . Scale bar, 25;m. g, Amplified views of RFP-positive fibres that co-stained with TH in CPu and globus pallidus. Scale bar, 20;m. These data were used to provide the;quantitative information shown in Fig. . Experiments were independently repeated twice with similar results.

Naturalremedy For Parkinsons #10 Foods You Must Avoid

Can Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed

There are certain foods that are known to worsen thesymptoms of Parkinsons and certain foods that are known to help. Healthadvocate, Dr Joseph Mercola, says that Parkinsons disease is primarily relatedto poor lifestyle choices, particularly poor dietary habits. Increasing yourbodys natural dopamine levels is also extremely important in your fight againstPD.

The foods and liquids you should be eating and drinkingmore of to help you along include:

·;;;;;;;;Clean Filtered Water Clean filtered water helpsto flush toxins from the body and hydrate the cells .Try and aim to drink at least two liters of water every day, and under nocircumstances drink tap water! Tap water is laced with toxic fluoride and otherchemicals and heavy metals so NEVER drink it. Buy yourself a good quality waterfilter. Its worth the investment. ;;

·;;;;;;;;Whole Foods and Raw Foods Eat plenty oforganic mixed berries, green leafy vegetables, liver , fish,eggs, nuts and seeds such as chia and flaxseeds, along with plenty of herbs andspices. When it comes to buying any of these remember fresh is alwaysbest.;;

·;;;;;;;;Consume Lots of Probiotics Good gutbacteria are needed for strong immunity and healthy digestive function, whichin turn produces healthy brain and nerve function. You can learn how to makeyour own probiotic rich foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha and yogurt hereCultures for Health.;;

The foods you should be avoiding or not eating at allinclude:

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Extended Data Fig 11 Restoration Of Th+ Neurons In Striatum Of 6

a, b, Schematic of the coronal section of striatum and images of uninjured control and lesioned striatum treated on the right side of the brain with either AAV-empty or AAV-shPTB . Scale bar, 500;m. b, Magnified images showed extensive colocalization of TH with RFP-labelled fibres. Scale bar, 10;m. Results show a significant degree of restoration of TH+ fibres in striatum. Experiments were independently repeated 3 times with similar results. c, d, Quantitative analysis of TH+ fibres in striatum under different treatment conditions. TH staining of striatum under different treatment conditions, as indicated . Scale bar, 10;m. d, Quantification of total TH+ or TH+RFP fibre density in striatum under different treatment conditions based on 3 biological repeats. Statistical significance was determined by ANOVA with post hoc Tukey test; mean;±;s.e.m. P-values are indicated. Results show that most TH+ fibres seem to derive from AAV-shPTB-converted dopaminergic neurons; however, the data do not rule out the possibility that the axons of some endogenous neurons also responded to the environment created by newly converted neurons.

The Symptoms Of Parkinsons Disease

Some symptoms of PD are difficult to detect even by the specialists, while others are obvious to even untrained eyes. Parkinsons symptoms are different for every patient. Like any other chronic diseases, the degree that the disease worsen;differs in;every individual depending on their genes, diet, lifestyle and their exposure to environmental toxins.

Some of the common symptoms of Parkinsons:

  • Constipation
  • Trouble;sleeping
  • Low blood pressure, feeling dizzy or fainting

As a result of this disease that;is a deterioration of brain health and the central nervous system, if left untreated, some sufferers may also experience other brain issues such as Alzheimers Disease, dementia, severe depression and anxieties that may result in suicidal thoughts.

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Helping Nerve Cells Clear Damaged Mitochondria May Treat Parkinsons Study Finds

The grant amount was not specified in the release.

Using a proprietary platform to identify and screen small molecule compounds, AcureX has selected molecular targets and treatment candidates that might restore mitophagy by halting abnormal signaling to Miro1.

This new class of small molecule compounds may serve as potential disease-modifying medications for Parkinsons, the company reported, by restoring health to dopamine-producing neurons or preventing their further loss.

With our therapeutic strategy, focused on correcting Miro1 signaling, coupled with the use of Miro1 as a clinical biomarker of drug efficacy, we aim to develop therapies with the potential to stop disease progression, Shrader said.

AcureX is hoping ;to take one or more of these therapy candidates, with a potential for safety and effectiveness identified in ongoing preclinical work, into clinical trials by the close of 2023.

Another company co-founder, Xinnan Wang, MD, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of neurosurgery at Stanford University, focused her post-doctoral work on mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinsons disease.

This work discovered, Wang reported in a 2016 Stanford news story, that in Parkinsons patients cells, Miro is stuck to mitochondria , so damaged mitochondria cant be removed. Damaged mitochondria pile up, causing energy shortfalls and accumulation of toxins, which eventually kill the cell.

Australian Researchers Hope Brain Gel Can Reverse Parkinsons Disease Symptoms

Can Parkinsonâs Disease be cured through Stem Cells?

SYDNEY – Australian researchers say they have developed a new type of gel that could radically transform the treatment of Parkinsons disease and could also help stroke patients.

The hydrogel is made from natural amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, and has been shown to safely deliver replacement cells into damaged parts of the brain.

The gel acts as a vehicle to safely transfer stem cells into the brain. Scientists believe the process can restore damaged tissue and replace lost neurons, which affect patients with Parkinsons disease, a nervous system disorder. About 100,000 Australians are estimated to suffer from the disease, which currently has no cure.

The gel is injected as a liquid. In the brain, it reverts to a jelly-like substance and can be administered to specific areas impaired by Parkinsons or a stroke. The stem cells can then be instructed to create replacement neurons.

Nisbet said the early results are encouraging.

These all-natural hydrogels can successfully reverse the movement symptoms related to Parkinsons disease in animals, he said. But we are yet to undertake human trials, but, I mean, it is looking really promising.

Scientists say the technology could also be used to eventually treat injured knees or shoulders.

It has been published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.;

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Restricting Diet May Reverse Early

A new Oregon Health & Science University and Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center study suggests that early-stage Parkinson’s disease patients who lower their calorie intake may boost levels of an essential brain chemical lost from the neurodegenerative disorder.

The study by Charles Meshul, Ph.D., associate professor of behavioral neuroscience in the OHSU School of Medicine and the VAMC’s Neurocytology Lab, shows that dietary restriction reverses a Parkinson’s-induced drop in glutamate, a brain neurotransmitter important for motor control, function and learning, in a mouse model for the disease’s early stages.

The results, presented today at the Society for Neuroscience’s 35th annual meeting in Washington, D.C., are the first to show that a restricted diet can disable neurochemical changes in the brain occurring in early-stage Parkinson’s even after those changes are observed.

“In the early stages of the disease, we see certain markers in the brain that are changing that may be indicative that dietary restriction is helpful,” Meshul said.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder affecting a region of the brain called the substantia nigra where movement is controlled. Symptoms such as tremor or shaking, muscular stiffness or rigidity, slowness of movement and difficulty with balance appear when about 80 percent of cells in the body that produce the neurochemical dopamine die or become impaired.

Atypical Parkinsonism Or ‘parkinson’s Plus Syndromes’

“Parkinson’s Plus Syndromes” are less common than Parkinson’s disease.

Some atypical parkinsonism syndromes include:

Multiple system atrophy ;This is a category of several disorders in which one or more body systems deteriorate.

Your doctor may classify you as having MSA-P, in which parkinsonian symptoms are dominant; or MSA-C, in which dysfunction of the cerebellum is dominant.

The names of some of these syndromes include olivopontocerebellar atrophy , Shy-Drager syndrome , and striatonigral degeneration .

Progressive supranuclear palsy ;Symptoms of this condition usually begin after age 50 and proceed more rapidly than Parkinson’s disease.

In people with PSP, problems with eye movement can lead to blurry vision. Falls tend to occur early in the course of the disease, and dementia may occur later in the disease.

Corticobasal degeneration ;This condition may cause jerking and loss of control in a limb, often without weakness in that limb.

If you have this disorder, you may be given;Botox; to help your limb relax.

Lewy body dementia ;LBD is the second leading cause of dementia in the elderly, after Alzheimer’s disease.

In this condition, the same Lewy bodies occur in the brain as in Parkinson’s disease, but in multiple areas of the brain.

If you have LBD, you may experience speech problems, hallucinations, and gradual cognitive decline.

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Possible Progress Towards Reversing Parkinsons

A single-step method to convert non-neuronal brain cells into functional neurons, demonstrated in isolated human cells and in mice, is reported in Nature today.

This new technique has overcome this major hurdle in mice and opens the door to an exciting new treatment approach, which may be able to reverse Parkinson’s in people, in future. ; “While people affected by Parkinson’s should be greatly encouraged by the rapid advances researchers are making, such new technology requires extensive additional research and safety testing before it can be trialled in humans.

Parkinsons Disease Reversed By Farnesol In Mice

Is it possible Parkinson’s Disease Be Reversed important vitamin B2

Farnesol, an antimicrobial compound found in herbs, fruits, and fungi prevents and reverses brain damage linked to Parkinsons disease , an international team led by scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine claims, based on mouse studies.

Tremors, muscle rigidity, confusion, and dementiathe hallmarks of PDare caused by the loss of neurons that secrete the neurotransmitter molecule dopamine that regulates mood, movement, and cognition. The loss of dopamine neurons in patients with PD is particularly apparent in a region of the midbrain called substantia nigra, Latin for black substance, that is darker than surrounding regions because of high levels of melanin in dopamine neurons.

The researchers showed, farnesol, commonly used in flavorings and perfume-making, prevents the loss of dopamine-releasing neurons in mice brains by inactivating a protein called PARIS . Autopsy on human brains of PD patients and models of PD shows an increase in PARIS levels due to the inactivation of an enzyme called parkin that degrades PARIS.

The findings that detail how the researchers identified farnesols potential by screening a large library of drugs to find those that inhibit PARIS, were reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine, in the article titled, PARIS farnesylation prevents neurodegeneration in models of Parkinsons disease.;The authors believe farnesol could guide development of new PD interventions that target PARIS.

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Extended Data Fig 13 Measurement Of Striatal Dopamine By Hplc And Controls With Aav

a, b, Dopamine levels in brain detected by HPLC with two different doses of spiked dopamine . b, Standard curve generated from the spiked dopamine. This set of experiments was performed only once. c, Controls for behavioural tests, showing that expressing an anti-GFP control shRNA alone did not rescue chemical-induced behavioural deficits based on apomorphine-induced rotation and cylinder test . d, Controls for behavioural tests, showing that the expression of hM4Di in non-reprogrammed astrocytes did not trigger detectable behaviour change in non-lesioned mice in the presence of CNO. Statistical significance was determined by ANOVA ; mean;±;s.e.m. Six mice were analysed in each group. P-values are indicated.


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